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Try Harder Tips & Cheats: 5 Fantastic Tricks to Get a High Score

Try Harder by Adult Swim is a game whose title is not a suggestion, not a pro-tip, but a mandate. This iOS game promises to be a test of your reflexes as you sprint headlong into certain death, but try to run, jump, and do everything in your power to stay alive. You won’t be alone in your quest to “try harder” to stay alive, as you can collect power-ups to extend your life a few more seconds. This is a game with a strong endless feel to it, and it’s one that will continually remind you of your previous deaths, which may or may not distract you from getting a high score. Nevertheless, that’s why we’re here – to help you beat your highest score through the following Try Harder tips, tricks, and cheats.

1. Be Familiar With The Different Jump Actions

There are different types of jumping actions you can do in Try Harder so you can avoid the obstacles, not the least of these are the spikes. If you want to jump higher, hold down on the screen. For a more relaxed, restrained jump, tap the display softly. Additionally, you can use power-ups to help you in your leaps; while in the middle of a jump, for instance, you can hold your screen so you can float down gently to the ground, instead of hitting the earth with a thud.

2. Be Aware Of Double Jump Circles

Double jump circles are those that have up arrows inside of them, sort of in a chevron-like design. Once you land on this circle, jump once again, and you’ll extend your run this allows you to avoid the spikes on the ground. These circles can be life savers at a time death seems imminent, and they even come with power-ups, which we told you how to use in the above tip.

3. Make Good Use Of Your Corpses

The corpses, once again, are a painful reminder of your previous deaths in the game, but they serve a greater purpose than just that. The next time you start a run, you can run on the board held by your character after he had died the last time, or bounce off of it so you can avoid the spikes. It may sound strange, but dying actually makes Try Harder an easier game to play.

4. Watch Ads To Live Again, But Don’t Watch Them Too Often

You have the option to revive yourself after you’ve ended a level, simply by watching an advertisement video. This would bring you right back to where you were earlier, though the caveat is that you can only do this so often; as such, we only recommend reviving yourself through ad videos when you had made a lot of progress and had a long run. If you die after a short run, then the retry button is all yours to hit.

5. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Return To The Game Faster

All is not lost if you’re all out of revives; you’ll get another set of revives in five hours. This means you have to set your time five hours ahead when using the time lapse cheat. After that, you can return to the game and your previous progress. Additionally, you can set the time back to normal once you’re done getting your lives back, as you’ll still keep the revives you had gained earlier.