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Drift Girls Cheats & Tricks: 5 Tips to Become The Master of Drifting and Dating

Drift Girls is a new mobile game by NHN Entertainment, available for iOS and Android platforms, that combines drifting with speed dating, and if you come to think of it, that’s really not too odd of a mix. As the game’s description suggests, it would be in your best interests to occasionally pull yourself away from the diesel-spewing dragsters to hang out with your favorite girls, and the better your drifting abilities are, the better-looking your dates will be. In short, you don’t only have to learn the art of drifting, but also the art of seduction. This is an interesting title indeed, and with that said, our collection of Drift Girls cheats, tips and tricks will help you score on the racetrack and date your (in-game) dream girl.

1. Understand The Game’s Drifting Mechanics

The mechanics here aren’t too different from the ones we told you about in Drift Spirits. When starting, make sure your revs are green-lighted once you start. And when drifting, you’ll begin the drift once your car is halfway past the first yellow line, and end it once you’re halfway past the second yellow line. You’ll earn a “Great” score for a perfect drift, and a “Perfect” score for a, well…perfect start.

2. Upgrade And Combine Regularly

Want to get past some of Drift Girls’ harder racing levels? The solution here is easy – upgrade your ride. Actually, upgrading is sort of like combining or merging; you’ll have to head to your garage, hit the “Upgrade” button, then use your lower-powered cars to enhance your higher-powered ones. Or you can merge two of the same kind to get a rarer vehicle. In addition, you can sell vehicles you no longer need or want to earn extra coins.

3. Parts Can Also Be Merged, But Watch Out For The Bad Ones

Once you’re in the middle of Episode 2 in the game, you’ll have a chance to unlock parts. Like the cars, they can be installed, and they can also be combined to create a better, higher-quality part. There are, however, some parts that may decrease some aspects of your ride’s performance – you should ideally avoid these, but all parts will result in an increase to your overall stats.

4. Good Dates Increase Your Car’s Stats Too

And now here’s the part you may have been waiting for – a few tips regarding the dating aspect of Drift Girls. Dating the same girl repeatedly will increase the affection level, and better yet, will also increase your vehicle’s stats if you have her ride along with you.

5. Check Your Mailbox Regularly

Last, but not the least, you should regularly be checking your mailbox. If you see a number next to it, that means you can redeem a free gift, and while the prizes are random, they may include a higher-end car, which you could then use to help you get better dates as it replaces your old ride.