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Trivia Crack Kingdoms Hints, Tricks & Strategies: 5 Tips for Instant Success

In the past we’ve provided you a couple of Trivia Crack Kingdom tips, but since this is a relatively new and popular game, we’re here to share even more to you. This game, as we told you last time, is Etermax’s sequel to the original Trivia Crack, and this is your chance to challenge your friends and family once again, or make new friends in this extremely social trivia game where you can test your skills in any number of topics or interests. These topics may be about sports, television, music, or whatever people find interesting. One of the game’s signature features is Multichannel mode, where, as Etermax claims, the questions are “handpicked” from the channels you follow. Additionally, there are some power-ups that add a little spice to what may seem to the uninitiated as another run-of-the-mill Android and iOS quiz game.

We’ve jogged your memory a bit about the game, so read on as we’ve got yet another collection of Trivia Crack Kingdoms hints, tips and strategies for you.

1. Know The Difference Between Single Channel And Multichannel Modes

This is a topic we didn’t touch much on in our first list of tips and tricks, so pay attention if you’re not quite sure which mode you should choose. Single Channel mode allows you to choose your favorite channel, or choose one where you know you can excel. You’ll then see questions related to your chosen channel on your screen. Multichannel, on the other hand, lets you answer questions across different topics, albeit those which the game knows are part of your list.

Both modes have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Single Channel lets you pick your one true expertise, but some of the questions may be very hard, and may really test your mettle. Multichannel will give you more easy questions, as they’ll come from all the channels in your list. Only choose Single Channel if you’re 100 percent confident in your expertise in the topic.

2. Google Is Your Best Friend

Yes, you can cheat in Trivia Crack Kingdom without cracking the game, no pun intended. And it’s as simple as having Google open on your desktop or laptop browser, or in a separate window on your mobile phone. The former method is far more reliable, though, as it allows you to use two devices at the same time. Whenever you encounter a difficult question, enter the question (or the keyword) on Google Search, and you should be able to get the answer quickly. The speed in which you get the answers may vary, of course, on your Internet connection.

The reason why we suggest Googling the answer on PC and not on your phone or tablet is because the questions are timer-based. You’ll still have a hard time even if your mobile device supports split-screen multitasking, so if you must cheat, we recommend doing so when in front of your computer.

3. What Topics Can You Choose From?

It’s all up to you, really. Academic types can choose stuff like Geography, Science, or History. If you’re into sports, there are countless sports-related channels covering NBA, NFL, boxing, and much more. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, there are channels for that and other popular TV shows. The choice is yours, as long as you know you’ve got the expertise on the topic, then add the channel to your list. Just don’t expect much success on a Game of Thrones channel, for instance, if you only got into GoT in the fourth or fifth season and haven’t read the books. You don’t want to add that channel if you know as much (about it) as Jon Snow, if you get our drift.

4. Take Part In Challenges

Trivia Crack Kingdoms has several challenges that you can take part in, as you strive to collect five crowns before your opponent does. The first, which is the Guide challenge, will require you to answer just one question, and if you do correctly, the game will isolate two boxes, with one of them containing the King. Now if you didn’t tap on the right box and had a wrong answer to the question, take note of where the other box is located; you just have to hope against hope that your opponent hasn’t found it yet.

Double requires two correct answers out of two questions, and if you fail to get one right, your opponent goes next. Pirate Mode will require three correct answers in a series, and will earn you bonus points for each question you get right. The Expert challenge in here is especially tough, so get your Google ready if you find this one. Vampire is simple enough, as it requires three correct answers for a crown. Queen of Time gives you a 30-second timer for five correct answers.

Aside from those challenges, there are a couple more that are also included. If you get a Ninja, he’ll remove two wrong answers, leaving you with two choices, one of them being the right answer. Lastly, 2 of 3 is just that; it requires you to get two out of three questions right.

5. Take Advantage Of Power-Ups

Last, but not the least, let’s talk power-ups; we did mention them above, and you may be wondering what’s the deal with them. These power-ups, if found below boxes, can help you discover the above challenges or remove boxes. And if they’re found below a question, you can get the correct answer faster.

There are two power-ups below boxes, starting with Vaporize, which costs seven coins; that’s when a UFO would appear to suck a random box and show its content. That essentially gives you a bonus turn and lets you choose another box. Use this when you’ve removed half of the boxes and aren’t able to find the King just yet. X-Ray reveals challenges hidden in a box, and costs 10 coins. This power-up usually chooses those boxes with challenges that can help you earn a crown or speed up your search for the King.

For those power-ups underneath a question, Extra Time is self-explanatory, as it adds some seconds to your timer. This costs you just one coin. The Bomb removes two wrong answers out of your four choices, and costs five coins. Lastly, Skip does just that for three coins, by allowing you to skip a question.