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Heroes Never Die Tips, Cheats & Guide: 4 Hints Every Player Should Know

Heroes Never Die maker DreamSky calls its title the first-ever action tower defense mobile game ever, but as far as its classification is concerned, this title is part of a tried and tested category. You play the role of an Arde Continent hero, and your job is to protect your homeland from invading monsters. Talking about mechanics, DreamSky says that the game is a perfect combination of action role-playing and tower defense games, as you can use towers and traps to defend your base, collect and upgrade equipment, and leverage the skills and talents of your hero.

Maybe it can be argued that DreamSky does hype this game a bit too much with the marketing talk in the title’s description, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good game. And it’s also an intricate one, which is why you’ll be better off reading our collection of Heroes Never Die tips, tricks and cheats before going ahead and playing the game.

1. How To Earn More Diamonds For Free

Diamonds are Heroes Never Die’s premium currency, and the best and most practical ways to get them for free are by playing the main missions and daily missions. Always collect your daily login rewards, and more importantly, login every day; diamonds tend to be among the rewards for logging in regularly. You can also take part in special events, which are limited-time events that could give you some nifty rewards, making up for the difficulty therein.

2. Hit-And-Run Is Still The Way To Go

Even if this is a tower defense game, or an RPG with tower defense elements, your best bet is still to use the classic hit-and-run strategy. As your character auto-attacks, you can move whenever you sense you’re in trouble; the game will automatically target enemies and attack them. Also use the multi-arrow attack, or the ice trap and/or multi-bolt attack, on large groups of enemies to get rid of a whole lot of them in one swoop.

3. You Can Upgrade Your Hero And Equipment In Many Ways

We don’t want to scare you right off the bat, but the levels in Heroes Never Die could get tough in a hurry. That would require that you keep up and make sure your hero is properly upgraded, same with the equipment. Take advantage of the many options you have as far as upgrading your hero/equipment goes, and if you can equip your hero with a rare item, then do so. Level them up once they’re equipped with said rare piece of equipment.

4. How To Level Up Your Equipment

Simply tap on the item that you’re planning to upgrade, hit the “Melt” button, and choose items that you no longer need. These may be older weapons or armor, and these may be crystals, but whichever you choose, they will all be melted, never to be seen again. On the other hand, this allows you to add some experience to your equipment, moving these items closer to making it to the next level, if not actually getting there.