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Guitar Hero Live Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Guitar Hero Live is an iOS game from the very same people, who created the Guitar Hero franchise for other platforms. That’s right, this mobile game is from Activision, though we have to warn you that the free version only allows you to play two songs for free. After that, you’ll have to buy the Guitar Controller Bundle or the digital touch-only version, according to the game’s display. But if you’re willing to push forward and keep on playing, you can play in front of “real” crowds with “real” band members (meaning players from all over the world), or play along to official music videos on any one of the available GHTV channels.

Regardless whether your guitar-playing skills are close to “guitar god” level or if you don’t know how to play the real thing, we’ve got several Guitar Hero Live cheats, tips and tricks that can help you channel your inner rock star in this game.

1. Take Advantage Of Your Hero Power

Your Hero Power can only be built up so much, but then again, you shouldn’t let it build up too far. If that happens, that means you’re not using as much Hero Power as you should. You’ll want to use Hero Power, which would temporarily increase your score multiplier, potentially past the usual 4x limit. So if you use Hero Power at the right time, specifically when there are lots of notes, you could potentially run up that score of yours.

2. Use Your Hero Power Wisely

Then again, you shouldn’t arbitrarily use your Hero Power at any time you feel is right. You should do so only when your maximum score multiplier is reached; that means waiting till your multiplier is at x4, thus making it x8 when Hero Power is used. You’ll only be wasting this power if you make use of it when your multiplier isn’t maxed out; you’ll get solid, but unspectacular results if that’s the case.

3. How To Play The Combo Notes

This aspect of the game gets covered in the tutorial, as it prepares you for those unexpected situations you won’t get too often in regular and easy difficulty. Combo notes are those that are connected by a blue line, and once you see them, you can slide your finger so that you can properly hit the note; there’s no need to lift your finger here. This can only be done, however, on combo notes, and if you try this on a disconnected note, you’re going to miss.

4. How To Deal With Swipe Notes

Swipe notes are very hard to come by in the regular and easy difficulties; you’ll know it’s a swipe note if you see an arrow-like shape. Tap the notes in the original position, then swipe towards the direction of the arrows. These usually come before a long passage of notes, and could wreak havoc on your attempts to string together combos. Watch out for them and practice hitting those swipe notes.

5. Start Playing At Normal Difficulty

Last, but not the least, you’ll want to start playing Guitar Hero Live at normal difficulty, which would be the best way to start if you’re a beginner. You can always increase the difficulty level once you’ve become better, so keep on practicing and make the most out of the two free songs you’ve got. That is, if you’re not willing to go for the paid version.