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Trivia Crack 2 Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Answering All Questions

Trivia Crack 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to one of Etermax’s most popular mobile titles. Available on Android and iOS, this wacky trivia game is a fun way to train your brain. You can compete against your family and friends, or work with them in order to battle it out with some of the best players from around the world. Aside from winning trivia battles, you also get to collect unique and colorful characters in the game. Each game you play will give you experience that will help you level up and win even more prizes. There are hundreds of thousands of trivia questions for you to answer, all divided into six major categories. There are also user-created questions that could stump even the most experienced trivia veterans. If you find yourself unable to answer some of the tougher questions, just check out our Trivia Crack 2 cheats, tips and tricks for some help!

1. Keep Your Eyes On the Clock

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One of the new game modes available in Trivia Crack 2 is the Tower Duel. In this mode, you will have to make the most out of six minutes in order to win. Do not linger too long in a single category. It is often more productive for you to just move on to the next question instead of burning your precious seconds on a single one. The goal is not a perfect score. You just need to earn more than your opponent within the time limit. If you have stayed for over a minute in a single category, you have stayed too long!

2. Observe Your Opponent

A common mistake that players make in the Tower Duel is to rush in answering their best categories. Use this to your advantage. Since the game is time-based, not turn-based, you can spend a few seconds observing which categories your opponent goes for first. If they use up all their moves right away, you will be able to spend yours more strategically. Take some time to see what your opponent is up to before making your own moves.

3. Skip Categories You Are Bad At

Even though there are multiple categories available, you don’t really need to answer them all. The Tower Duel mode allows you to pass in categories that you don’t like, so you can just focus on the ones that you want. If you are exceptionally good at a particular category, make sure you abuse that. Focus on categories where you perform well in order to get ahead in the competition.

4. Ask For Help

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Since you can form teams with your friends in Trivia Crack 2, you should not hesitate to ask them for some extra lives. Tap on the Ask Lives button when you are out, and your teammates will be able to send some your way. Of course, you will need to have active teammates if you are to succeed in securing those extra lives. Don’t forget to return the favor by sending them help when they ask!

5. Create Your Own Team

The game gives you the option to create a team or to join an existing one. Creating your own team gives you more control on how it will perform. When you make a team, it will be open for anyone to join. Don’t worry because you will be able to kick out anyone you don’t like. Since the team’s level is dependent on the sum of all the members’ levels, it is best if you keep an eye on everyone joining your team. You should also set a minimum level for your team and place it in your team description. While it will not stop low-level players from joining your team, it would at least discourage those who actually read. This would save you the trouble of having to kick people out on a regular basis.

6. Collect More Characters

As we mentioned earlier, you can collect different characters in Trivia Crack 2. The characters are not just for show, though. Each of the 240 levels in the game will reward you with a character. These characters will give you gold bars that you can use to purchase power ups. You can also spend gold bars in order to double chance during the game. The more characters you collect, the more gold bars you will have. Save these gold bars for when you are stuck with a difficult question.

7. Vote After Answering Questions

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The game is kind enough to want to customize your experience while playing. After each question, you will be asked if it was boring or fun for you. This will tell the game whether or not to give you more of the same kind of question. The more questions you vote on, the more data the game will have regarding your preferences. This will help ensure a more customized gaming experience for you in the long run.

8. Buy Power Ups In Bulk

You never know when you will have to use a power up, but that does not mean you should wait until you actually need one before purchasing. The game gives you the option to buy power ups in bulk through the in-game store. Buying ahead of time will help you save on gold bars since individual power ups normally cost more. For example, you can buy three bombs for the discounted price of 400 gold bars. Buying it just as you are about to answer a question will cost you 150 gold bars each.

9. Complete Your Missions

Crowns and gold bars are hard to come by, especially since there are a limited number of levels to collect them from. An alternative way to earn these two is by completing Missions. The game gives out weekly Missions. Just tap on the top right corner of your screen to see the tasks given to you. Each one will reward you with crowns that can be used to unlock new characters. Keep in mind that you only have a limited time to complete your Missions. If you fail to complete them before the week resets, you will lose your progress and have to start over with a new set of tasks the following week.

Answering trivia questions is easy and a lot of fun, especially when you rely on our Trivia Crack 2 cheats, tips and tricks! If you know any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area below!


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