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Trivia for All Answers for All Levels

Trivia for All Answers Level 7

7-1. Which mollusc has three hearts? 1. mollusc 2. three answers: 3. hearts answers: octopus
7-2. Which bird lays the biggest egg found on land? 1. bird 2. egg answers: 3. land answers: ostrich
7-3. Which is the only metal that is liquid at normal room temperature and that has the same name as a planet? 1. metal 2. temperature answers: 3. planet answers: mercury
7-4. Which animals holds their hands in group while they eat, while they rest and while they sleep? 1. hands 2. eat answers: 3. sleep answers: otters
7-5. What country was considering beer to be a soft drink until 2011? 1. country 2. beer answers: 3. drink answers: Russia
7-6. What animal of the sea can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water? 1. sea 2. blood answers: 3. water answers: shark
7-7. What is the smallest ocean in the world? 1. ocean 2. world answers: Arctic
7-8. In which country is the tallest mountain partially located? 1. country 2. mountain answers: Nepal
7-9. Who is 1% shorter in the evening than in the morning? 1. evening 2. morning answers: humans
7-10. What is the 3rd largest land mammal after the elephant and the rhinoceros? 1. elephant 2. rhinoceros answers: hippopotamus

Trivia for All Answers Level 8

8-1. What does a giraffe use to clean its own ears? 1. giraffe 2. clean answers: 3. ears answers: tongue
8-2. What was the official language of England for over 600 years? 1. language 2. England answers: French
8-3. What animal can hear a mouse moving underneath a foot of snow? 1. mouse 2. snow answers: coyote
8-4. What scientists discovered radium? 1. radium 2. scientists answers: answers: Curie
8-5. Benjamin Franklin invented lightning rod, a kind of stove, and this musical instrument. 1. lightning 2. stove answers: 3. instrument answers: armonica
8-6. What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946? 1. clothing 2. designer answers: bikini
8-7. What animal almost always gives birth to quadruplets? 1. animal 2. quadruplets answers: armadillos
8-8. Worcestershire sauce, the popular English sauce, is made from what little fish? 1. sauce 2. fish answers: anchovies
8-9. Which organ is like a sponge, lightweight and fills most of the space inside the chest? 1. organ 2. sponge answers: 3. chest answers: lungs
8-10. What is the French name for a fish stew with provençal herbs and spices in the broth, that combines many kinds of fish? 1. stew 2. herbs answers: 3. spices answers: Bouillabaisse

Trivia for All Answers Level 9

9-1. How many people play in a water polo team? 1. people 2. team answers: seven
9-2. What is the practice of covering the roots of a plant with a layer of bark or other material to protect them from frost? 1. roots 2. plant answers: 3. frost answers: mulching
9-3. What is the collective name for fishing lines, hooks, floats and weights? 1. lines 2. hooks answers: 3. floats answers: tackle
9-4. Bricks made from earth mixed with straw and dried in the sun. 1. Bricks 2. straw answers: 3. sun answers: adobe
9-5. What are the largest flowers of the genus Helianthus? 1. flowers answers: Sunflower
9-6. How many arms or tentacles do squids have? 1. arms 2. tentacles answers: 3. squids answers: ten
9-7. Cork is harvested from bark of what kind of tree? 1. Cork 2. bark 3. tree answers: oak
9-8. Koala, kangaroo, and wallaby are members of this group of mammals. 1. Koala 2. kangaroo answers: 3. wallaby answers: marsupials
9-9. What is the unit of currency in Russia? 1. currency 2. Russia answers: Ruble
9-10. What tower became the tallest tower in the world in 1889 (taller than the Great Pyramids)? 1. tower 2. world answers: 3. Pyramids answers: Eiffel

Trivia for All Answers Level 10

10-1. In which part of the body would you usually find varicose veins? 1. body 2. veins answers: legs
10-2. What is the other word for belly button? 1. word 2. belly answers: umbilicus
10-3. Which reptiles are camouflaged by changing color? 1. reptiles 2. color answers: chameleons
10-4. In Europe, what is the color representing the easy ski slope for skiers? 1. Europe 2. slope answers: 3. skiers answers: green
10-5. What replaces the iron in the game of Monopoly? 1. iron 2. game answers: cat
10-6. What is the name of the tiny blood vessels? 1. name 2. blood answers: capillaries
10-7. Part of the human anatomy protecting the heart and the lungs. 1. anatomy 2. heart answers: 3. lungs answers: thorax
10-8. How do you call the joint that connects a foot with a leg? 1. foot 2. leg answers: ankle
10-9. What is the largest state in the United States of America? 1. America answers: Alaska
10-10. Which fruit is traditionally used in the recipe for Liverpool Tart? 1. fruit 2. Tart answers: lemon

Mary Anderson

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Stuck on level 11. Need pages 4 and higher.

Mary Anderson

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Really like the game. Stuck on level 11 and can't get to it. Only goes to level 10. How do I get to the higher levels..?