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Trivia for All Answers for All Levels

Trivia for All Answers Level 3

3-1. What is the name of a monkey that has red and blue face? 1. monkey 2. red answers: 3. face answers: mandrill
3-2. In which city would you find Buckingham Palace? 1. city 2. Palace answers: London
3-3. Which animal with long claws is the slowest moving mammal in the world? 1. claws 2. mammal answers: sloth
3-4. What language is spoken in Austria? 1. language 2. Austria answers: German
3-5. What is the second planet from the Sun? 1. planet 2. Sun answers: Venus
3-6. What is the scientist that studies rocks called? 1. scientist 2. rocks answers: geologist
3-7. Which planet is known as the Red planet? 1. planet 2. Red answers: Mars
3-8. A vehicle with pedals. 1. vehicle 2. pedals answers: bicycle
3-9. The world famous tennis tournament that takes place in England each summer. 1. tennis 2. England answers: 3. summer answers: Wimbledon
3-10. Pharaoh is the common title of the monarchs of this ancient kingdom. 1. Pharaoh 2. monarchs answers: Egypt

Trivia for All Answers Level 4

4-1. What sea creature is 95 percent water? 1. sea 2. creature answers: 3. water answers: jellyfish
4-2. In Greek mythology, who was the god of the ocean? 1. Greek 2. mythology answers: 3. ocean answers: Poseidon
4-3. Which shape has six sides? 1. shape 2. six answers: hexagon
4-4. What do you call a circular food from Italy? 1. food 2. Italy answers: pizza
4-5. Who created the three laws of motion? 1. three 2. laws answers: Newton
4-6. What is the body part that all birds have? 1. body 2. birds answers: beak
4-7. What force pulls all objects toward the center of the Earth? 1. objects 2. center 3. Earth answers: gravity
4-8. Most of these animals have scales. 1. animals 2. scales answers: reptiles
4-9. What is the top layer of human skin? 1. layer 2. skin answers: epidermis
4-10. Which sport is associated with a velodrome? 1. sport 2. velodrome answers: cycling

Trivia for All Answers Level 5

5-1. What do we call a group of birds? 1. group 2. birds answers: flock
5-2. When heat is transferred through a liquid or gas, it is called … 1. heat 2. liquid answers: 3. gas answers: convection
5-3. Where do gorillas sleep? 1. gorillas 2. sleep answers: nest
5-4. What vehicle runs on rails and blows a whistle? 1. rails 2. whistle answers: train
5-5. What is a coat that looks like a blanket with a hole in the center for the head? 1. coat 2. blanket answers: 3. head answers: poncho
5-6. What is the largest fruit from Southeast Asia? 1. fruit 2. Asia answers: jackfruit
5-7. The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by which country? 1. Liberty 2. country answers: France
5-8. What is the name of the Greek god of music? 1. name 2. god answers: 3. music answers: Apollo
5-9. What animal uses tools more than any other animal except man? 1. animal 2. tools answers: 3. man answers: chimpanzee
5-10. What bird can fly backward? 1. bird 2. fly answers: hummingbird

Trivia for All Answers Level 6

6-1. Which of the five main senses is the most dominant? 1. five 2. senses answers: vision
6-2. What is the largest island on Earth? 1. island 2. Earth answers: Greenland
6-3. What animal has a tongue that is longer than its tail? 1. tongue 2. tail answers: chameleon
6-4. What chemical element is named after Cyprus? 1. element 2. Cyprus answers: copper
6-5. Which color symbolizes the deadly sin of envy? 1. color 2. envy answers: green
6-6. What is the color of the black box in airplanes? 1. black 2. box answers: 3. airplanes answers: orange
6-7. What animal can have teeth longer than half of its body? 1. animal 2. teeth answers: 3. body answers: narwhal
6-8. Which French Emperor and a cake have the same name? 1. French 2. Emperor answers: 3. cake answers: Napoleon
6-9. What do butterflies use to taste their food? 1. butterflies 2. food answers: feet
6-10. What is the color of the polar bear’s skin? 1. color 2. bear answers: 3. skin answers: black

Mary Anderson

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Stuck on level 11. Need pages 4 and higher.

Mary Anderson

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Really like the game. Stuck on level 11 and can't get to it. Only goes to level 10. How do I get to the higher levels..?