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Trivia for All Answers for All Levels

When talking about brain teaser game, those involving words are usually the most popular. But sometimes, there are trivia games that are worth playing over and over again, and these games include Trivia for All. This is a game from Second Gear Games, and the mechanics are as follows: simply make use of the word fragments to find out the answer to the question. This is a twist on the usual style of trivia games for mobile (this game is available for iOS and android devices), though you will still have to rely a lot on picture clues to make your way around in the game. All in all, you’ll still be learning new things as you keep on playing the game, so it’s all good once everything is said and done.

Sometimes it isn’t all good, though. There may be some trivia questions where you can’t seem to come up with the right answer. But you don’t have to cheat by going to Wikipedia or by doing a Google search; you can get all the answers faster through our list of Trivia for All answers and solutions. We don’t recommend using this for each and every question in the game, as that could take away a lot of the fun, but if there are a few questions that leave you stumped, you should definitely be checking this out.

Trivia for All Answers Level 1

1-1. What is the largest bird in the world? 1. bird 2. world answers: ostrich
1-2. What colour are the eyes of new babies? 1. eyes 2. babies answers: blue
1-3. What gas are the floating birthday balloons filled with? 1. gas 2. birthday answers: 3. balloons answers: helium
1-4. Which desert covers most of North Africa? 1. desert 2. Africa answers: Sahara
1-5. What Greek mythological horse sprang from the blood of Medusa? 1. horse 2. blood answers: 3. Medusa answers: Pegasus
1-6. Who is really tall and yellow with brown spots? 1. yellow 2. spots answers: giraffe
1-7. What is the name of the famous tower in France? 1. tower 2. France answers: Eiffel
1-8. What animal is pink and has a curly tail? 1. pink 2. tail answers: pig
1-9. What is a floating mass of ice? 1. floating 2. ice answers: iceberg
1-10. What was the name of the queen of Egypt about 2000 years ago? 1. queen 2. Egypt answers: Cleopatra

Trivia for All Answers Level 2

2-1. What animal with big ears cannot jump? 1. ears 2. jump answers: elephant
2-2. In which regions on Earth do the most destructive storms happen? 1. Earth 2. storms answers: tropics
2-3. Animals that produce milk and have fur. 1. milk 2. fur answers: mammals
2-4. What is the name of the keyboard instrument that you hold to your chest and squeeze? 1. keyboard 2. chest answers: accordion
2-5. What type of triangle has three unequal sides? 1. triangle 2. three answers: scalene
2-6. What element is missing in this list water, air, fire, ….? 1. fire earth 2. water answers:
2-7. What brand of truck comes from the abbreviation used in the army for the “General Purpose” vehicle, G.P? 1. truck 2. army answers: Jeep
2-8. What fruit contains potassium and helps to reduce blood pressure? 1. fruit 2. potassium answers: 3. pressure answers: banana
2-9. Who built an ark and let the animals in two by two? 1. ark 2. animals answers: 3. two answers: Noah
2-10. Which plant with thorns can be found in the driest places on Earth? 1. plant 2. thorns answers: 3. Earth answers: cactus

Mary Anderson

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Stuck on level 11. Need pages 4 and higher.

Mary Anderson

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Really like the game. Stuck on level 11 and can't get to it. Only goes to level 10. How do I get to the higher levels..?