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Triple Jump Cheats & Tips: 5 Tricks to Increase Your High Score

Triple Jump may sound like the name of an immersive, in-depth track and field game, but this iOS and Android title is, in fact, a game that can be filed under the arcade and endless categories. This is a brand new title from Ketchapp, and all you have to do in here is to tap on the display and make up to three jumps before you touch the ground, without hitting any obstacles. You can also unlock new balls as you progress by collecting enough gems to do so. It sounds very easy, but then again, it can get a bit annoying to play the game but not make much progress. So with that in mind, we suggest you to take a look at our Triple Jump cheats, tips and tricks right after the jump.

1. Go For The Triple Jump All The Time

The game will count points for each single jump, which means you’ll have to do triple jumps even if it’s not required of you, even if one jump will do the trick. Repeat this throughout the game, as long as it’s safe, and you’ll see your score rising faster than it ever had before.

2. Practice Is Key

Now, doing those triple jumps is invariably more difficult than doing single jumps per stalactite. It will require exquisite timing in many cases, and the only way you can get that timing right is regular practice. Start out by practicing single jumps, then move on to double jumps before trying to hone your skills in doing a successful triple jump.

3. Use Two Thumbs When Making Fast Triple Jumps

Sometimes you may have to act really, really quickly when making a triple jump. This would require you to use both thumbs alternating so that you can make that triple jump much faster, and do more of these wild and crazy jumps in one round. This will further allow you to maximize your score, while bailing you out of otherwise tough situations.

4. Take Occasional Breaks

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared this tip, but when it comes to these type of games, frustration could take its toll on your gameplay. That makes it advisable to take a 30-minute break or so in between sessions, so that you can return with your head cleared up and your thumbs rested.

5. Use The Balls And Cores To Jazz Things Up

Bored with the ball or core that you’re using? Then you can go ahead and buy a new one, using the gems you’ve earned through the course of the game. This should reduce the boredom and freshen things up, as we do admit that boredom could take away a lot of the fun, and make you “mail it in,” or only play with the minimum amount of effort needed. However, you should also keep in mind that your choice of ball or core, regardless of color, won’t change the gameplay one bit. Guess you can say that’s a hallmark of Ketchapp games, the company being more about simplicity than frills in mobile gaming.