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Dragon Vita Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips for Effective Breeding

Dragon Vita is a new dragon-breeding game by 99 Dragons Sarl’s, which is currently available only for the iOS mobile platform, however, there’s always hope we’ll be seeing it arrive someday for Android phones and tablets. In this game, your objectives include building the perfect Dragon Park from scratch, hatching dragons, breeding them, and watching them grow and evolve. You can breed dragons to create new and more powerful ones, and bring people to your dragon park by having the right decorations. In a way, you can say it contains elements of both city-building games and animal/dragon breeding games. So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at our collection of Dragon Vita cheats, tips and hints to help you in breeding those dragons right and build the perfect park.

1. Follow The Quests

Stuck in a rut or not sure about your next course of action? Easy-peasy – all you have to do is follow the quests and complete them. Quests will give you somewhere to start off and an idea of where you should go from there, and as you complete each of these quests, you’ll build your dragon park and have a bigger stable of dragons. It’s a tip that holds true in many such games, so always follow the quests if you’re in doubt about anything.

2. Have More Habitats And Make Sure They Earn

You will typically be allowed one habitat per experience level, but if you want to stock up on the habitats and make a killing out of them, you’ll want to focus on the water habitats. These habitats can earn you up to 8,000 coins in between collections; compare that to 4,000 max for plant habitats and 2,000 max for fire habitats. With more coins, you can upgrade more things and purchase better buildings. And that’s actually going to transition us over to our next tip.

3. Focus On Farm Upgrades

When it comes to upgrades, farms should be tops on your priority list. Farms should ideally be upgraded to the fullest, which would allow you to grow a whole lot of food that can, in turn, be used to level up dragons and earn more coins in less time.

4. Be Aware That You Need Male And Female Dragons for Breeding

This is common sense, but since breeding dragons isn’t all about pairing dragons arbitrarily or creating new ones through magic alone, you need to make sure you have male and female dragons for you to breed together. Additionally, your count of male and female dragons should also be balanced – focusing too much on male or female will give you fewer options for breeding.

5. Sell Surplus Dragons If You Have Too Many

Last, but not the least, and in relation to the above tip, you can always sell your extra male dragons so you can buy a female dragon or two, or vice versa. You can also build more habitats, but selling your surplus will at least be a better option financially for the most part.