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Goal Hero Cheats: 5 Essential Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Recently, we gave you some PES Club Manager tips and strategies, but if that game simply feels too overwhelming for you, we’ve got some Goal Hero tips and tricks below that’ll tell you how to succeed in a different kind of mobile soccer game. But before that, we should tell you that Goal Hero is, according to developer Iaendi Limited, an “endless goal scoring epic.” While far more casual than a soccer management game, you can play as your favorite club or national team and make use of arcade-y power-ups to “destroy the (opposition).” In terms of mechanics, this game is an endless goal shooter – this isn’t the type of game that ends after you win the World Cup or UEFA Cup or whatnot. That said, let’s not waste much more of your time and go straight to our list of Goal Hero cheats and tips.

1. Score Goals, Here’s How

Pretty much, you’re playing as an attacker here, so your goal is to elude the defense and shoot the ball through the net. Misdirect the goalkeeper by rapidly swiping right before the kick. Take note, as this is important, even for those familiar with the rules of football – you want to kick the ball past the keeper, not into the keeper. If the ball gets past the keeper and into the net, you score one point. But if it goes into him, you don’t score anything.

2. If You Miss A Chance, It’s Not The End

It’s not the end of the world if you miss a goal attempt. What you don’t want to do is to run into the goal or run right smack dab into another player. These two things automatically end your turn, so be absolutely sure you’re moving fast, but also moving efficiently to avoid obstacles. Speed is important, but so is grace in such a situation.

3. When You Think It’s Over, You Can Still Continue Playing

Assuming you have one goal or more, you can kick off where you left off by hitting continue and watching an ad video. Once the clip is over, you’ll be right back where you left off before your turn ended, which is much better than having to start from square one as you often would have to do in other casual titles. While in theory, you can watch an unlimited number of continue videos, it wouldn’t be worth the effort to do so if your turn ended after only one or two goals.

4. Buy Team Packs

Sadly, the developer did not introduce any premium currency in Goal Hero, in-game money you can earn while playing and use to purchase special items. As such, your only option when buying team packs is to pay with real-life money.

5. Practice

Going back to the concept of hitting “continue” to return to where you left off, that brings us to our final tip. Practice does make perfect, and scoring high in Goal Hero can only be achieved if you regularly practice your game, though probably with a few breaks here and there so that you can remain “fresh” in body and mind.