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Trench Assault Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Hold the Frontline

Since the very beginnings of our civilization, the world was scarred by numerous conflicts. There were few of them, however, which exposed the hopelessness of a human being in the face of the inevitable horrors of war. Few, except the World War I. During this bloody, global conflict also known as the Great War, over 20 millions of people died and the approximately same number of soldiers and civilians was wounded. Such great casualties were caused by the infamous trench warfare – a symbol of stalemate, attrition, constant sieges, but also a futility of command. A price for advancing a mile into the enemy position on the Western Front often was paid with thousands of lives. Soldiers, however, were never asked whether they liked it or not. They were meant to follow and fulfil orders of their officers without question.

Amongst a rather limited number of video games telling the story of the trench warfare is Trench Assault – an immersive Android game created by AMT Games. In the game you become an army general whose only goal is to hold the line and advance towards the enemy base with the purpose of destroying it. Trench Assault doesn’t necessarily tell the story of any known historical conflict, since the setting is unspecified, however, the atmosphere in the game reminds us of both World Wars. It is an online game in which you will compete with other players on the field of battle, assemble your troops and send them to victory or death. Your orders are clear: you must hold all the fronts and destroy the enemy headquarters. If you are ready to bear a burden of command, read on soldier and learn more about the tactics and strategies that will lead you to victory. So let’s go ahead and check out our Trench Assault tips, cheats and strategies to help you succeed in the game!

1. Learn The Basics To Hold The Frontline

trench assault tips

Before you will learn details regarding more specific strategies and tactics, it is important that you know the basics of how to actually play the game. Trench Assault is a strategic, idle card game in which you will have to assembly an army and send it to battle. “Idle”, means you don’t really have a full control over your units, since your job is to spawn them on one of the three available lanes and they will simply advance towards the enemy base and attack your enemies automatically. The game has elements common to the card game because you have to collect unit cards and assemble your deck of units which you will be able to spawn during your battle. Apart from that, Trench Assault’s gameplay is divided into two sections: assembly section and a battle section. Every commander of Trench Warfare should be well-acquainted with each of these modes.

Before you send your soldiers on one of the three available lanes, which can also be described as “frontlines”, first, you have to assemble your deck. That means soldiers, tanks and artillery which build your entire army. At the beginning of the game, you will be given with a reasonable set of cards from which you will be able to draw your units during the battle mode. Mind that, however, there is a limited number of card spots in your deck, so it is important that you choose your cards wisely. You can get more cards by opening chests and buying them through the the in-game store option.

Once you choose the cards you wish to play with, it is time to seek for your opponents. The game is about competing with other real-life players you can find throughout the world, so don’t count that your enemy will go easy on you in any manner. At the beginning of the game you will receive several tutorial battles during which you will be given with some valuable hints, but once you go through them, you will have to command your soldiers on your own. The game will search for opponents that are equal or close to your rank indicated by the number you can find beside the gold medal in the upper part of the game screen. The good thing is that the game tries to balance the odds, so you won’t have to fight with someone much above or below your rank, but rather an enemy of your own league. Of course, it is not a very precise way of assessing your chances in battle, since the more battles you lose, the lower your rank will be. And, after all, it all depends on the capability of your deck.

trench assault guide

In the battle mode there are three lanes: upper, middle and lower. These are the routes on which you will deploy your units. To deploy a unit you have to draw one of the cards available on your hand and place it on one of the lanes. Remember that every card costs a particular amount of stars. Once you deploy a unit, it will automatically march towards the enemy base located on the right end side of each of the routes. The same applies to the enemy units. The general rule is that you don’t want any of the enemy units to reach your headquarters. Whenever you see one of them marching on the unguarded lane, it’s important to secure it by placing your own unit on it. Remember that you don’t have to occupy each and every lane with units, since it pretty much depends on the actual situation on the field. If there are large groups of enemies marching on one single lane, it should be your priority to secure it in the first place and push the enemy back.

Knowing the basics of Trench Assault might not be enough to conquer your opponent headquarters. In order to be effective in battle, you will need to learn about particular units, their pros and cons, and how to compose your deck.

2. Send The Right Soldiers Into Battle

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Each and every unit in your deck has 4 main statistics that you want to take a note of: damage, health, range and speed. To better choose your cards during battles it is important that you are aware of what each of these stats do. Damage represents the attack capability of your unit, health stands for the number of hits that a particular unit can endure, range indicates the range of the attack and speed determines the speed with which a given unit will move over the lane. Before you will assemble your deck make sure to memorise what each of these statistics stand for.

When composing your deck, remember that maintaining a balance is the key to success. It may be tempting to fill your deck with sturdy and high damaging vehicles, including a self-propelled gun SU-85 and a flame tank Churchill Crocodile, but in the long run, adding too many of them to your collection may be a bad idea. Mind that the cost of each vehicle is rather high, thus spawning them on the battlefield may take you some time. It’s important to keep the units flowing, thus you have to remember of adding some cheaper units to your deck as well.

Once you learn what particular statistics do, you can begin composing your deck. Make sure to add units that can complement each other in a variety of ways. It’s good to add an equal number of short and long range as well area of effect units. Sniper and Elite Snipers should be the troops you want to have in your collection, not only because of their long range capability, but also because they never miss their shots and are good against troops as well as vehicles. It’s good to send them on unoccupied lanes as the recon units, so they will deal initial, long-range damage to the incoming enemies. They are rather vulnerable, so you want to support them with sturdier units, such as tanks, self-propelled guns or Armored Soldiers. Try to find out pros and cons of every units simply by testing their capabilities on the field, so you will find yourself the best setup.

3. Upgrade Your Units To Make Them Stronger On The Field

trench assault strategies

It’s important to remember about upgrading your units whenever you have such a possibility, since every upgrade of a unit or an ability of your choice increases their statistics and, in the process, makes them more effective in battle. In order to do so, you have to collect a particular number of cards of a given unit you wish to upgrade. Every successfully upgraded unit is highly valuable in your deck and should be considered by you in the first place.

There are several ways in which you can get new cards for your deck. The easiest and the most common way of getting them is by opening chests either by gaining a particular amount of successes in battles or by performing daily openings. You have to remember, however, that the cooldown on the openings is rather long (should be counted in hours), so it is likely that you might have to wait several hours before performing another opening. Whenever you open a chest you can find there a certain amount of money, which is a common currency in the game, as well cards and gold bars – a premium currency used for special purposes (for instance you can exchange them for money). You can, of course, speed things up a little bit, either by purchasing a vip account for the real money or watching advertising videos of other Android games for 5 gold bars each (mind that these have a cooldown as well).

Your tactical approach in the game majorly depends on what kind of cards you have in your collection. Remember about balancing your deck with an equal numbers of long range, as well as short range units, tanks and artillery, such as Airstrike or Mortar Fire which cover a vast area of the battlefield. Keep upgrading your cards whenever you have such a possibility and collect rewards. Once you do so, you should be fine in the early stages of the game and be capable of beating the majority of your opponents.

And this wraps up our Trench Assault beginner’s guide! If you happen to have any useful tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a message in the comment area below!

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