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Tiles Hop EDM Rush Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Tap Your Way to All the Music

Now, if you are a fan of musical games, the latest arcade game of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush will be one of your favourites in a short time. It promises high quality sound which will make you feel as though you are in a concert. Besides, more than 30 songs from different genres are available for you to choose to enjoy the musical journey. This whole new experience in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush will bring you into a rhythmic world full of breath-taking ambience and effects. It is certainly not your normal tapping game as you lead the ball to its dance with the music.

Among its exciting main features is the highly anticipated auto-generated content. You can actually upload your own song to play with the dancing ball! Just click on the Play my song tab for the free trial and purchase the feature if you enjoy using it.

Moreover, the simple graphics and the intuitive gameplay in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush are certainly some of the huge draws. The one-touch control with simple operations easily helps you to immerse yourself in the wonderful selection of more than 20 different backgrounds. Not only that, you get to choose more than 10 different balls to play the game too. Of course, some of these features may not be available to you if you are not that keen to go down the buying in-app purchases route.

Besides, you will get to challenge your hand speed limit as you progress in the game. Choose to beat your own high score or invite your friends to join. Also, you can opt to share your gameplay records with your friends and even challenge them in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. Don’t forget to check out where you rank in the worldwide player list as well! Other than that, you might as well just link your game to your Facebook account for safety purpose. Once the progress is saved in the Facebook, you will be able to play the game across different devices. So let’s not waste any second and instead let’s check out our Tiles Hop: EDM Rush tips, tricks and cheats right after the jump!

1. Rolling Down The Home Page

tiles hop edm rush cheats

Next, as you start the game on your phone, you will be shown a loading page which is of the same classic style as the gameplay itself. Indeed, it is better to use your headphones to fully experience the high-quality music and let yourself relax while playing the game. Once the loading is done, you will then see the Home page of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. On the left side is your own profile picture on Facebook once you have linked your game account to the social media site. Beside the picture, you will see the number of Diamonds you own so far.

Clicking on the profile picture will lead you to the Leaderboard where you can check out your highest score in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. Furthermore, you will see where you rank among your Facebook friends if they are playing as well. On the right side of this screen, you can choose the icon with the globe to know where you rank among the players in the world. As with other pages in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, the X sign is the one you need to tap to exit and return to the Home page.

Moving on, just beneath the profile picture will be the Free Gifts. Here, you can obtain 5 free Diamonds every 30 minutes. Thus, be sure to check the game often whenever you are free. Else, just choose to watch a short advertisement video to collect 20 diamonds. As you can see, just below the free Diamonds, you have the option to view videos to collect new skins for you dancing ball.

Meanwhile, you can even unlock new music to play if you watch the videos on this page as well. Just spare a few moments to watch them to collect all the music pieces and dancing ball skins to fully enjoy your gameplaying experience Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. For your information, there is also the Daily Login bonus for you. So, make sure to return to the game every day if you want to unlock more songs.

tiles hop edm rush tricks

Going back to the middle of the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Home page, you will observe your last played music title and the associated background in the form of a moving disc. Underneath this is the Play my song feature which you can use in the Free Trial first. One thing to note is to ensure the music or song you want to play is in the MP3 format when stored inside your phone. Clicking on this will allow you to select from all the files you own within your phone storage.

After that, you can scroll down the list of the music pieces available to you in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. Naturally, you can opt to play any of the Free Trial songs before you buy them. On the other hand, if you are not interested to have a short-lived gameplay with those songs, click to watch the advertisement videos for new music pieces or buy with the Diamonds you have collected. The music which you have unlocked will show your high score and Crowns obtained. Your score rank among your friends will be shown too in the yellow highlighted song tab.

On the other hand, the trophy will show you your Achievements in the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush when you tap on it. Notifications will be indicated in red coloured numbers too if you are not someone who will check this feature often. Each Achievements will earn you a number of Diamonds. From unlocking songs and balls to high scores and collecting stars, you will find yourself trying to complete these musical challenges. Now, you can also earn Diamonds in Achievements if you revive the games and retry the songs for a number of times.

Also, remember to check out the different balls which you can unlock by tapping the icon above the trophy. Here, you will see the balls you have unlocked and those that you need to unlock by purchasing using Diamonds and watching videos.

2. Checking Out The Settings

tiles hop edm rush tips

Meanwhile, at the topmost right is the typical gear icon for the Settings. Tapping on this will bring you to the Settings screen of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. While the Shop at the top allows you to purchase Diamonds with real money, you can check out the creative people behind the game in the Credits at the bottom. Of course, you can just tap once on the Sound and Music tabs to either switch them on or off. On the contrary, you can choose from 11 different languages to fully experience the gameplay of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush.

If you enjoy playing Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, don’t forget to leave ratings for the developers too. Clicking on the Rate Us will immediately lead you to the Google Play Store. Afterwards, you can refresh your memory on how to play the game by tapping on the Help tab. The gameplay is easy enough for any arcade beginner to play.

First of all, you have to hold and drag the dancing ball to control them as they dance to the music. Then, make sure you bring the ball to the drop in the centre to change the tile size. Last but not least, the Help page will remind you to collect Diamonds in order to unlock new songs, balls and themes.

3. Playing With The Dancing Ball

tiles hop edm rush guide

To enter the gameplay mode in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, just tap on the moving disc or any of the song tabs in the Home page. You will be reminded on how to play again at the beginning of the gameplay. Tapping anywhere on the screen will start the game in a flash. On top of the screen is the scores of your current game. Percentages of the music completed by you will also be indicated when you play so that you know how far you have played.

If you do not hold on the screen and drag the dancing ball, it will continue to bounce in a straight line. Hence, remember to keep holding and dragging the dancing ball to the next steps. Don’t forget to collect blue Diamonds as you play and the yellow Stars when you enter the Endless Mode.

If you lose or rather, when your dancing ball falls in between the steps, you will be shown a short advertisement. This can be quite annoying at times when you just want to proceed with the game. Still, most of the time, you have the option to continue with your game by watching a video or paying 50 Diamonds. At the end of each music, you will know how many Stars you have collected. There is also the Replay button if you want to improve on your score. Also, you can instead choose to go back to the Home page or use the Share button to show off your musical skills to your friends.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. Do you know other tips or tricks for the game? Let us know below in the comment section!