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Mak Cun’s Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies Every Player Should Know

Now, if you have the chance to taste Malaysian food, you will find yourself keep wanting more. Offering one of the highly diverse cuisine selections in South East Asia, Mak Cun’s Adventure allows you to enjoy the food such as nasi lemak and char kuey teow, albeit in a game world. Also based on a hugely successful drama with the namesake character, Mak Cun, any fans will certainly find themselves having fun while playing out the role of a Malay businesswoman.

Meanwhile, in Mak Cun’s Adventure, you will find yourself starting out in a rural village. Your aim is to grow and manage the food business in the Restaurant first. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to unlock Boutique and Breakfast Stall for even more gaming fun. In these different modes, you will also have a chance to sell unique local items like bedak sejuk (cold talcum) and food such as soft-boiled eggs and teh tarik.

A thing to note though, to even unlock Mak Cun’s Boutique for free, you are required to complete all the 30 levels of Mak Cun’s Restaurant with 3 Stars for each level. Otherwise, if you are keen to play all different modes, be prepared to use Gems to unlock them. But don’t worry as the developers have provided the usual free Gems per advertisements viewed. One Gem is more than enough to let you play Boutique in Mak Cun’s Adventure. Once unlocked, you will be able to play both the Restaurant and Boutique simultaneously. With that said, let’s check out our compilation of Mak Cun’s Adventure tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Exploring The Map Of The Malay Rural Village

mak cun's adventure guide

Before we begin to explore Mak Cun’s Adventure, as with other games, the basic tutorial is available to guide you through the first few levels of the games. You will also be notified when you unlock any of the new items too. Besides, the titular character will also explain and guide you as you learn to prepare the unlocked items for your customers for the first few times.

First, let’s have a look at the picturesque Malay village with waving coconut trees. This is basically the map in Mak Cun’s Adventure. At the bottom left is the Restaurant while the Boutique is at the opposite, the big kampung house in the top right corner. Meanwhile, in the middle of the map is the Breakfast Stall and the Bus Station. Still, you will have to complete all the other modes to unlock the Breakfast Stall.

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Furthermore, you will also see different bars at the top of the map. Don’t forget to check out your XP bar too. The number at the end represents the level you are at currently. The yellow bar indicates the Coins you own while the green shows you the number of Gems you have. Coins are used to upgrade the items and interior of the Restaurant and the Boutique. In Mak Cun’s Adventure, Gems are rare to come by and can be used to reduce the upgrading time of the interior. You can also use the Gems to upgrade the items sold too.

Of course, you can also go by the pay-to-win route in Mak Cun’s Adventure. You can choose to use real money to purchase the in-app currencies of Gems and Coins. A Free Gem is also available for collection when you click on the Gem icon labelled with the word Free. Moreover, if you have a lot of Coins, you can opt to splurge on the Travel Bus. Sending off the Travel Bus to bring tourists in will earn you 1 Gem every 4 hours at a cost of 2000 Coins.

2. Checking Out The Menu Tab For Both Restaurant And Boutique

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Whether you are in the Restaurant of the Boutique, the Menu tab is available to you just as how you view it in the Map. Also, remember to keep checking the Daily Task where you will be able to collect Coins and XPs once you complete any of the 3 tasks given. Below the Daily Task is the Achievement tab as represented by the trophies. Clicking on them will let you know which achievements you have done in Mak Cun’s Adventure so far. As with the completed Daily Task, you will also receive Coins and XPs as your rewards. There are the Daily Login rewards for you to claim as well.

On the other hand, the Option will bring you to the screen where you can adjust the volumes of the music and sounds in Mak Cun’s Adventure. You can choose from 2 different languages to play the game too, either in English or Malay. If you want to make sure your game progress is available to you for a long time, take note that the Cloud Save option is ticked. Last but not least, if you want to restart the whole game, tapping on the Reset button will allow you to do so.

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In Mak Cun’s Adventure, the statistics of your gameplay are presented to you whenever you tap on the stall or house to start any mode. From the number of customer and food served to the total Stars you have collected, you will easily know what you have done so far in the game. You can also check for the percentage of levels completed as well as the number of items unlocked and item upgrades.

Additionally, clicking on any of the orange tabs stating Interior and Kitchen or Boutique will bring you straight to the screen for upgrades. Now, while you are in any of these screens and inside the gameplay levels, you will have access to the Replay option and Menu which will lead you to the Map. On a side note, tapping on the Continue green tab in any of the upgrade screens will lead you to the Select A Level screen.

3. Playing The Role Of The Chef And The Boutique Owner

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Finally, once you start playing the game, you will find that you progress easily in the first few levels. Once more items are unlocked, the difficulty of playing Mak Cun’s Adventure will increase tremendously. In each gameplay level, you will see your Goal on display initially. Just tapping anywhere on the screen to begin your game. In the end, whether or not you successfully complete the game, the game will let you know the number of Stars you have collected. You will also find out your earnings and number of customers served and lost. Besides, Time Bonus and Tips earned will also be indicated in the screen.

In the Restaurant, Mak Cun’s Adventure lets you play the role of a local chef. You will start out with simple recipes of nasi lemak and teh O. Combine the orders for the food dishes while serving your customers with the drinks they want. As a note, drinks will be on your right side while stoves are available just beside and on the left screen. Any burnt food can be disposed of in the green trash bin at the bottom left. It is better if you prepare the empty plates in the middle of the screen and drinks in advance before the orders come in. Once your orders are ready, just drag them to the customers accordingly. Click on the Coins they left on the table if you have time. Otherwise, the Coins will automatically be collected.

Now, clicking on the Menu will allow you to pause the game. This is the same when you play the Boutique. Meanwhile, be sure to check out your remaining time as shown beside the Timer icon. On one side of this icon is your current level and XPs while the other end will show you the Coins you have earned and the number of customers you have served. Any customers not served will slowly lose their patience and leave at the end. This will be indicated in the order bubble in the Restaurant but not in the Boutique.

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In contrast, Mak Cun’s Adventure will be a different gameplay in the Boutique version. You will have a larger space to move around. Usually, begin each level by collecting the baju kurung and shoes before serving any of your customers. Those with the clothes will head to the Fitting Rooms while the rest will go straight to the Cashier. In addition, remember to click on the customers to serve them the items they want. Just tap on any of the items in the brown Inventory below the XP bar to remove them. Moreover, make sure to clean the Fitting Rooms for the next customers. Also, click individually for each customer at the Cashier. Numbers will also be shown on each customer and items tapped for you to know which Mak Cun will attend to first.

For your information, if you find yourself stuck with certain levels, keep upgrading your interior and items before replaying the game. Naturally, you will need more Coins to do this. Just replay the previous levels or buy the Coins packages to proceed. There is also the chance for you to increase your earnings in Coins for each level by 50 per cent if you view a short video. Other than that, you can also purchase kuih to make your customers happy while you prepare their orders. This will then make it easier for you to advance to the next level in Mak Cun’s Adventure. You can also choose to watch an advertisement to add another 2 customers when you fail to complete a level.

And this ends our Mak Cun’s Adventure beginner’s guide. We hope you’ve found our tips and tricks useful. In case you come across additional tips for the game, please let us know below in the comments!