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Train Conductor World: European Railway Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Keep Your Trains Running

Train Conductor World: European Railway is a brand new iOS game that’s described by its maker, The Voxel Agents, as a high-speed train traversal puzzle. As a train conductor, your job in the game is to control the tracks and your train’s movement. You will also be in charge of growing your rail network, though this game is more about being quick with your fingers and quick with your wits, as you try to keep your trains under control. You’ll be traveling through some of Europe’s famous landmarks, including the canals of Amsterdam and Arc De Triomphe in Paris, though there’s nothing scenic about the potential train wrecks (literal ones) you can get into.

This is a game that could really test your mettle, and there’s no time to lose focus or take it easy when playing it. But this game shouldn’t always have to be a frustrating experience, as we have some Train Conductor World: European Railway that can keep your train rolling and help you avoid those unfortunate train wrecks.

1. Stop The Trains If You Have To

It’s better to stop your trains and stay alive rather than keep going and suffer a run-ending train wreck. Sure, you might not be able to three-star a level or get all of your trains to their destination, but it’s better safe than sorry in this case. Just tap on the train you wish to stop and it will do so; tapping it again will have it moving once again.

2. Watch Ad Videos To Continue, But Only When Needed

If you wreck a train, your run is over, and you’ll have the option to watch a video to continue. Still, we recommend that you hold off on this option unless you’ve already gone quite far in your run and are so close from beating your high score or someone else’s.

3. How To Slow Down Your Trains Without Losing Stars

Let’s admit it – all that movement and all that train management and all those reflexes you have to use in this game can get to be a bit taxing. But there’s a way to slow down your trains without having to lose some stars. All you have to do is to drag your finger across your iPhone’s screen, creating a new path for the train; as long as you’ve got your finger held down, the train will slow down. That should also be beneficial as you try to avoid getting into train wrecks.

4. Sometimes, It’s Better To Be Patient Than Fast

Although, Train Conductor World: European Railway does require a lot of speed and concentration, you shouldn’t always go for the shortest, most obvious path for your trains. Sometimes it’s better to be more subtle and patient, and coming up with a good strategy so that your trains don’t collide with each other. It’s even possible to use a “misdirection” trick, redirecting trains to the wrong path, but bringing them back to the right path eventually. As long as it helps you avoid accidents, then feel free to try this trick.

That’s all for now, as far as our Train Conductor World: European Railway tips and tricks are concerned. Be sure to check out our future guides for this game, that will cover different aspects of this immersive mobile title.