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Danger Dodgers Cheats & Tips: 5 Ways to Last Longer Against Those Meteors

Danger Dodgers is a new survival game by Uppercut Games, and to be specific, the game promotes itself as one that takes place in an “endless End of the World.” After choosing your character, you’ll get to avoid passing meteors and avoid getting squished. But what kind of characters can you expect here, and are there any detailed explanations of mechanics? The developer promises an eclectic cast of characters from across the world and across the Internet, as well as gameplay that’s easy to learn, but hard not to get squished. Uppercut also promises rewards for those who log in daily, as well as the addition of new characters, presumably through updates. (This is, after all, a new title, having first arrived on the App Store late last month.)

You’ll need to be quick and skillful in order to last long and avoid getting squished, but aside from that, you may need these Danger Dodgers tips and tricks. So how long can you survive in an endless End of the World? Through these tips, we hope it would be much longer than before.

1. Focus, Focus, Focus

One important thing you have to remember from the get-go is that Danger Dodgers is not a game for multitaskers. That means this isn’t the kind of game you want to pull up while trying to de-stress at work while the boss isn’t looking. If you take your eyes off your iPhone’s screen, even for a split second, you may run the risk of ending your game before you can even build up some momentum. Those meteors can come in really fast and hard, so focus is paramount in Danger Dodgers.

2. The Shadows Know

The game will tip you off on incoming danger by means of shadows that appear on the ground. Now this isn’t normally a reason to panic, but when the shadows grow larger and darker, that’s when you need to get moving. If it’s still rather small and gray, then you don’t need to fret about it…yet.

3. How To Make The Most Out Of The Shadows

Shadows can sometimes be a cause for concern, and they are always a sign that something’s coming down. But it is possible to turn this “bad thing” into a “good thing.” Sticking around for a bit while around a shadow would add to a multiplier you’ll gain, and as that multiplier increases, so will your coins. This can be very risky, but if you practice well enough, this strategy could be a good way to earn a ton of in-game currency.

4. Make Smaller, Smoother Movements

Characters in Danger Dodgers tend to be very sensitive to touch; this is one of the quirks in the game many have been complaining about. In this case, you’ll need to adjust to the unusual sensitivity by making smaller and slighter movements. But don’t make your movements so light that the characters aren’t moving at all; going back to what we told you earlier, it’s pretty much “you snooze, you lose” in this game.

5. Redeem Your Freebies

As we mentioned, Danger Dodger’s makers Uppercut encourage players to play the game every day. Redeem your daily login rewards, as you may get coins which you can then use to buy new characters and new backgrounds. They don’t change the gameplay, but are great for breaking the monotony of sticking to the stock characters and backgrounds in the game.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of tips and tricks for Danger Dodgers. In case you know more hints for this immersive mobile game, don’t hesitate to share them with us!