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Train Conductor World: European Railway Guide & Tips to Succeed in the Game

We’re back with another Train Conductor World: European Railway strategy guide, and if the first one wasn’t enough, we’re going to be tackling some more advanced tips now, designed for intermediate players onward. This game from The Voxel Agents, which is available for iOS devices as of the present, allows you to play the role of a train conductor, as you direct multiple trains and make sure they do not crash into each other. As these trains carry cargo on them, it is of great importance that they don’t just make it to their route in one piece, but also make it there on time, and do so in the most efficient way possible.

Four tips may be enough to give a beginner some basic insight into the game, but since we’re going to be focusing on intermediate tips (beginners can learn a few tricks, too!), let’s get to what we promised you in the above paragraph – a Train Conductor World: European Railway strategy guide with more helpful hints for the game.

1. Complete Your Objectives

Objectives, as you may have guessed, are Train Conductor World’s equivalent to quests. These are optional things which you can do in the game that are nonetheless highly recommended if you’re looking to make more money in the game. Once you see a flashing icon next to the name of a city, that’s a sign that you’ve got an objective to complete. Completing them will earn you a ton of coins in most cases, so we highly recommend doing them even if they’re really optional. Once you’ve completed an objective, it will then disappear, and you’ll then have to wait for a new one to appear. Objectives remain in place until you complete them, so if you don’t get them the first time around, don’t fret. It’s best to leave your notifications on so you can be informed of a new objective to try out.

2. String Those Stars Together

You’ve seen the word “string,” so what does this mean? As you may have surmised, we’re talking about combos now, mainly the star combo you can chain together in the game. Each train, for starters, will come with a star on top of it, and those stars will keep adding up if a train reaches its destination without stopping. While we did say in our beginner’s guide (also a guide on how to avoid train wrecks) that it’s sometimes best to stop, you can definitely string some stars together if you can afford it. Each five stars you collect makes the trains go faster, and while that may make things harder (believe us, it does), that also means more points for you and more cargo to deliver.

Still, we stand by what we said last time – if things get too fast and intense and you’re in risk of crashing, then don’t be afraid to stop the train.

3. More Tips On How To Avoid A Train Wreck

We’re going to revisit the all-important topic of avoiding train wrecks in this tip, so pay attention if you’ve gotten in a few wrecks too many. It’s important to have some quick reflexes and supreme focus in this game, and that means keeping your guard up for all of the posts. You’ll see a train stop when a train is just about to spawn on any given rail. And if a train is going faster than new trains are about to spawn, you’ll hear blaring horns and see a flashing red light. Lastly, if your trains are simply too close to each other, the game will slow down and you’ll hear something you’ve probably heard on TV shows “filmed in front of a live studio audience” – that sound of an audience gasping in shock. That’s your cue to sort things out before a train wreck takes place, so make every split-second of that one second or so count.

4. Collect Revenue From Your Cargo Trains (The Rotterdam Tip)

When talking about individual cities in the game, Rotterdam stands out because it has cargo trains coming in automatically from all cities connected to it. As such, you’ll want to have as many cities as possible connecting to Rotterdam, in order to earn more coins and collect more revenue. At first, that Dutch city will fill up with coins from cargo deliveries every three hours, so take note of that time and collect coins whenever possible.

5. You Can Always Redesign Your Railways

Just because you’ve setup your railways one way doesn’t mean it has to look like that forever. You’re free to rearrange your railways any way you please, and any time it’s recommended. Always check the placement of your tiles to see if you can route things more effectively and efficiently. You just might be able to reach a city that you previously weren’t able to reach. You may even discover tiles with branching paths, which is also a great thing to take advantage of.


Monday 9th of October 2017

Does anyone have any idea how the scoring works? It seems that later trains count more than earlier trains, but I can't see any pattern.


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

How do you connect to ports once you have all the towns

Darpan Arora

Monday 9th of May 2016

How to Claim Unlimited Coins and Unlimited objectives without waiting to get full at the Ports... Here it is- 1. Play as normal until all objectives are done (u'll get sleeping woman icon). 2. Drain out all coins from the ports. 3. Exit the game -> Turn off internet access -> Open the game again 4. Drain the few collected coins from all the ports and Exit the game again. 5. Turn on internet access -> Open the game again... KABOOM!!! All ports have full coins and new objectives occur IN NO TIME !!!! 6. Repeat the steps after u r done with all objectives...!!

Enjoy !! :)