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Legacy Quest Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 9 Stunning Tips You Need to Know

NEXON M has launched a fantastic RPG for Android and iOS devices called Legacy Quest. According to the game’s story, the real fun in this game begins “after death,” and your goal is to reclaim your family’s legacy as the next descendant in your bloodline. You will be building, training, and crafting your family legacy with the souls of each enemy you kill, and with the heroes you add to your lineup. There are over 70 unique dungeons in six regions, seven levels of difficulty, and the ability to craft “legendary” weapons and equipment to take on, and take out your enemies. Additionally, you’ll have to collect cubelets in the game’s dungeons to create and craft “epic monster-slaying weapons and gear.”

Although, NEXON M is as prolific as it gets when it comes to launching new RPGs for Android and iOS devices, the company always makes sure that there’s a unique twist to each of these games. But we’re here to help you work around those twists, as we’re now bringing you our Legacy Quest strategy guide.

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Classes

This game comes with three different classes, and the type of weapons you can use would depend on the class you choose. There are no class-based restrictions on armor, so you’re free to use any kind of armor regardless of your character’s class. If you’re new to the game, we suggest mixing and matching it up a bit, and experimenting with different classes and configurations until you come up with a character skilled enough to deal with most, if not all monsters.

2. Keep Yourself In Motion At All Times

One thing you absolutely shouldn’t do in this game is to stand still for an extended period of time. You should be aware of where you are and how you’re moving, and you should also be conscious about your position. This becomes more important as you go through the more difficult dungeons in the game.

3. Each Weapon Has Its Own Characteristics

The weapon you choose will also have a very important bearing on how well you fare in the battlefield. There are weapons, such as dual-wield melee, two-handed weapons, and ranged weapons, that are capable of stunning enemies and pushing them back. That’s going to come in very handy if you’re dealing with a horde of undead monsters. Just like in the first tip, we encourage you to keep experimenting until you find a weapon that you feel truly comfortable with.

4. Look At Item Levels For Your Equipment

You would also want to compare different weapon and armor items before using them, and the best way for you to do this is to check their item level. Sounds very simple, right? Indeed it is in most cases, as a higher item level usually means a better-quality item. But if you are looking for a certain attribute or attributes, you should go further and tap on the Info button for additional details.

5. Scout The Monsters

A little scouting can go a long way in Legacy Quest. Keep a close eye on how the monsters behave, and take note of how and when they attack. It’s important to figure out how each monster moves and attacks, and doing so would allow your characters to last longer in battle. It also guarantees that your loot isn’t, well, looted by the enemy.

6. Kill Ranged Enemies First

This doesn’t always apply, but in most situations, you’ll want to focus on taking out ranged enemies before you move on to the melee fighters. Ranged enemies are dangerous as they can take you out from afar, dealing tons of damage in the process. But on the flip side, they’re also typically low-health characters, so you shouldn’t have a problem neutralizing their attack and killing them, as compared to hardier melee enemies.

7. The Basics Of Crafting

As we said when recapping the game description, crafting is a key aspect of Legacy Quest. The items you craft can be as powerful as the rare ones you find in the dungeons, particularly inside the chests. Aside from that, you can also gather orbs in the dungeons and equip them on your items, especially the crafted ones. Head to the crafting shop whenever possible and you can improve your gear, which should give you some much-needed boosts as you prepare for tougher dungeons and battles.

As a bonus tip, you would also want to crack open barrels that can be found in the dungeons. They often contain gold or potions (health and mana alike), but also contain crafting materials every once in a while.

8. Level Up Your Skills

As you progress through Legacy Quest and prepare to take on Insane, and ultimately Hell difficulty level, you should be sure your skills have been leveled up adequately. Your skills improve each time you level up, and as your skills go up, you can defeat tougher, larger monsters. Your hero’s ability to deal out damage could also have an indirect effect on the damage dealt out by your skills. And staying true to the advice we gave you a few tips back, experimentation will also be helpful as you work with your skills, choosing the right combination that matches your playing style. Also remember that you can switch out skills before or after battles, but not when you’re in the middle of one.

9. The Dodge Roll Is Your Best Friend

There are different maneuvers you can pull off if you want to get yourself out of a tight situation, and the dodge roll is arguably the most effective move you can use once you’ve got it down pat. While in boss battles, you’ll notice that each boss has their own danger zone, and you should use that to determine when to pull off a dodge roll and get yourself to safer ground. You can also use this defensive move to set up your offense, so make sure you get some practice pulling off this move.

And this completes our exclusive guide for NEXON M’s mobile game, Legacy Quest. We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of tips and tricks, and learned something that help will you succeed in the game.