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DragonSoul Cheats, Tips & Strategies to Be Successful In Guild Wars

It’s been a while since we covered PerBlue’s fantasy RPG for Android and iOS, DragonSoul. But now, we’re touching on it once again due to the recent debut of a much-awaited feature – Guild Wars. Before we get to that, we might as well remind you that DragonSoul allows you to ‘brawl with vicious dragons and battle mighty monsters” while fighting Evil – yes, that’s Evil with a capital E. You can earn heroes and collect loot as you play the different game modes, which included campaign, the Boss Pit, and now, Guild Wars. This mode truly brings out the social element of the game, and we’re not alone when we say that it’s been a long time coming.

If you’re part of a Guild, then this is what you’ve been waiting for, but you wouldn’t want to step into a Guild War without the right “weapons,” so to say. You wouldn’t want your first Guild War to be a complete and utter failure. That’s why we recommend that you check out this DragonSoul strategy guide for surviving the Guild Wars – and doing well in them, might we add.

1. Learning The Basics Of Guild Wars – How Do You Start A War?

Every twelve hours, your Guild will have the option to start a war using a free Ticket, with the maximum number of tickets at your disposal being six. Leaders, Champions, and Officers are the only ones allowed to start a war, and once your Guild does, the game’s matchmaking system will kick in; you’ll then be matched up against a Guild that’s collected a similar number of trophies, and in most cases, a similar number of members.

2. What Happens When The War Has Started?

DragonSoul will recommend a specific member of your Guild to attack, but you don’t need to follow these recommendations; anybody in your Guild is free to attack, and it will be your call at the end of the day. If you tap the icon of any member of an opposing Guild, you’ll see their first defensive lineup out of three, with the following lineup unlocked after you beat the current one. Points are awarded in increments for each defensive lineup you beat; beat the first, you win 20, beat the second, you get 30, beat the third and last, you get 50. As such, you’ll want to attack the same Guild member thrice, especially if he turns out to be weak; if you win thrice, you get the maximum number of points.

3. Who Gets To Win A Guild War, And How Do You Win?

You’ll see the designated Guild War section on the upper portion of your screen; of most interest to you would be your Guild’s score, and that of your opponent. Wars would end in 12 hours’ time with the Guild with the most points getting the win, or whenever one Guild gets majority of the points pool, whichever comes first. Once the war is over, any player who attacked would get a reward; this would usually be in the form of Guild War tokens or money.

All that is basic stuff, but if you haven’t fought in a Guild War tip, it’s best to learn the basics before proceeding any further. And now, let’s get to some actual tips that could help give you the edge in battle.

4. Make Sure Everyone Is Active

Wars can be fast-and-furious affairs, so the first thing to do is to organize your Guild, and make sure that all the members are active within the first half-hour or so. Having more Guild members onboard at the time the war starts is important, as that means you’ll be able to make more quick attacks, and earn points faster.

5. Start Out With The Lower-Power Members; Save The Best For Last

The “save the best for last” strategy works here, as it’s always good practice to let your lowest-level members make the first move, then gradually work your way up in terms of level. That ensures you won’t be backed into a corner, with no choice but to use your lower-level members against the more powerful forces on your opponent’s Guild.

6. Don’t Waste Your Attacks

Let’s go back to what we told you earlier – try attacking one player three times. Focusing on one player whom you beat the first time (with your lower-level member) is much better than trying to attack three separate players per round. Attacking three people once and winning will only get you 60 points, while attacking and winning against the same player will get you 100 points.

7. Ignore The Game’s Recommended Targets

DragonSoul, once again, will try to lend you a helping hand by recommending targets. However, you should ignore these recommendations, instead focusing on more powerful foes. This is the opposite of starting off with your lower-level members, as you would often want to take out your enemies’ top threats first. But to ensure you’re in a winnable situation, it would also be a good idea to attack players in a two-tower range from what the game recommends.

8. Heroes Should Charge Energy In The First Battle

The first battle is where you fight against random minions, and you should use that opportunity to allow your heroes to charge their energy, while doing your best not to use it at all. That will ensure that you’ve got full energy in the second stage, and with your heroes fully charged at that point, you can have them wipe out your enemies.

9. Auto-Battle At Your Own Risk

Ah, it’s that auto battle option once again, rearing its ugly head. Auto battle features can allow you to sit back and relax while the computer AI takes over for you. This is fine when you’re guaranteed of a win. But since DragonSoul’s AI is very simplistic and obvious, you do not want to use auto battle when you’re in a Guild War. Take the pain of micro-managing, because that’s the entire point of this game – to test your tactical, strategic abilities.

10. Check Enemy Team Levels

The upper side of your screen will show you team levels once you tap on a tower to attack. That should allow you some basic scouting as you get to set your expectations for the Guild you will be facing. But don’t make the simplistic mistake of taking on someone who looks to be easy pickings, meaning someone several levels below your team level. You might want to pick on the proverbial “someone your own size” so you can surprise that much weaker opponent later on in the war.

11. How To Arrange Your Defenses

When it comes to arranging your defenses, you should do as we talked about briefly earlier in this strategy guide. Start with lowest team power for the first line of defense, and work your way up to the third and last. This will work to your advantage as most players will want to start off fast, and with overpowered troops. But the fact that you cannot use the same troops twice in a Guild War means that players’ troops would often be too weak to get rid of your final line of defense.

You can also set up your lowest-level members for the first team, then fill up your second team with your best members, with the third team consisting of middle-tier members. If this strategy is used correctly, meaning not overused, his could help you misdirect or throw off your opponents.

This would be the latest installment of our exclusive strategy guide for DragonSoul. If you want to check our entire collection of DragonSoul tips and tricks, then be sure to click on this link.