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Township Guide (2021 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Grow and Expand Your Town

Township by developer Playrix is a game that has been around ever since 2012 and has proven extremely successful. By 2017, the release had been downloaded 120 million times, with more than 3.5 million users playing Township every day. At its core, township is a metropolis building game. But there’s a twist, as the game also blends robust farming elements to make things a bit more exciting and complex.

Your central goal in this game is easy to guess – build a thriving town and attract new residents to populate it. Players will step into the shoes of the architect charged with overseeing the growth of this budding community. In the beginning, your town is nothing more than a field which you can plant with a few crops and a handful of scattered houses and buildings.

This changes quite soon, as your townsfolk begin raising animals and build factories to produce additional goods. For example, once your cows start producing milk in the Cow Shed, you’ll be able to make things like cream cheese, cheese or butter and more in the Dairy factory.

township tips 2021

Users are encouraged to sell their production for coins, which in turn will give them the opportunity to start building new structures, increase population and grow the prestige of their town. Additionally, there are countless other details that need to be woven into the gameplay, for the strategy to pay off, and the town to shine above all others.

Whether you’ve just discovered Township and still struggling to get a good grasp of the mechanics and features, or are a returning player that needs a strategy update, our detailed Township guide (2021 Update) comes bundling a set of useful tips, tricks and strategies that will hopefully offer the inspiration you need to take your town to the next level.

While the objective of this game is simple enough – keep building and growing your town until it becomes a true metropolis – it’s, by no means, an easy goal, as it requires quite a bit of work. You’ll need good management skills and an ample strategic vision in order to efficiently plan and organize all the activities that will ensure the thriving of your town. Luckily, we’re here to help, so keep reading below.

1. Maintain A Steady Production Of Goods

The main activities in Township have to do with planting crops and raising animals. By doing so players ensure they have all the raw materials needed to produce additional commodities in factories.

Township is based on a levelling-up system, which means that players gather XP every time they do something across town. The easiest way to collect a bit of XP is to plant and harvest wheat. More advanced tasks like building a new structure or fulfilling a large order will yield more points, obviously. Once you’ve accumulated enough XP you will be able to level up. Hitting a new level always unlocks new items, including new buildings, crops and animal sheds, thus diversifying the gameplay and ensuring the game doesn’t become boring or tedious.

Anyway, to ensure a smooth transition to the next level, you will need to make sure you keep a constant production of all goods. We’re talking about crops, animal-made products like milk, eggs and wool, as well as goods made in factories like Cotton Fabric or Bagels.

township production

While it’s pretty easy to sow, some crops (for example Tomatoes) can take a while to grow. As for animals, they need specific feeds which are made in the Feed Mill – a separate type of building you will have to build – before they can start producing.

Once animal-made products become available (for instance, milk or eggs), players will be in charge of supplying factories around town with the raw materials that are to be turned into additional commodities like, Cookies or Butter. These processes are not instantaneously, so in order to streamline operations, you’ll need to keep production up at all times.

This means you should try and reduce your factories’ idle time to a minimum. Always make a point of setting in motion production for all the items you can produce, even if there’s no demand for them at that particular time. Things change quickly in Township and you should be ready to tackle any new orders and tasks coming your way.

When it comes to crops, make sure to check the Barn on a regular basis (where production is stored) to see if you’re running low on certain products. This way, after a harvest you’ll know which crops to plant next. This tactic is helpful, at least at first, when you have limited planting grounds. As your town continues to develop and grow, this problem will no longer be an issue you have to worry about.

2. Collect Coins By Fulfilling Orders (Plus Other Methods)

In Township, you can make gold coins by completing orders placed by the residents of your town. You can check out orders in the helipad area. These can range from simple ones demanding only one type of product to more complex ones which will have you collect multiple items. The latter type takes time to complete, and in order to reduce the waiting time, it helps to have everything ready.

Sending out orders is the main way of producing income in Township and you should exploit it as much as possible. You need gold to support the expansion of your city, as new buildings always cost coins.

township orders

But if you make it a point to regularly put together and send out orders to your customers, you’ll rarely have to worry about running out of money. Alternatively, there or other ways of getting a cash infusion, although these means are mostly sporadic. For example, you can take advantage of the hot air balloons that appear floating over your town carrying with them a special chest. Sometimes that box might contain gold coins.

Also, don’t forget to redeem the Daily Bonus which brings a nice sum of coins each days. Log in for five-day straight and you’ll be able to unlock a prize consisting of more goodies.
Another way to make a quick sum of cold coins is to sell surplus items in the barn. Just take a look and see which items you have to spare and sell them directly from storage.

selling items in township

One word of advice here. Given that the Township is a city-building game, it offers a wide range of decoration options for shaping the town to your liking. While it might be tempting to focus on beautifying your town and start spending gold coins left and right on decorations, we advise you against it. At least not until you earn enough gold not to notice the 1200 coins you’ve spent on a Spring. Decorations can get really expensive, so if you want to make progress fast, our recommendation is that you abstain for a while from purchasing items from this department.

3. Keep Adding New Buildings to Your Town

In Township it’s important to keep building, not only as a means to expand your town, but also to attract new citizens to your community.

You’ll be prevented from building certain factories or add anymore farm land, if you don’t have enough people living in your city. This in turns, will reflect on your ability to fulfill orders. If you don’t have a factory to produce a certain item, and customers start asking for it, you won’t be able to cater to their needs effectively. This also means less gold coins coming into your local budget and you certainly don’t want that happening.

The easiest way to increase your population is to build houses. These can range from small Cottages that add no more than 5 new citizens to the count to larger dwellings such as Farmhouses that can accommodate more than 30 new people. As you progress in the game, these houses will turn into apartment buildings and skyscrapers and will be able to host a lot more people.

township new buildings

Additionally, it’s recommended that you invest in Community Buildings. Adding, for example, a Movie Theatre, Pizza Parlor or Post Office will stretch the overall population cap of your city. Building a Café will bring 55 extra people to your town and costs only 175 coins, and some building materials (which we will talk about in the next section).

Building new structures across town takes time, so it’s advised that you put off any large construction projects until you log off for the day and head to bed. This way when you return in the morning to find the new buildings waiting for you. Unless you don’t have all the materials needed.

4. Send Orders By Train And Airplane

Customer orders don’t come in only through the helipad area. Also check the train station, where trains are waiting to be filled up with goods.

It’s extremely important that you begin sending out orders using the trains as soon as possible. The rewards you receive for your efforts are a bit different than what you receive when you send goods via the helicopter, but just as important.

Instead of getting gold coins and XP, the trains bring back building materials, such as nails, paint, hammers and more. These items are necessary to complete building projects, and without them you won’t be able to inaugurate new structures across town.

sending orders in township

So our recommendation is this – as soon as a new train comes into your train station, move fast and fill in the order request it bring with it. This will allow you to get a constant flow of materials in your town, so you can have them ready whenever you’re looking to add a new building to your town.

It takes a while before the train makes the return trip, so the fastest you can send the train out again the better. You can reduce that time by paying T-cash, so the train will deliver the goods almost instantly.

You can win additional construction materials simply by playing the game, which at times, unlocks progress rewards in the form of special chests that might contain this resource. In addition, during some in-game events, you might also get the chance to win extra construction materials.

Starting with level 17, you’ll unlock another means to deliver orders – the airport. Here you will have to fill larger orders and the waiting time for the planes to make the return journey is much larger. But the rewards are certainly worth it.

5. Make Efforts To Upgrade The Barn As Frequently As Possible

Since everything you produce in Township goes into the barn, you’ll need to upgrade its capacity frequently to prevent it from getting filled up. If too many items accumulate in there, the barn won’t be able to accept any new stuff you produce.

Upgrading the barn requires construction materials, which you get by sending out orders by train(s). So make sure you focus on filling these orders, just like we’ve explained in the section above. It might be recommended, at times, to spend T-cash in order to make trains return instantly if you need to take advantage of those construction materials without delay.

upgrading the barn in township

Now, if you need to clear a bit of space in your barn, you can always sell a few items. Simply tap on the barn and select which items you want to sell. We recommend you dispose of some of your crops, because they are the easiest to produce.

Another trick to help you maximize the space you have at your disposal in the barn, is to keep goods on the shelves in the factories, unless you have to use them right away. This is why it’s also important to invest in adding extra slots in factories, but we’ll explain more relating to that in section 7.

6. Make New Friends And Exploit Your New Social Connections

Get social in Township because doing so comes with some key benefits. For example, whenever you’re missing an item to complete a train or plane order, you can simply ask for help from your friends. The more you have, the bigger the chances of someone actually sending you the product you’re in need of.

making friends in township

You can find new friends by visiting the Social tab which is located in the bottom left corner of the display. Tap on the two smiley faces and then select the Find Friends tab. Here you can browse through a list of users and send them invites to join your friend list. You can also visit their towns and give them a Like to let them know that you appreciate what you see. They might return the favor.

From the same Social tab, you’ll be able to see users who need your help to complete their train or airplane orders. Extend your generosity towards them and they might do the same in your time of need.

social connections in township

You’re encouraged to ask for help whenever you need it to fulfill orders. It’s one of the most beneficial ways to spend your production. It’s win-win situation for both parties involved. You receive free items from the other players and get to send your train/plane along on its route faster. At the same time, once you help someone out they will send you either a gift or a letter of thanks, which contains currency needed to participate in events.

7. How To Get More T-Cash

T-cash (the green bills) are a premium resource which holds the key to speeding up the game significantly. Don’t want to wait while Cookies or Bagels are being prepared the Bakery? You can take them out of the oven instantly in exchange for a few bills. Need the train to come back faster? Again, you can use your T-cash reserve, but be mindful of how you spend this commodity. Given their scarcity, the wisest thing to do would be to conserve them as much as possible.

One of the few times when you’re actually encouraged to spend these bills is to expand the manufacturing lines at your factories by adding extra shelves to ramp up production. As you progress in the game, the demand for your products will increase and so you’ll need to step up your game if you are to meet all your customers’ needs.

city market in township

Additionally, once you finally build a Marketplace in your town, make a point of investing your precious T-cash towards unlocking more boxes in the city market. These boxes will provide you with extra goods every few hours, thus allowing you fill orders and help others even more quickly than before.

Since T-cash can prove extremely useful, it’s important that you’re aware of the methods that enable you to collect more of it.

Log in with Facebook

Logging in with your personal Facebook account will grant you 5 additional bills. It’s something that’s easy to do and also offers up some advantages when it comes to adding more friends in the game and expanding your social circle, which is quite important in Township. So don’t hesitate to log in.

Tap on the Hot Air Balloons When You See One

hot air balloon in township

Hot air balloons will pop into town from time to time carrying a chest with them. Keep an eye out, and when you spot one, make sure to tap on them quickly before they disappear. Some chests you can open for free and these usually carry of reward consisting of gold coins. But the more interesting ones are locked and you’ll need to make a little T-cash investment to peek inside. Fortunately, this pays off, as in most cases the reward covers the investment.

Redeem Achievement Rewards

As you progress in the game you’ll start unlocking achievements. These can be viewed by visiting your city’s town hall. Whenever you’ve reached a new achievement you’ll be notified and invited to check the list and redeem your reward.

It’s important that you don’t skip over this part, because achievement rewards bring you extra T-cash, as well as XP and sometimes coins. For example, once you’ve added 10 new friends to your list you’ll be able to grab the Urbanist Club achievement reward that consist of 2 bills and 30XP.

Build the House of Luck

building the house of luck in township

Build the House of Luck in your town and you’ll have the chance to win free T-cash. Try your luck by selecting a chest out of the nine you are presented with. You need four-leaf clovers to play this game, which you can collect by helping other players. In return for your efforts, you might receive letters from them with clovers enclosed.

Get Busy During Events

spinning the prize wheel in township

Township abounds of in-game events. Make sure to check the Event Calendar board in the southern part of town to keep yourself up to date with whatever is going on. Participate in what’s available as much as possible for a chance to win T-cash and other prizes.

For example, during the Bubble Gum Festival, players are challenged to guide a falling gumball through the moving platforms without hitting the red areas. Users win event points to spin the prize wheel and win all kinds of goodies. You require tokens to play, and the event generates one in approximately 5 minutes. Helping out other fellow players can also yield the occasional token reward. Or if you really want to play, you can use your T-cash stash to pay for more tokens, although we advise against it.

8. Expand Your Land

As you make headway in the game, you’ll probably notice that the constant building will cause you to run out of free space in town pretty quickly. To prevent that from happening, make sure you check the surrounding plots of lands and see if you can expand onto them.

expanding the land in township

Each expansion projects costs coins, but you can only take one on if your town has attracted a certain number of people to your town. As you steadily increase your population, make sure you don’t forget to check if any new expansions projects have been made available. Like all tasks in this game, clearing land takes times, so you don’t want to leave this business for the last moment.

With this we wrap up our Township guide, updated for 2021. We hope that it has helped you get up to speed with everything you ever needed to know regarding how to get your town to thrive and grow into a remarkable metropolis. If you have played the game extensively enough and have your very own tips, tricks, and strategies to share, do not hesitate to let us know via the comment section below!


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