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Tomb of the Mask Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Master the Tombs and Improve Your High Score

With its retro-style graphics, Happymagenta’s Tomb of the Mask isn’t much unlike many of the company’s other titles in terms of look and feel. Despite the casual look and feel, this game is an iOS-only title, with no Android version available just yet. In terms of mechanics, this is an endless arcade game, and that means you’ll be exploring an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth. In simple English, that means an endless, random maze. But the “fun” begins when you find a mysterious mask that allows you to climb walls “easily and promptly” – the “fun” continues, so to say, when you find yourself having to avoid traps and enemies. Thankfully, you’ll also have some power-ups to help you when the going gets tough.

If you’re a fan of Atari-style gaming, or maybe if you were already around when the Atari was in vogue, this game will appeal to you. In fact, you may find that some of the game’s features are reminiscent of Pac-Man. In any case, you may need some help in improving your high score or leveling up, which is where our Tomb of the Mask strategy guide comes in. Let’s get to those tips.

1. Look Before You Leap, But Act Quickly

We sort-of mean this literally – before swiping toward a certain direction, you’ll have to look ahead of you and consider where you may end up after you swipe. But that’s not all, as you’ll also have to take into account what kind of swipes you may be making after that initial swipe, and where you’ll be ending up after those actions. Planning is critical in this game, and if you don’t have a plan, that’s seriously going to hamper your progress as you may end up taking a literal one step forward and two or more steps back.

While this may suggest taking your time in order to plan carefully, you also have to move quickly in the game, as you’ll also have to deal with the bar moving up from underneath, which could get you like the obstacles, traps, and enemies could.

2. Collect As Many Power-Ups As Possible

Whenever you see a power-up in the tombs, then go ahead and get ‘em. We’ll tell you about a very useful one of these a little later on, but one example we’d like to single out is the Time Freeze. Collecting this power-up would temporarily stop the wave from underneath. You also have the Shield power-up, which gives you one extra hit before getting killed. Speaking of that, you can watch ad videos to restart and continue where you left off, though it’s only recommended you do this if you were particularly close to beating your high score.

3. More Information On Using Your Shield And How To Obtain It

The Wheel of Fortune has the potential to earn you shields, which, as we said above, allow you to last a little longer on your runs by giving you an extra hit on an obstacle/enemy. A simple trick you can use is to try to get a shield per 200 coins spent on a spin. If you earn extra coins when spinning the wheel, you can use those extra coins on extra spins for a shield, but you generally want to stay fairly close to one shield per 200 coins spent when spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

Otherwise, shields can be quite hard to obtain in the game, so if you have them, save them for when you really require them. Generally speaking, we believe it’s best if you only use your shields after the fourth or fifth jumps; using them anytime sooner would be a waste of precious shields.

4. How To Add To Your Coins

See those glowing coins that appear at random points in the tombs? Tap on those coins and you’ll activate Coin Addict, which is essentially the game’s own fever mode. All the dots nearby will turn into coins, and you will of course want to go after them at all costs. You can also add to your coin total by watching videos – as it is explicitly stated, ad videos will earn you 500 coins after you’re done watching them. Also, the Wheel of Fortune feature allows you to do just that – spin the wheel for a random chance at earning more coins.

5. How To Reactivate Videos

By default, the game won’t serve ad videos to you on an infinite basis, but if you don’t want them to disappear, you can make them come right back…sort of. First thing to do would be to watch a video like you normally would, then return to the game’s home screen. After that, tap the screen when the Tap to Play option appears so you can get the ad video once again. Tap on the video to watch. This is a simple process you can repeat as often as you want to earn an unlimited amount of coins.

6. Do Not Use Your Coins For Revives

One definite no-no when spending your coins is to use them to revive your character. We strongly advise that you do not use your coins for revives, as you’ll be able to watch an advertisement anyway. Coins may not be as hard to come by as you think, but you shouldn’t waste them either to revive yourself, even if you’re close to beating your high score.

7. Be More Prudent In The Second Part Of Your Run

Things start getting a little hairy once you reach the second part of your run, as that’s when you’ll have to deal with enemies and obstacles. We suggest observing the patterns of your enemies, so that way you could pass by them when you know you’re not going to get hit along the way. Taking the gung-ho approach and just charging past your enemies or the obstacles may get you killed way too early, so be prudent; don’t rush into things just because the stakes are higher in the second area.

8. Use Your Coins To Buy New Masks

You can unlock new masks in the game as you level up and earn more coins, and each of these masks has their own special capabilities. For example, the Dog mask gives you a coin bonus and eliminates snakes from the list of enemies. Before buying a new mask, check what kind of bonuses or privileges are available to you, and choose accordingly.

This is the end of our exclusive strategy guide for Tomb of the Mask. If you love this new Happymagenta title and want us to cover other aspects of the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Saturday 20th of October 2018

Trying to figure out how to put it on story mode? It only comes up with stage mode and I can’t complete the missions for story mode!