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Legend Borne Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for City Building and the Legend Arena

Strategy game Legend Borne has been around for a few months now, though DeNa did give this iOS title an update not too long ago, with some minor, unspecified bug fixes. But even if that update was a rather minor one, we’re guessing that more than a few gamers had their interests piqued by this base management game. In here, you can choose whether you’ll be fighting for the faction of Light or Darkness, control your city amid stunning 3D graphics, recruit the “powerful legends” of the world of Mora, explore this “living” world, defend your city, and most of all, team up with other human players and take advantage of the game’s social element.

So what’s there to learn in this game? How can you run your city to the best of your capability, and how can you take advantage of the game’s main selling point, which is, as we said, the social element? We’ve got the answers for you here, in this Legend Borne strategy guide for beginners. But even if you’re an experienced player, you might learn a new trick here or there that you may not have tried before.

1. Complete Quests For Essence

Why should you complete the quests in Legend Borne? The main reason would be Essence, which is the resource you will be using to upgrade heroes and units. In all cases, your first quest will be a very easy, straightforward one, as all you need to do is wait for a specific amount of time as the quest completes automatically. Then, you’ll be asked to do a couple easy tasks for the next few quests; usually, you’ll need to construct a building, collect so many units of a resource, or do other basic stuff essential to building up your city. You then won’t be receiving a quest for a while, which makes it essential to complete the first few quests ASAP.

2. Turn On Your In-Game Notifications

When playing Legend Borne, you need to take a hands-on approach when it comes to constructing buildings. They won’t be completed automatically, which means you should turn on your notifications so that you’re informed right away when a building has been completed. Tap on the building to finalize its construction, and you’re good to go; if you don’t tap on it, the building won’t be confirmed.

3. Set Up Defenses Inside And Outside

Obviously, you should be setting up defenses outside of your base; there’s no better spot to place your towers and have them ward off enemy raiders. However, you can also move and build new structures inside the Gate Tower; ergo, you should also have some towers inside your base, which would allow you to have everything sufficiently covered in the event of a potential raid.

4. About The Favorite Target Mechanic

All units in the game (but not heroes) have their own “favorite targets,” and you can view what they are in the unit description. Pay close attention to this favorite target, as it would help you predict what your units will be targeting, and where they’ll be moving. As a basic example, Peasants tend to target resource buildings, which means they’ll be heading right to the wall to take good aim at the resource buildings if you deploy them to kick off a raid. That’s going to get them killed in an instant, so don’t send peasants off to base sieges if you don’t want their capabilities wasted needlessly. Conversely, Elven Archers are great to tag along, as their favorite targets will always be aligned with those of the hero.

5. Don’t Spend Your Gems Frivolously

Before we explain why you shouldn’t spend those gems willy-nilly, let’s start by talking about your building slots. You will start off the game with only two, and while you can spend gems to expedite building time, you definitely should not be spending them to speed things up. Instead, you want to spend those gems on unlocking more builder slots; for example, a third slot would cost you 400 gems, which is already quite a premium price to pay.

In order to earn more gems, you can build a Gem Mine, though you should also take note that it will, at first, churn out gems at an excruciatingly slow pace. Upgrading it regularly, however, could speed things up drastically.

6. Utilize The Summoning Shrine

The summoning shrines will come in handy later on in the game as you discover more areas in the map. Why do you need these shrines? Basically, they’re there to add one extra unit to your reserves without you having to wait. Shrines can hold a maximum of three units simultaneously, and they refill automatically as you continue playing the game. Make use of the summoning shrines to add to your ranks, and, as an added bonus, unlock rarer, more powerful units.

7. Take Part In Legend Arena Battles

As is the case with games that have a strong multiplayer element, Legend Borne has a MOBA feature. This feature is known as the Legend Arena, and we strongly advise you to take part in those arena battles, which aren’t really arena battles in the truest sense. Rather, these will have you competing against other players’ bases. If you’re able to beat a player, you’ll win honor points, which you can then spend to unlock and purchase Legends.

It may take a while for the honor points to add up, but if you’re able to put together a winning streak, that will add to your honor points multiplier in your next win. However, take note of the caveat – the catch behind the Legend Arena is that you won’t be able to tell the type of base you’ll be up against. You may be up against a tough, well-thought-out base or against a much weaker one, but you’ll never know until the battle begins. That would require you to be ready at all times and make sure your base is up to speed before you take part in the arena battles.