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Toca Life: Pets Cheats: 4 Tips & Hints Every Player Should Know

Toca Life: Pets is the latest addition to Toca Boca’s Toca Life series. This new game is all about creating your own story with your chosen pet. You can choose your favorite pet from over 120 different animals. Whether you want a pet that’s furry, scaly, cute, or cuddly, this game has it. Take care of your pet by bathing, feeding, training, and playing with him. Explore five different locations where you can roleplay with your pet. Dress up your pet, and go around town to meet 23 new characters. The whole point of the game is to let your creative juices flow, and just have fun with everything. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from getting some helpful advice. Go ahead and read our Toca Life: Pets strategy guide on how to get the most out of your game!

1. Experiment With Interactions

The game’s controls couldn’t be any simpler. You just tap, drag, and drop stuff that you want to interact with. There are a lot of things you can do in every location, so make sure you try out different things. For example, you can drag wearable items on top of a pet or person in order to make them wear it. You should also think about what actions would make sense, like dragging a bottle over a cup to pour the contents. You can also drag food to someone’s mouth to make them eat. Lastly, tapping on lights will switch them on and off. This includes the sun, which turns into the moon when switched off.

2. Move To Different Locations

One of the unique features of Toca Life: Pets is the ability to move characters to different locations. This opens up endless possibilities when creating your story. If you want to move a certain pet or character, just tap on the yellow icon on the bottom right corner of any screen. You must then drag the person you want to move to the row of characters.

When you are done lining up the characters, you can tap on the door icon on the top left of the screen. This will bring up the map of the town. Just tap on the location you want to move to, then tap the yellow icon again. Once you get to the new location, you can drag the characters onto their spots. Pets can be a little trickier to move. They need to be in the hands of a person before they can be moved. Just drag the pet into the hand of any character. You can then start dragging the person to where you want the pet to go.

3. Reset The Town To Start Over

If you want to start over and reset all the changes you made to the town, you don’t need to uninstall the game. Just go to the main map screen and look for the circular arrow on the top right corner. Press and hold that button until you see sparkles and hear a rewinding sound. Once done, the town will be back to its default setting, and you will be able to edit it once again, as you please.

4. Record And Share Video Clips

The game isn’t just about roleplaying on your own. You can share the stories you make with your friends by recording video clips. Just tap and hold the blue play icon on the top right corner of the screen in any of the locations. After a short countdown, the game will begin recording the video. You will also be asked to allow the game to use your device’s mic. This will allow you to narrate the story, or even provide voice overs. The videos you record can be up to two minutes long, but you can stop the recording at any time by tapping on the record button. Once you are done recording, review the clip and share it with your friends!

That is everything you need to know before playing Toca Life: Pets! Create the best stories you can think of with the help of our strategy guide!