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FEZ Pocket Edition Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Polytron’s FEZ is a rare gem that comes only once every few years. The good news is that the hit puzzle-platform game has finally come to mobile devices! FEZ Pocket Edition is the game’s lite version for iOS devices. You can expect the same level of challenge and fun despite the smaller size. In this game, you will be controlling a FEZ-wearing hero, named Gomez, as he travels through a series of 2D worlds. However, the world isn’t as 2D as he originally thought! The third dimension is revealed to him, and he will need to go on a journey in order to discover the secrets behind reality and perception. The game’s visuals may seem simple and straightforward, but do not let that distract you from the complexity of it all. You will need the help of our FEZ Pocket Edition tips and tricks if you want to solve all puzzles!

1. Master The Controls

Keep in mind that this is both a puzzle and a platform game. That means you will need to have some skill when it comes to moving around. When you begin, you will be shown the target that you need to reach. You can do a long press on the screen to move the camera around. This allows you to see where you are going, where you have been, and all the obstacles that you will need to overcome.

If you swipe on the screen, you will be able to switch the plane from where you will be viewing the level. This allows you to explore the level a bit more. Make sure you switch to the plane you will be playing in before actually moving there. Doing so will help you prepare for whatever obstacles that could be waiting for you in the next plane.

If you need to jump up onto a ledge, just press up. Your character will grab the ledge and jump up if you are close enough. This will allow you to pull yourself up. These controls may seem simple in writing, but it can take a few tries when you are actually playing. Do not get discouraged if you struggle a bit with the controls. Just keep practicing until you master it.

2. Grab Those Cubes

One of your primary tasks in the game is to pick up cubes that are scattered throughout the levels. You will have access to a hub level where you will find a bunch of locked doors. You need to collect a certain number of cubes to unlock each door. Collect as many cubes as you can in order to unlock all those doors, and progress in the game.

3. Explore The World

Despite being a platformer, the game is not limited to playing levels over and over. You are free to explore the different parts of the world that you have unlocked. In fact, you find yourself stuck at a certain point, the solution may be for you to backtrack and find a different path. Just return to the hub and pick a different door.

4. Get Chatty

As you travel through the different worlds, you will notice the speech bubble icon appear from time to time. This gives you the ability to talk to people or find out what you can do to objects. These will often give you hints on what you need to do next. Hit that Talk icon whenever you see it in order to get a better idea of where you are headed.

5. Go Treasure Hunting

When you open up your chest, you will find all the items that you have collected while playing the game. Some of these items are treasure maps. You will need to figure out the clues, and find the treasures yourself. Make sure you spend some time hunting down these treasures because they contain awesome rewards that can help you progress in the game.

Unravel the secrets of the third dimension in FEZ Pocket Edition! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above, and you will never lose your way!