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Forge of Glory Guide: 13 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Forge of Glory is an exciting mobile title from Kefir, which combines collectible hero genre with match-three puzzle gameplay into one tasty package that includes role-playing, battling monsters, building up your base along with taking other players’ bases, all while collecting soulstones that give you new heroes for your collection.

In Forge of Glory, there are four hero slots, and each slot corresponds to one color. You have blue, green, orange, and red heroes and each hero presents one color in match-three puzzles. This gives Forge of Glory a unique gameplay mechanics in which you must know which role each hero plays since you can’t just create big puzzle combos and expect for monsters to die.

Since each hero represents one color, different colors won’t give you same attack values when matches, so a level of strategic planning is needed, especially on latter levels where monsters become tough to beat.

Along with playing quests and killing monsters, you have to develop your own base and keep it safe from other players, while being able to invade other bases. Aside from heroes, you can collect guardians that keep your base safe from attacks, which are collected the same way as heroes, via soulstones.

The premise is simple. Your hero party has to battle three to six enemy waves before a level is finished. Each wave is made out of three weaker or one strong enemies and some of them can drop seals. Seals basically replace one of your puzzle gems, locking it while at the same time giving a certain bonus to enemies. Seals can be broken, either with hero ability or by activating one of the numerous bonuses on the board.

Forge of Glory offers plenty of content, and while it is multiplayer-oriented, there are lots of levels in the single-player campaign as well as additional single player game modes that will keep you entertained for weeks. Graphics are solid, with detailed hero and guardian models along with nice art style. Overall, Forge of Glory looks nice and plays nice, and it should work in case you own any newer smartphone, or tablet, model.

But yes, as is the case with most free-to-play games, Forge of Glory can be really punishing after some time, with tough enemies that throw devastating seals, and by limiting your hero power. But, as it goes with most free-to-play titles, you can advance quite far into the game without spending a dime, just follow our advice and you will build a mighty hero party, and your base will be impenetrable.

1. Your Lord Will Probably Be Your Strongest Hero, So Choose Its Abilities Wisely

Forge of Glory starts with a relatively short tutorial which, on its last mission, gives you the Lord, a hero you set free from monsters. The Lord is very powerful; they have both a strong attack and high HP. You will probably end up using it ‘till the end of the game so choose their powers wisely.

You can change Lord’s abilities, but changing them cost 300 crystals (the game’s premium currency) which are pretty tough to gather. And there are better ways to spend crystals than on changing your Lord abilities. We recommend picking lightning bolt (dealing high damage to enemies) as their primary active spell. As for the primary passive ability, pick the one that looks like the most helpful since you will face all factions further into the game.

2. Hero’s Attack Presents One Puzzle Crystal

Each hero has their attack and HP values shown on their screen. And while HP functions by combining all four heroes’ health into one HP gauge, meaning you can’t lose individual heroes, just all at once, attack value presents one puzzle crystal.

Since you must match at least three (two if one matched element is a bonus) crystals, hero’s base attack is two or three times the value of the number shown on their info screen. Remember this when playing Forge of Glory.

3. Focus On Offensive Upgrades First

While you should upgrade your stone mines first (stone is the only material needed for upgrading buildings), your focus should switch to upgrading the heroes’ sanctuary as soon as you upgrade stone mines a couple of times.

With each upgrade heroes’ sanctuary gives your heroes five percent bonus to their attack and HP, meaning that with four upgrades your heroes will inflict 20 percent more damage, which is a massive bonus.

4. You Shouldn’t Upgrade Your Castle Until You Aren’t Able To Upgrade Other Buildings

Castle level dictates how many times you can upgrade other buildings, and since castle upgrades ask for lots of stone and time to complete you should upgrade castle only when you aren’t able to upgrade other structures.

As we already said your primary focus should be leveling up stone mines, after which you should level up heroes’ sanctuary. From then on, start leveling up coin-related buildings, after which you can start leveling up guardians’ bridge.

5. Single Guardians Are Better Than Those That Come In Pack Of Threes

There are two guardian types. Stronger ones that are single, and weaker ones that come in threes. You should pick single ones because as soon as an attacker kills one of the weaker guardians, their attack drops by one third.

On the other hand, single guardians will attack invaders with full power as long as they are alive, so their attack values cannot drop, until an invader destroys them.

6. Each Guardian Can Cast A Seal, And Some Seals Are Better Than Others

One thing in common for both single guardians and those that come in party of three is their ability to cast seals. Some heroes can break seals, but not all players have those heroes. So it is important which seals you pick since you want to maximize damage dealt to an attacking party.

For instance, seals that give armor to your guardians are excellent, and a guardian able to cast this seal should be placed at the front. Of course, it is always better to pick more powerful guardian than the one with a better seal, so take their attack and HP into account before deciding which one to pick.

Other powerful seals are the one that entangles puzzle crystals, the one that damages heroes for 150 percent of the guardian’s attack value, and the one that locks two random hero abilities. But again, if a guardian has powerful seal but also weak attack and HP, it is always better to replace them with a strong HP and attack guardian.

7. Ancient Secret Can Be Solved Only When You Open Nine Soulstones At Once

An ancient secret is a locked prize pool that can be unlocked only when you gather hints. And hints are very hard to obtain. In fact, the only way of even having a chance to obtain a hint is to open nine soulstones at once. So, do not open soulstones as soon as you get them, it is better to collect nine and only then to spin them and get new heroes and guardians.

Further, epic soulstones have a higher chance to obtain a hint to unlock ancient secrets than rare ones, so try to collect two or three of those, and then just add them to rare ones when opening. This way you will still open nine soulstones at once, but two or three epic ones will increase your chances of unlocking the ancient secret.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

In Forge of Glory, guilds are available from the start, and while it will take some time before you are able to participate in guild quests, there’s one important reason to join a guild as soon as possible. Joining a guild gives you one epic soulstone along with lots of soul shards, used for upgrading rare soulstones, so you should join a guild, any guild as soon as the game gives you access to them.

9. Always Try To Spend All Of Your Resources Before Exiting The Game

Since other players are able to invade your base, making the base a poor invasion choice is the best way to stay safe. Since the main reason for invasion is looting resources, always try to spend as many coins and stone as you can before exiting the game for a long time. Perform an expensive upgrade, level up heroes or guardians, try boosting them, just spend as many resources as you can. This is especially important during early game when your guardians are weak.

Once you get three buffed guardians (there are four slots in total, unlocked by upgrading the bridge), you can stash resources since most players will skip your base when choosing which one to invade next.

10. Do Not Attack Players With Strong Defenses

Your base can be attacked, but you can also invade other players’ bases, in order to advance leagues and steal resources. We recommend to invade other bases only when you need resources because advancing to new leagues won’t give you valuable prizes, and it each new league has tougher bases to invade.

So, invade only when you need resources and skip all players that have strong defenders. This is achievable because skipping a base costs just five coins, and there’s always a chance that some poor player with poor guardians is stashing tons of gold and stone. And believe us, there are lots of players who have poor defenses and lots of resources, so feel free to skip until you find a perfect victim for your next ransack.

11. Three-Star Rating Depends Solely On The Damage Dealt To Monsters

Unlike other games, where you get a three-star rating if you kill enemies in short time, or when all of your heroes stay alive at the end of a level, in Forge of Glory your rating depends on damage dealt to monsters. So try maximizing your damage, always use bonuses and always match as many crystals at once as you can. Also, try picking up heroes with the highest damage rating for your team since your damage rating is all that matters if you want to finish all levels with a three-star rating.

12. Matching Five Puzzle Crystals Creates A Bonus On The Board

This is very important since it can give you lots of damage. You should always try to match at least five puzzle crystals because every time you do that will create one bonus tile. This doesn’t work if you match five different color crystals with the help of the scroll bonus but works when you match five same colored crystals with a bonus tile between them.

This should be your main strategy, especially when playing against powerful enemies that have huge HP and attack values. If you find one particular enemy overpowered, always managing to kill your party, just try creating three or more bonus tiles by matching five same crystals, and then just match those bonuses when you fight the said enemy.

13. Use One-Star Heroes For Leveling Up; Others Should Be Used For Ranking Up And Fighting In Path Of Skulls

You will collect lots of one-star heroes, and they should be used for leveling up your main heroes and guardians. All other heroes (two-star and stronger) should be used for ranking up your main heroes. Ranking up is relatively easy for one and two-star heroes, but it gets harder once you have three-star heroes (if you don’t want to pay money of course) because in order for one three-star heroes to rank up to four stars, they must consume three three-star heroes or guardians.

Now, since some heroes come already leveled up, you should collect leveled up two-star heroes, level them up to the max and then rank them up to three stars. This way you will relatively easy make a four-star hero party, which will be very strong and will be able to beat most single-player campaign levels.

The good thing is that you can use three-star guardians for leveling up heroes, so save them up and use them for ranking up heroes. As for the guardians, they also can be ranked up, but you should rank up a guardian only if they offer huge attack and HP values along with excellent seal.

Next, in Forge of Glory, you can take the Path of Skulls, pitting you against very powerful monsters in which you have 18 hero slots to fill. So, you should collect 18 relatively powerful heroes to send on the Path of Skulls since the mode gives lucrative prizes. All heroes with two or more stars you didn’t spend on ranking up should be kept and used during the Path of Skulls.

Okay, folks, that was all. We hope this guide helped you in becoming better at Forge of Glory and that you managed to construct a powerful hero party by following our tips. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!