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Tiny Striker Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Guide for Scoring More Goals and Winning More Matches

Fat Fish Games has a series of “Tiny Sports” games that should appeal to fans who don’t want to be overwhelmed by tons of stats, tons of players, and tons of duties on and off the court/field. The company’s newly released soccer game for Android and iOS is called Tiny Striker, and it’s a follow-up to the previous soccer-based title Tiny Goalie. Playing the game is simple – just swipe up to kick the ball, and use your defenders to block those tough shots; you can kick the ball again if your first kick wasn’t too good. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you to score a goal before the time expires.

This is a no-frills sports game where your success is solely determined by your skill in playing the game, and not on any real-life player’s attributes. And while the game is skill-based, instead of stats-based, that doesn’t really make it a walk in the park either. Casual games like can be difficult to master, but we’ve got something for you that could assist you in mastering your technique, scoring more goals, and improving your own playing stats. Read on, as we’ve got a Tiny Striker strategy guide for you to follow if you’re trying to achieve that elusive mastery.

1. Collect As Many Coins As Possible

When playing the game, you should be trying to collect coins. Your earnings will be tallied at the end of each match, and while it’s good to have a lot of coins once those matches are completed, it’s not a wise idea either to be solely focused on collecting coins. Each time you score, the defenders’ positions will change, and that may or may not make it easier for you to gather coins and add to your total. What you want to focus on is scoring goals, and stringing together consecutive goals without missing.

2. What Is The Fireball, And What Does It Do?

The game will reward you with a fireball if you’re able to score consecutively. But what does this special ball do, and why is it important? Well, you can use this fireball to hit all defenders, which would knock them down and give you a nice XP bonus. Remember, however, that the fireball won’t affect the goalkeeper – he can still stop your shots, even if the fireball takes the defenders down! Still, this should help you score goals easier and, as mentioned, earn more experience.

3. How To Add To Your Resources And Currency

Tiny Striker comes with some ways for you to earn more resources, which include, but are not limited to your coins. Should you end a run with a solid performance, you can tap on the Boost x 2 button, as that’s going to instantly double you earnings once you complete the ad video. That means easy XP and currency, fast. But there’s a reason why we mentioned “solid performance” earlier – the game only serves up a given number of ads per day, and you wouldn’t want to waste those videos on poor performances where you don’t get to earn a lot of money or XP. You also have the choice to watch ads every four hours, in order to collect additional hearts, which are the game’s energy unit.

Additionally, you can also take part in the sponsor challenges, which are substantially harder than the usual matches. You can call them mini-games of sorts that you should be taking seriously, and we do mean this, as the sponsor challenges can earn you coins, energy, and other resources, all of which you can put to good use.

4. When Should You Use Your Special Items?

Definitely, you shouldn’t use those special items/special cards in the early goings, as your first few matches will be easy to win. Using them just to try them out while early would only end up as a waste, as you wouldn’t need the extra help anyway. We would recommend using these cards once you’re at Game 20 or so, but if you can still win matches at that point, we suggest holding on to the cards for as long as you could, and using them only when you feel you need them.

5. To Time Lapse Or Not To

Back in the day, we would have told you without hesitation that you can use the time lapse cheat to circumvent the whole waiting thing with your energy. Nobody likes waiting – we get that – but in this game, which doesn’t come with any known mechanic where you can add friends and ask them for energy, it’s really best to be patient. You may try the time lapse cheat if you want to get your energy refill right away – this involves moving the time forward on your device then returning to the game. But use it at your own risk, as we do know of game makers who penalize players caught using the time lapse. Better safe than sorry!

6. Train Your Striker

Although this is a skill-based game, as we mentioned, there is a bit of strategy involved here, as you will have to upgrade your Striker by training him. Train as often as you could once you’ve taken advantage of the free stat boosts; at first, it will take just a few minutes to train skill points, but over time, training will take progressively longer. Also take note that your striker won’t be training if you’re logged off! It’s all about making your striker fairly balanced across the board, and being patient – do not spend coins to speed up the training process, long as it may eventually take! Your coins can be spent on much more worthwhile things, such as new sponsors and new cards.

7. Don’t Hesitate To Strike At Will

The game does keep your own player statistics, and there’s a stat that determines your accuracy percentage – the more goals scored in less tries, the better. It’s all well and good to have a good shooting percentage, but your goal should be winning matches, even if you may sometimes have to “win ugly.” That means shooting repeatedly if you should, and shooting and shooting until you’re able to get your technique down pat. Also make sure to shoot quickly, because your win meter may drop too much if you take too long to aim your shots.

This is the end of our guide for Fat Fish Games’ new mobile title, Tiny Striker. If you happen to know more tips and tricks for the game, let us know in the comment section!