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The Godfather Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Tips & Tricks for Ruling the Underworld

Hitcents has released a brand new mobile game for iOS and Android platforms, and they’ve got an offer that you can’t refuse. And by this, we mean The Godfather – the official mobile game based on the classic movie. In this game you’ve been summoned by none other than Don Vito Corleone himself to enter his criminal underworld and serve as his Underboss. As Don Vito’s second in command, it’s your job to do his dirty work, and fight for his family’s honor. But it won’t be simple, as you will gain more and more enemies as you become richer and more powerful. Even your closest allies may turn on you without a moment’s notice, so you always need to have your guard up. And as the old saying goes, you’ve got to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It won’t be easy to come up with the right strategies, recruit and train the right Capos, and do everything Don Vito expects you to do. But we’ve come up with something that you might find useful as you build your name in the underworld – a complete Godfather strategy guide. We’re going to be sticking almost strictly to the most basic things you need to learn in this game, though more advanced players may find a few of these tips rather useful.

1. Upgrade Your Mansion

Buildings are among the first things you need to familiarize yourself with as you start out in the game, which begins in 1945 as you’re chosen to be Don Vito Corleone’s underboss. It’s important to keep these buildings upgraded, but some need to be prioritized more so than others. But it’s your Mansion that will serve as your main hub, the center of all activity and the catalyst of many an upgrade. Many of the game’s buildings would only become upgradeable after you’ve upgraded your Mansion, so make sure you’re prioritizing this main building when improving the various structures available in this game.

While still on the topic of the Mansion, you may also get some free upgrades for other buildings after upgrading your Mansion. Now that is a true “offer you can’t refuse” – free stuff is never a bad thing.

2. Other Buildings To Upgrade Ahead Of The Others

Aside from the Mansion, you should also be working on upgrading your Library. As you may surmise, this is your headquarters for research, as a few classical RPG/strategy game mechanics come into play here. If you want your Capos, or foot soldiers, to be more effective or efficient, or if you want training to go by faster, you’ll need to research a few things here and there, so be sure you’ve got your Library close to the top of your building upgrade priorities. Likewise, the Mills Terrace is also important, as it shows you how many Capos can be dispatched into battle – the more you upgrade this building, the more soldiers you can have ready for battle at any time. The Shanties should be upgraded too, as this lets you train more troops in general. Make use of that strength in numbers!

There are a couple others worth mentioning when it comes to buildings to upgrade. You’ve got Sullivan Firearms, which is where you will be “producing” massacre units. These are especially effective soldiers to have in battles, and if you want to double down on these units, make sure you’ve got Sullivan Firearms upgraded, maybe not in the early goings, but definitely once the battles become harder.

3. What Do The Other Buildings Do?

As for the other buildings we haven’t mentioned, we shall be talking about structures that won’t be important if you’re just starting out, but may have some value later on.

Lights Out Boxing Co isn’t a gym per se, but rather training grounds for your assassins. You want to have some stealthy units available to you, and upgrading this building can help you with this. Nobel Chemical allows you to create Bombers, and once again, this becomes more important later rather than sooner. Shops should be upgraded so you can earn more profit (and more money to buy stuff), and the Nightclub allows you to collect free props, which could help you unlock more Capos.

4. Check The Storybook

The Godfather has an underlying storyline inspired by the movie, and you’ll want to go back to this from time to time. Sure, all those missions could distract you from the main storyline, but you should always try to stay on track as much as possible by completing the story missions, and listening when Don Vito tries to remind you of them. But you don’t need to wait for him to notify you – make it a habit to select Storybook (once in the Mansion) so you can go through those missions.

They’re all pre-determined battles, but they cost energy, and you will only be allowed to complete a specific number of story missions at a time before you’ll have to wait for your energy to replenish automatically.

5. Log In And Collect Your Freebies

The Godfather rewards players who play the game regularly, so with that in mind, you should be logging in every day, even if you don’t get to play. You can get daily rewards for logins, as well as freebies every 20 minutes, which you can collect by tapping on the box beside Don Vito. Those every-20-minutes freebies won’t amount to much on their own, but they can add up over time. Also, make sure you’re not neglecting the daily tasks, as these can be a nice source of free stuff.

6. How Do Capos Work?

Capos are your true “soldiers” on the battlefield, and they’re pretty much like improved versions of your standard units. As mentioned several tips back, you can recruit them by going to the Nightclub, with the game showing you a list of available Capos and any requirements you’ll need to fulfill in order to hire them. Go for the free Capos early on, as they can provide solid support while you’re still new to the game. Also don’t forget to enhance your Capos once the opportunity arises; each of them have specific attributes, special skills, and statistics, and you should improve on these, but probably not right away.

7. Use The Auto-Select System If You’re New

Battles in this game are turn-based, and in what we’d consider a mild surprise, the auto-select system is actually quite smart. Choose auto-select on the Prepare for Battle screen, and allow the game to choose the most ideal units and weapons for each battle. You can hit the triangle icon so you can fast forward and skip the fights as they play out, and this could save you a lot of time; use this option if you’re a beginner, or if you’re up against weak enemies. But once you’ve gotten more familiar with the nuances of the game, it may be better to manually choose your units and weapons, and manually employ your strategies.

8. Basic Tips For PvP

The Godfather has a player vs. player feature, and we would recommend that you give this a spin the moment PvP becomes available, which is once you hit Level 6 for your Mansion. You can raid opposing players’ bases and collect resources, and in here, you may want to do manual selection, and not have auto-select do the dirty work for you. We would recommend taking on lower-level players to collect some resources the quick and painless way.

These would be our tips and tricks for The Godfather. If you know additional tips for the game, that we should add to this guide, feel free to drop us a line!