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Raft Survival Simulator Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Help You Survive Longer

Can you survive the rough waters with only a limited amount of supplies and hungry sharks trying to make you into their next meal? One Ton Games’ new mobile title, Raft Survival Simulator, puts you in such a situation, as you will be playing the role of the sole survivor of a ship wreck, as you sit on a tiny raft in the ocean, with no signs of earth nearby. There’s lots of debris floating by, and it’s up to you to fight for your life and try to avoid the shark, which stays near your raft, hoping that you fall down so that it could have you for dinner. You will be collecting resources from the water, and that’s where the game’s crafting mechanic will come in – these materials can be used to make equipment and instruments. These resources can also come in the form of food or drinkable water, so you’ll really have to be alert as you try to survive.

So how can you ensure that you last longer in the game, craft the right kind of equipment, and avoid getting eaten by the shark? These are all topics we will be covering in this Raft Survival Simulator strategy guide. So read on, and let’s talk you through these tips and tricks for lasting longer in these dangerous waters!

1. Grab Those Barrels And Crates

In order to survive, you will need to collect those materials as you see them on the ocean – this was all covered in the game overview. But how can you truly maximize your material collection? It’s simple – just grab the barrels and crates you see floating in the water. These all contain random materials which you can craft and turn into useful items. Always be keeping your eyes peeled, because this is essential for you to last as long as possible!

2. What Materials Can You Collect?

We’ve mentioned materials multiple times, but what are the ones that you need to collect? First of all, you’ve got your leaves, which are the greenish bundles you will see in the ocean, though you may need to be extra-alert for them; these are used to create rope. Scrap is shaped like white chunks, and since these materials take on a shiny appearance, they should be much easier to spot. And planks are also quite easy to spot, as they are what they are – long pieces of wood. Make sure you charge your hook for as long as possible so that you can expand its range.

3. Crafting Basics

Now that you know the key materials to look out for, here are some of the basics you will need to keep in mind when it comes to Raft Survival Simulator’s crafting mechanic.

You’ll first have to make a mug, which you will use to gather sea water – as we mentioned above, scrap is one of the key materials floating in the water, so gather it so you can create your mug. You will then need rope (crafted from two leaves), scrap, and planks to make a water purifier, which naturally makes the sea water drinkable by boiling it. Equip the mug so you can collect sea water, and use the mug while you’re standing in front of the water purifier.

When talking about food, fish is, not surprisingly, your best choice for a meal, but you will need a fishing rod to reel ‘em in. Use the same materials (rope, scrap, planks) you used to make the water purifier when crafting the fishing rod. Equip the fishing rod and stand near water so you can fish with the rod. Make sure the bobble is already underwater, and use that bobble to actually catch the fish. As it often won’t take too long for the fish to bite, you won’t have too much trouble finding food. But since you can’t eat raw fish, you’ll need a cooker, which also can be crafted with rope, planks, and scrap. Use the raw fish while in front of the cooker, and you’ve got yourself a meal.

4. How To Expand Your Raft

As you craft more items, you will find yourself running out of space on the raft you started out with. That means you will eventually have to expand your raft. First of all, you’ll need to have a hammer with you, and equip it to start work on the expansion. Look for the green silhouettes on the empty parts of your raft so you know where to build, and if it’s okay to build. One tile will cost you five planks, so be sure you’ve got enough of them before you start making your raft bigger. You can also build walls or doors to further spiff up your raft, though it’s not a requirement – the important thing, after all, is survival, and not aesthetics.

5. Why Is Light Important?

This game has a night and day mechanic, and as you may have inferred from the word “night,” you will also need to ensure your survival when the sun goes down. This can be made easier by creating hand torches or the standing torch, the latter of which is sturdier, but substantially more expensive. Having a form of lighting in the evening allows you to see, which is the obvious and active benefit, but this also has a passive, and arguably more important benefit of scaring the shark away. One good way to get rid of the shark for a sustained period of time is to have two standing torches on both ends of your raft.

6. How To Get More Wood And Leaves

While you can pick up wood planks and leaves by collecting debris, there’s a way to get more of those two resources. You may have noticed that you can get palm seeds when opening up the barrels and the crates. Crafting a Palmbox allows you to grow the seeds, and once some time has passed in the game, you’ll have a fully-grown palm tree that can be cut down with an axe, so you can get more leaves and planks, and more materials to craft with.

7. Use A Net To Catch More Items

We’ve told you a lot of the basics you need to know, as well as a few advanced pointers on how to add to your resources and ensure that you survive longer. We’ve even taught you how to deal with your shark problems. So once you reach the point where you’re shark-free and in no shortage of food or water, you can feel free to craft other, non-essential items. But you can also craft two Item Nets with the hammer, which may be much better and more practical.

In terms of appearance, item nets aren’t too different from the regular wooden planks, except for the net opening found in the middle. As the name suggests, items can drift into that net opening, allowing you to collect them quickly and easily. In Raft Survival Simulator, items tend to spawn on one side and drift the same direction, so you should create your item nets and use them with the knowledge of which direction those items are drifting from. That should allow you to create several item nets and set them up in a straight line to cover as much of the ocean as possible. Make it easier on yourself and survive longer with the clever use of item nets!

8. Odds And Ends

There are some items in Raft Survival Simulator that don’t get as much attention as the ones we mentioned above. First off, your chest allows you to store items and keep them safe. When you get eaten by the shark, you would normally lose all your items, but not if those items are kept safe in the chest. You wouldn’t need to worry about this if you’re able to make sure you don’t fall into the water, but as the expression goes, it’s better safe than sorry.

The Seedbox can be used to plant potatoes, and if you harvest one potato, you’ll get two new ones. You can grow those taters if you believe man doesn’t live on fish alone, but since survival is all about practicality, you’ll still be better off catching fish. Lastly, at least for this tip, the crowbar can be used to open items, though we’ve yet to encounter a situation where we need to use it.

And this wraps up our guide for Raft Survival Simulator. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know below in the comment section!


Tuesday 18th of June 2019

What’s next after you craft everything you listed? I made them all , expanded my raft and now I’m ready to craft more stuff like furniture but nothing is offered.


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

What do you do with the crowbar?? I crafted it for some reason but it doesn't tell what I can do with it.


Wednesday 15th of March 2017

If you get eaten by the shark it is game over in the latest version. Also the lantern trick didn't work for me. As well as I find it easier to harvest potatoes than constantly fishing. If you harvest potatoes you could spend your time expanding on your raft and hooking in the essential materials to do so. And in the latest version of the game you can eat raw fish. That makes it so you don't have to have a cooker early on. The fish doesn't five you as much hunger but it is better than nothing. The order in what I made my materials were water purifier, cup, fishing rod, spear, cooking station. I have found that to be the best methods for surviving raft.