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Tiny Rails Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Building Your Tiny Railroad Empire

Tiny Titan’s new mobile game Tiny Rails is now available for Android and iOS devices, and it’s a world-spanning train game where your grandfather has just handed over his train company to you. It’s a “modest” train company, though, and your goal is to expand your basic train into a “multi-car masterpiece.” You can unlock new train stations, upgrade your train and customize it, drop passengers off at their destination, and trade supplies in different parts of the world. And you’ll also be dealing with weather and climate changes as you make more trips. It’s like a simplified mobile version of the old Railroad Tycoon series for PC (with different features), meaning it’s more casual and designed for smartphone and tablet players, but it’s deep enough for those who enjoy more intensive gaming experiences.

Want to become a railroad tycoon and expand that small train company into a big one, while also expanding and upgrading your train? It won’t be an easy task, or series of tasks, but we believe we can be of help to you, as we’ve got a pretty cool list of Tiny Rails tips and tricks that run the gamut, covering all of the relevant topics in the game.

1. Keep Watching Ad Videos

They only last 30 seconds at most, so you’ll have to tough them out – you’ll get some nice rewards once they’re all over and done with! We are, of course, talking about advertisement videos, and there are a lot of them in Tiny Rails. You will be asked if you want to watch an ad each time your train arrives at a new station, so make sure you’ve got your Wi-Fi or cellular data turned on so you can watch the clip before moving on to your next destination. You may be rewarded with common currency (1,000 gold), premium currency (five gems), a speed boost, or a free spin; either way, you’ve got something good going for you each time you watch an ad video.

2. The Passengers Are Always Right

Launch the passenger menu by tapping on the yellow person-shaped icon at the top right of your screen. Once you’re there, you will see a list of passengers who are riding the train at the time, and you will also see their feedback, their comments on the service. Keep a close eye on those reviews from passengers; happier passengers mean more money earned per trip. You also need to check what’s on those reviews so you know what to improve. For instance, you should add more dining cars if passengers often complain about a lack of food on the train.

3. Don’t Worry If You Can’t Meet Passenger Needs Right Away

In the early goings of Tiny Rails, you might not be able to address all of your passengers’ needs. Your main objective at the start would be to expand your train so that there are as many car types as possible. That means you will likely get complaints early on, but you may start considering a change to your car layout once you’ve gotten enough cars by spinning the wheel.

4. Why Should You Leave The Game On At Times?

The good news is that your train will keep on operating if the game is closed. Of course, you’ll have to sign out of the game when going to sleep, or if you’ve got more important things to do in your day; when you come back to the game, you’ll find that you’ve earned some gold automatically. But you won’t get to watch ad videos and earn some of those sweet bonuses, which means it may actually be better to keep the game open, even if you’re planning to rest a bit. Your phone or tablet won’t go to sleep if the game keeps on running, but you won’t exactly be resting if you employ this strategy. You’ll still have to watch out for your train once it departs from stops, so keep an eye out nonetheless so you can take advantage of the ad videos and whatever market bonuses you may gain.

5. How To Work The Market

It’s just as simple as buying low and selling high when it comes to the market – that comes into play with those stations that have a variety of items to sell. You will sometimes see items that are currently on sale at the market, and if you see them, go ahead and buy them. These will guarantee you a profit should you sell those items, as buying them on sale means you’re buying them at less than list price. But if there aren’t any items on sale, keep an eye on the average sale price per item; use the information you glean here to determine whether you should be buying an item, or selling it so you can earn a profit.

6. Buy New Stations

If you’ve got enough gold, you can consider buying new train stations. Some stations may be more expensive than the others, and with that in mind, you might want to hold off on buying a new station until you’ve upgraded your train substantially. Buying a station means that each time your train drops by there, you’ll get progressively more passengers. Once you make the next station upgrade, you’ll get more gold each time the train passes by. Things will get better each time you upgrade, so if you can afford it, go ahead and buy a new station.

And this wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Tiny Rails. Do you know more hints for the game? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!


Tuesday 17th of March 2020

thanks for the tips


Thursday 26th of January 2017

If you click the train twice and then keep pressing it, the train speed will increase.