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Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat Rival Players

Plarium’s new mobile title Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare is yet another one of those multiplayer base management games that have been cropping up lately, offering players a chance to battle it out against “real” enemies and not the cookie-cutter AI enemies that can be figured out over time. This Android and iOS game, according to its makers, represents the “next generation” of MMO strategy, as it gives you a chance to train your troops, build your base, and lead your army against those of real players from around the world. In terms of its backstory, the game is set in 2037, and the world has one remaining source of lifesaving serum – Selva de Fuego – which has been taken over by the evil Phoenix Corporation. And while the world is at war against Phoenix, scores of private armies are now free to invade Selva de Fuego and beat Phoenix, and it’s your job to defeat the evil organization before everyone else does.

The game’s sci-fi aspect sets it apart from the average fantasy-based MMORTS/base management game. And while a lot of the standby mechanics of this genre apply in this new title, there are several unique elements that set it apart, aside from its setting. So if you’re trying to beat Phoenix before all those other real-life “enemies” do, then read on, as we’ve got as complete Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare strategy guide for you below.

1. Complete The Missions And Login Every Day

As we often do, we’re starting out with this tip as our very first. Look at the top left corner and you’ll see the missions the game asks you to complete. Follow what is asked of you, because that’s going to guide you toward the right path any time you’re lost in the game and are trying to make sure your base is properly set up. Also keep an eye out for the sign below the mission, as that’s going to notify you about raids that may do you good if you go on them. Hit the “Send Strongest Squad” button so you’re sure you’re only sending out your best and brightest.

Aside from completing quests, you should login every day, as that’s going to give you a daily bonus, as well as shipments which you can collect for smaller bonuses. It won’t be much, but just as usual, it’s going to add up as you keep playing the game.

2. Wait Until You Claim Your Rewards

Like you would in other base management games, you will spend most of the early goings completing quests to make sure everything is up to speed in your base, making use of you free boosts to speed up building construction. And once you’re done with a quest, you would have the option to immediately claim you reward, simply by going to the top left corner of your screen and tapping the button. But don’t take the option to claim the reward just yet – always check your current supplies before anything else. If you’re close to reaching your cap, then you shouldn’t claim your quest rewards just yet. It’s best to claim them when you’re low on a certain resource or two.

Your early rewards would mostly be resources anyway, and if you keep on claiming the rewards once they’re ready, you will likely hit your cap early on, which you don’t want to happen. That essentially means you will be wasting the rewards. So before you claim anything, always check if you’ve got enough storage space. And once they are no longer free, avoid using your boosts unless absolutely necessary.

3. Keep On Building

It’s highly encouraged that you spend the bulk of the early game building as much as possible. And once you reach level 5, you’ll get a bonus construction slot, allowing you to build two structures simultaneously. The catch here is that the bonus slot isn’t a permanent one; you’ll only be able to use it for three days. Play a lot – and build a lot – during those three days, or better yet, avoid leveling up to level 5 if you know you’re going to be busy in the days to come.

4. Create The Boost Annex

When asked by the game which annex building you should work on, go for the Boost Annex before anything else. Annex buildings are there to create any resource you want for a certain period of time. Once the annexes are unlocked, you will only have the three resources and the Boost Annex to choose from, and we suggest choosing the latter; if you were to combine the resources generated through quests and the ones generated through your structures, you shouldn’t worry at all about resources early on. Create the Boost Annex and you’ll save a great deal of time getting up to speed.

5. The Benefits Of Joining An Alliance

You know you want to, and have to join an alliance. It’s par for the course in these base management/RTS games that you have to take advantage of social elements. Once you’re able to join an alliance, you will immediately be able to take advantage of building boosts, as well as ask your fellow members for help in the construction process, thereby reducing the time to finish each building. And, unlike the boosts, it’s absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, you can ask help from your alliance mates if you’ve been ambushed by other players Just make sure to return the favor whenever you could!

6. Upgrade Your Supply And Cold Storage Depots

When it comes to upgrading your storage structures, we would recommend upgrading the Supply Depot and the Cold Storage Depot. You need the former in order to store fuel and munitions, and the latter to store your rations, and as your requirements ramp up, it’s important that you’re keeping up with the game’s degree of difficulty and resources needed at any given time.

7. About The Resource Buildings

Now that you pretty much know the basics of the game, it’s time to tackle ways in which you can gain more resources. First of all, you need to build new drop zones and upgrade the ones you have so you can get rations per hour; you are allowed a maximum of six drop zones in the game. Next, make sure you’ve got a Control Tower next to your drop zones; one of these zones need to be at level 10 so you can create this structure. That’s going to reduce ration consumption for troops and buildings alike.

What should you do if you want to produce more fuel? Create a Wellhead. You are, once again, allowed a maximum of six, and have to upgrade them so you can increase both fuel production and capacity. As for the Refinery, its job is to increase fuel production even more. Make sure they’re close to your Wellheads, and that you’ve upgraded one of your Wellheads to level 10 if you want to up the ante on the fuel production and create a Refinery.

Talking about Munitions, the Munitions Factory produces and stores this resource. As usual, the limit here is six factories, and each of them have to be upgraded. Upgrade one of those Munitions Factories to level 10 and you can create a Munitions Fabricator and upgrade it as you go along for even more production.

8. Easy Tips For Collecting More Resources

If you want to earn even more resources, go on Resource Runs. Tap on the helipads next to the Drop Zones, and that’s going to send off a helicopter on a Resource Run; you will be rewarded with resources and XP once the chopper returns. Large Haul missions will help you earn even larger amounts, also via chopper. You can also connect your game to Facebook and recruit friends to join the game by clicking on the Recruit Center. You may get resources and time boosts, among other goodies, per friend who joins, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends who are into these types of games if they want to play! Better yet, you can get even more rewards once their player level hits level 15.

Other ways of earning more resources include asking from your alliance members, or completing the building of new structures or upgrade missions.

9. How To Get More Troops Faster

Those waiting times when training new troops at the Barracks can be a pain to deal with, especially when you’re training a large number of new recruits. But you can get new soldiers for free and without waiting by carrying out Special and Skull Operations, which are offensive and defensive missions where you’ll be up against AI enemies. Yes, there is an aspect of this game where you can take on the computer, and if you’re able to beat Soldiers Inc’s AI, you can get troops, resources, boosts, and a variety of other rewards. Reinforcements are the defensive operations where you defend AI bases against enemies, while Raids are offensive missions where you attack AI opponents. Make sure you always tap the Select Strongest Squad option so that the game could choose the best units for you automatically, then fine-tune your squad to be sure you’ve only got the best personnel.

Additionally, the game’s shipments may include some troops, so access these rewards whenever possible – just don’t expect too many of them, as we had hinted earlier.

10. Before Dispatching Your Army, Always Check Your Gear

It’s important that you always check your gear before you have your army attack other players. It’s said so in the tutorial – all pieces of gear provide buffs to specific unit types – that’s light infantry, mechanized infantry, armor, and combat aviation, in case you’re keeping track. Match gear to the unit type that could benefit from the item, and you’ll gain an invaluable edge in battle.

11. General Tips For Invading Human Enemies

When trying to attack other players, there are certain things you need to ensure are in place. First would be to follow the tips above and recruit an ample number of troops. When it comes to research, focus on paratrooper offense/speed, commando offense and defense, commando speed, hiring speed, and other battle-related technologies once you’re at the Tech Center. You’ll have to tough it out, though, as the game does not allow you to ask for help from your Alliance members to speed up research tasks.

More often than not, you want to attack bases who are at a lower level than yours, but you should avoid attacking protected bases, which will be designated by a blue shield right above them. Check your attack options once you’ve found a human opponent to attack; you’ll be given the choice to directly raid their base, or to ask help from your Alliance, setting the duration to one day for the best chances of your request getting accepted. And if you want to get a jump on your opponent, send a Stalker Scout so you can get some valuable information on the other player’s base. Be careful, though, as Stalker Scouts might get lost in the battle, and they might not be able to do their recon work in the end. It’s best to send recon out when you’re dealing with an opponent who’s at a similar or higher level than you are.

Again, you want to hit Select Strongest Squad to let the game choose your best units for the raid. And be patient if you’re attacking a base that’s a great distance away from yours, as it could take a while for your troops to get there.

12. Unlock The Bunker

The Bunker can be unlocked rather late in the game, once you reach level 30. It will be found between your Supply Depot and Munitions Factory, and once unlocked, you’ll want to upgrade it to level 2 as soon as possible so you can hide resources and units alike, protecting them from enemy attacks.

13. Upgrade Your Radar Regularly

Last, but not the least, you want your Radar to be upgraded regularly – you can find your Radar near your Drop Zones, and use it to help you win more operations, and consequently get rewards such as resources, gear, troops, and more. Upgrading the Radar increases its search range, and also allows you to unlock Skull Ops and other types of operations.

Roger Irrelevant

Thursday 4th of May 2023

Hi Dwight. Go onto the in game chat or speak to an ally, it will probably take years to get a response here.... hang on, you've just had one :)

Dwight Clark

Friday 7th of April 2023

I am a Marshall in Mobile warfare,I am trying to reach 105 FULL members to unlock the First Comrade at Arms un order to recruit past 105 members how is this done ?? Everything a new member joins the new recruit is removed after a few days.