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Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 12 Hints to Lead Your Horde to Glory

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion is a new game from Tap4fun that’s available currently for both Android and iOS users. It fits into the real-time strategy/MMORTS genre that Clash of Clans and other similar titles belong to. You’re invited to forge your tribe with cities and outposts on the map, as you compete against players from all over the world. You can build and expand your territory, raid your rivals, choose your Horde before you attack other players (real ones, of course), more than 15 unique barbarian clan troops to choose from, and the option to hunt for mammoths, sabertooths, ancient monsters, and others. Can you conquer the Wonder and beat a ton of players to become the “Chieftain of all chiefs”?

Although the setting is completely different, Brutal Age: Horde Invasion is very similar in terms of mechanics to Mobile Strike. That means you will have to prepare your base and perform more than a few upgrades before you can even think of attacking other players. And when we’re talking about your base, we’re talking about a prehistoric one, as you may have guessed from our mention of mammoths and sabertooth tigers. So do you want to become the ultimate prehistoric Chieftain in this game? Read on, and check out our detailed Brutal Age: Horde Invasion strategy guide.

1. Why You Should Join A Horde

We mentioned choosing your Horde above, and while this may sound like the game’s special name for guilds or clans, they are actually different. (We’ll get to clans later!) Joining a Horde gives you perks, and in the context of this game, that would mean permanent buffs that could save you time or give you additional benefits when building your base, battling other players, and researching new technologies. But you should also make sure to choose the right Horde, as you may have to wait two weeks – a good 14 days – before switching to a new one.

2. Benefits Per Horde Type

So what can you expect when you join a Horde, depending on type and color? Let’s start with Amity (Purple), which means your Horde’s help effect will be increased by 30 percent, while trading tax will be reduced by 30 percent. Harmony (Green) would allow you to collect more resources and save 5 percent of the time it normally takes to construct buildings. Erudite (Blue) reduces research time by 5 percent and healing cost by 20 percent. Authority (Red) cuts down training cost by 8 percent and reduces target enemy defense by 5 percent.

3. Join A Clan

Joining a Clan is probably the most important thing you can do in this game. As we stated above, this is different from joining a horde, as Clans in this game (just like in Clash of Clans, of course) are groups of real players banding together for a common goal, and for mutual support against other players. That means you can save time in constructing buildings, but also buy special items that aren’t available if you’re planning to go at things on your own. These include advanced teleport, peace shields, speed-ups, and a variety of other items that are exclusive to clan members. Tap on the Horde flag on the lower right of your screen, view the list of Clans, and look for those active Clans, particularly those Clans that are open to everybody.

4. A Guide To The Buildings

There are several buildings you should work on in your base, starting with your War Camp. This would allow you to train different kinds of troops, and if you upgrade this building, you will save time in training your troops. For example, the speed boost is only 1 percent once you’re at level 1, but this will improve over time; once you’re at level 7, your speed boost will be at 9 percent. Your War Hut increases warrior training capacity, and once upgraded, you can train more troops at the War Camp.

The Healing Spring is, of course, the place where you go if your troops have been wounded in battle. Upgrading this building will increase the speed required for your troops to heal properly. Again, it will start at 1 percent at level 1, and each succeeding upgrade will see the speed increase go up. In relation to this, the Healing Well will increase the number of troops your Healing Spring could heal at a time, with upgrades further increasing capacity.

Lastly, the Warehouse allows you to store resources and keep them safe from invading troops. If you upgrade your Warehouse, you will be able to get more resources protected.

5. Expand Your Base By Upgrading Your Outpost Portal

You can expand your base and make it bigger by building more outposts’. And if you want to build more outposts on an unoccupied part of the in-game map, the Outpost Portal will have to be upgraded once you reach level 4. Tap the world map icon found at the bottom left-hand side of your screen, find a piece of land you want to build on, and one that is not occupied, and hit the Build button. Building a new outpost will improve power by 200, EXP by 500, and territory bonus by 9. We would suggest building your second outpost close to the first one.

As a bonus tip, upgrading the Outpost portal will allow you to increase troop march capacity, allowing you to bring more troops to battle when you’re attacking other players. And as yet another bonus, you’ll have to research Outpost tier 2/3/4/5 at the Temple of Wisdom if you want to make your outpost even stronger. Just take note that you will have to meet certain research requirements, e.g. Outpost Durability for a tier 2 Outpost, so you can unlock these stronger outposts.

6. Upgrade Your Watchtower Too

Your Watchtower will help you stay on the lookout for enemy troops, and as you keep on upgrading it, you will know more information about the other players heading your way. You will only know the name and the clan of the opposing player at level 1, but once you upgrade the watchtower to level 3, you’ll know the estimated time of arrival. Make it to level 6, and you will get details on how many troops are marching toward your base. Tap on the Military Info button (provided you’re at level 3 or beyond) if you want to get notifications of marching troops.

7. You Won’t Always Get Loot When You Invade An Enemy Outpost

It might sound like a no-brainer – if you raid an enemy outpost, you’re sure to get loot, which is, as we all know, RPG/RTS lingo for resources, gold, etc., that you can gain when you defeat a human-controlled or AI enemy. Indeed, you will come away with loot more often than you won’t when you attack an enemy outpost, but there will also be times when you won’t come back with anything of consequence, or worse, come back with nothing. Once this happens, there’s a good chance the other player has upgraded their warehouse well enough. Each time the resource protection amount exceeds the amount of total resources the opponent produces, raiding troops will come back empty-handed.

8. How Can You Earn Clan Coins?

Clan Coins are the special currency you can earn if you’re a part of a Clan – see what we mean during the times we say joining a Clan is a win-win situation? And you can buy practical stuff such as speed-ups and teleports, or cosmetic stuff like name and avatar changes, with you Clan Coins. So how can you get more of them, and where can you get them?

It’s all as simple as helping the rest of your Clan out once they need your help. Don’t be a stranger – the objective of the MMORTS, after all, is to facilitate interaction with real players from all over the world. Hit the Help button found at the lower right of the screen, and if you see that there’s someone (or some members) in your Clan who needs help, tap on that button to help everybody at the same time. Clan Coins are awarded based on the number of Clan-mates you’ve assisted, so keep on helping people out. Your good deeds will be rewarded, and how.

You can also complete Clan Quests to get yourself more Clan Coins, as well as additional XP and resources. Tap on the Workshop building, then tap on Clan Quest to see a list of available quests you can take on. Press the Start button if you see a quest you want to take on, but be aware that you may need to wait a few minutes to complete one of those quests. If you can’t wait, you can use your speed boosts, though we recommend using these in moderation.

9. How Does Teleporting Work?

Brutal Age comes with a teleporting feature, and if you want to teleport your outpost, you’ll need to have specific items on you. You will need to buy these items with gems or with Clan Coins, or in some cases, you can get the items for free, such as after leveling up. Normally, you will receive the Random Teleport or the Friendly Teleport; the former sends your outpost to a random part of the map, while the latter would restrict your movement to friendly ground.

10. How To Make Your Troops March Faster

We know how it feels when it seems to take forever for your troops to get from one point to the other. When dispatching your troops to attack an enemy Outpost, you will be able to view the time it takes for your troops to march from your Outpost to that of the enemy you have chosen. Of course, march time won’t take that long if you’re moving your troops to the Outpost of an opponent who isn’t too far away. But if you’re trying to attack an Outpost that is a great distance away from your base, you will really, really have to be patient. It may take minutes, and sometimes, it may even take a couple hours, if the Outpost is particularly far away. That’s where your speed-ups may come in handy, but once again, it’s best to save them for more urgent situations.

Instead of paying gems for speed-ups, you can spend talent points instead on March Speed. You can also research Attacking March Speed at the Temple of Wisdom, as that will also allow your troops to march faster. You will only be able to do this if your Temple of Wisdom has been leveled up to level 12, and you’ll also need Healing Speed at level 3, Territory Gathering at level 3, and Hospital Capacity also at level 3.

11. How To Send Troops To Varying Outposts

Another way to save time is to send your troops off to two different outposts. Before that, make sure you’ve increased the March Queue limit, which would first require that your Stronghold is at level 2 or better. And if your Stronghold is at level 7, you will be able to increase March Queue Limit to 3, meaning the option to send your troops to three separate locations or Outposts.

12. Take Part In The Events

The birdie balloon will allow you to access the special events, so tap on the balloon if you see it if you want to get information on the ongoing event. The mechanics of these events would entail that you follow specific event rules in order to earn points. And the more points you score, the faster you’ll be able to hit the target to win the rewards, which also include temporary buffs for the duration of the event. So what does this mean? For a simple example, the Power Up event will ask you to recruit, research, and build, with the goal of earning more power.


Saturday 4th of August 2018

Ive been playing a while on several servers and have put a few hundred sadly into the game. it is not a game for children, there are big buyers with huge power on every new server within minutes of the server being made. if you do spend money to get stronger, as I have, unfortunately, those big players nail you to nothing. the cycle is to make you always farm,always shield, or always buy to have a chance. sometimes its like a getto farmville. translator works some of the time correctly. if you say a word interpreted by another member, you can be blocked or even removed, regardless of investment. the key is to chat: the more people know you as respectful or friendly, funny, etc. they sometimes will come to your aide if the pig head store bought players come.

Missy Horsley

Monday 18th of June 2018

First I'm told I have to pay 10000 coin to change hordes, now 2 days later it says it's 5000 coin to change hordes. I so fed up with developers thinking everyone who plays their games have money to burn!!!!


Sunday 9th of July 2017 are a donkey monkey Garon clan member


Monday 5th of June 2017

Can we discuss mechanics more? Specifically troop health vs troop defense. Which is better for large armies?