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Tiny Pixel Farm Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Run a Prosperous Farm

Tiny Pixel Farm is a brand new mobile game, which combines farming and idle gaming mechanics. The game puts you in charge of a cute little farm that you inherited from your grandfather. You need to guide your character through his daily routine by tapping on the different parts of the farm that he has to work on. You will start out with just a small plot of land that can fit two animals. Take care of those animals and keep earning money to unlock the other sections of the farm. Upgrade your farm, sell different products, and open up your own bed and breakfast! With a bit of hard work and patience, you will be able to watch your cute pixel animals grow. As you expand your farm, your responsibilities will grow with it. Make sure you read our Tiny Pixel Farm strategy guide before getting started!

1. Know Your Farm

When you start the game, you will be given an extremely short tutorial. The tutorial is so basic that it does not even bother to use words. You just get a bunch of icons and arrows to tell you what to do in order to purchase your first pair of animals. You can choose from pigs, sheep, and cows. They are worth the same, so just pick whichever is cutest. Once that is done, you are on your own. It is up to you to figure out what the rest of the farm does. The good news is, we have listed the important parts below to help you understand everything.

The Silo

Your farm animals need to be fed regularly in order for them to get products from them. The silo holds food for them. The basic silo only holds 30 pieces of food. The animals eat every few seconds, so once you have several stalls, you will be struggling with your food supply. You don’t need to buy food, but you have to manually mow the small patch of grass below the silo in order to get more food. You can increase the maximum storage capacity of the silo by purchasing expansions once you reach certain levels. The first one is available for 5,000 gold at level 8. Additional upgrades cost more, with the last one at level 25 costing you a whopping 50,000 gold.

The Truck

On the bottom right of your screen is a truck icon. When you tap on it, you will see a mini board game that has a truck, a blue bag, a yellow bag, a town, and a farm. Your goal is to reach the farm, but you can also aim for the bags as well. You are given a dice roll every 10 minutes, and it will stop generating once you have three rolls waiting. The catch of the game is that you need to land on your target by using up all the steps of your roll. For example, if you roll a three, you need to get to the goal in three steps. If you get there in two, you will have to find a different route. Landing on the farm will reward you with 540 experience and 540 gold. After that, the farm will relocate to a different part of the board, and you start over.

Animal Visitors

Don’t panic if you suddenly see a dog walk into your farm. You will often get animal visitors including dogs, rabbits, birds, and so on. They are all harmless and will just roam around your farm. As your farm grows, you will see more animal visitors roaming around. That is a good thing because they drop blue experience gems as they roam. And when you see a heart icon on one of the animals, tap on it right away to gain even more experience!

The Hotel

At the top left of your farm is a small building. This is your hotel. Guests will often drop by, and when you let them in, they will roam around your farm while dropping coins. When they are done roaming, they will return to the hotel and leave a bag of gold in their bed. The hotel will start out with just one bed, but you can unlock three additional beds as you level up.

The Store

The structure on the top right is your store. This is where all your products are kept, and you will see customers go here to buy what they need. You can tap on this structure to see how many products you have stored. At first, you will only have one shelf. You can unlock three more shelves as you level up, which will allow you to store more products.

The Red Gift

As you play the game, you will eventually see a red gift icon. This is an ad offer that will allow you to skip through something. For example, if your storage is full, you can watch an ad in order to sell everything you have instantly. You can also speed up construction by watching an ad. The same is true if you see a giant egg in the middle of your farm. Tapping on it will crack the egg and give you an ad offer. Keep in mind that you need to have internet connection in order to receive these ad offers.

2. Mow The Grass

When you start out, most of the other sections of your farm will have a “Keep Out” sign with grass growing around it. If you tap on the grass, you will be able to clear it for a few seconds before it grows right back. This is not a pointless exercise. Once in a while, you will find coins and experience gems when you mow the grass. This is extremely useful in the beginning when you only have one pair of animals to give you money and experience. Since you will be staring at the screen, waiting for your animals to eat, you may as well mow some grass to progress a little faster.

3. Stock Up Before Leaving

Unlike most idle games that give you unlimited passive income when you are offline, in Tiny Pixel Farm you need to have stuff to sell in order to earn anything. Make sure you take a few minutes to fill up your storage before you log off for the day. The amount of money you will earn when you return will depend on how many products you had in your storage before you left. Don’t forget to claim your earnings when you log back in by tapping on the bag of gold on top of your store. The bag will just sit there if you don’t tap on it.

4. Think Before You Upgrade

Expanding your farm is good because it means progress, but that does not mean you should just upgrade the first thing you can afford. You need to think about the sequence of your upgrades or you will end up making things more difficult for yourself. For example, if you buy additional plots and animals without upgrading your silo first, you will end up with too many mouths to feed and not enough food. The same is true with your storage. If you have too many products coming in, and just one shelf to fit them all into, you will waste production time because you won’t be able to harvest any more until customers start buying stuff.

As for the hotel, while it does not really affect the other parts of your farm directly, it will set you back in terms of gold, and the earnings you get in return is hardly worth the investment. If you think about it, unlocking additional beds in the hotel cost a lot, with the last one being worth 60,000 gold. The money you get out of it, though, is only a little over a hundred gold per customer per visit. It will take you forever to earn back what you invest in the hotel. It is best if you buy it only when you have bought everything else in the game.

5. Selling Animals

As you level up, you will be able to buy rarer animals. These are more expensive than the starting ones, so it can be tempting to trade up right away. Keep in mind, however, that animals have levels. By the time you are able to buy the rare ones, your original animals would already at a higher level. Rare animals do not necessarily make more money than the regular ones. It really is more cost-effective to just hold on to the ones that you have instead of selling them to buy rare animals. The only reason you have to buy a rare animal is for the sake of completing your gallery.

6. What To Do In The End

After some time, you will eventually be able to unlock everything. The last plot of land can be unlocked at level 40, and you will realize that you can quickly reach that level in just a few days. Once you do, it is only a matter of time before you can purchase every upgrade available in the game. When that happens, it will just be an endless grind of collecting products and selling them off. That is why you should not rush too much and think about how you can enjoy the game. Try out the different fences available to achieve a certain look for your farm. You can also buy different colored trees to mix things up. Customize your little farm any way you want once you have everything unlocked.

Managing a farm on your own can get frantic, but with the help of our Tiny Pixel Farm tips and tricks, you will be able to handle anything! If you know any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comment area!


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

I've just started to play this game today and yeah... buying rare animals are worthless. Levelling up the basic ones will give you more profit