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Legends Reborn Strategy Guide: 11 Tips & Tricks for Advanced Players

Legends Reborn is a new iOS game from Bandai Namco, and just to give you a brief recap of what this game is about, it allows you to summon a variety of heroes and creatures from history and mythology, including the likes of Joan of Arc, Beowulf, Grendel, Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, King Arthur, Merlin, and many others. The game features turn-based battles in both Campaign and Arena modes, where you can launch special skills and substitute your heroes, or Legends, in and out as part of your strategy. And like any other game in the ever-crowded action/RPG genre, there’s a PvP mode, where you can battle other real-life human players in Arena mode, as well as the option to form or join guilds, and borrow each other’s Legends to improve your prospects in single-player campaign mode.

Our Legends Reborn beginner’s guide may have been designed to talk you through the simpler aspects of the game, and the things you need to know while you’re still in the first 10 player levels of the game or so. But this Legends Reborn strategy guide will go a little further, as we shall now be giving you some advice on how to survive, how to complete more battles/levels with three stars, and how to move forward in your guild or in Arena mode, should you be an intermediate or expert player. So without further ado, let’s get going with those tips.

1. Keep On Reliving Previous Three-Star Levels

This is something we mentioned in passing in the beginner’s guide, but we’re going to dive deeper into it for this intermediate/expert guide. Once you three-star a level in Legends Reborn, you will be able to relive them, or automatically replay them without actually taking part in the battle, but still getting experience points and rewards. Since it seems easy to earn Memory Stones in the game, you can confidently relive and relive previously three-starred levels time and again, though you might want to slow down once you’re down to about 20 or so, or once you’ve maxed out your top heroes. Completing levels, as we explained in the last guide, allows you to earn training scrolls to improve your Legends and level them up, or infusion materials and considering you can get the same type of general rewards by reliving a battle, you might as well grind this way so you can earn more of those precious training scrolls.

2. Reliving Is Best For Earning Infusion Materials

Just a word of advice before you start grinding arbitrarily by reliving battles — it’s best to relive battles if you’re trying to get certain types of infusion materials. Just go to the Legends screen, click on one of your heroes, then tap on the magnifying glasses for any of the six available infusions. Tap on the magnifying glass for the missing materials, and you’ll be directed to levels you can complete or relive for a chance to get material. Once there, you’re all set — just relive the battle (or complete the battle with three stars), and there’s a good chance you’ll have those materials after a couple of tries!

3. Buy The Parcels You Can Purchase With Coins

If you have at least 100 gems, you can access the Parcels tab on the right side of the screen, and that’s where you can buy materials for infusion recipes, or Essence for heroes you already have, or have yet to unlock. Most of the Parcels can be purchased only with gems, but since you’ll only get about six Essence units or so for a Parcel that costs about 450 to 500 gems, you’re better off purchasing Premium Radix Disks instead — while you’re still far more likely to get Essence instead of an actual Legend, you’ll at least get 12 units of Essence for a given Legend, which makes for a far better deal. Instead, you’ll want to scroll right toward the Parcels that can be purchased for gold — these are infusion materials, and while you can earn them by completing levels, you’ll likely have a ton of coins to spare, and it’s better to spend common, and not premium currency when trying to complete those daily quests that require Parcel purchases.

4. Take Part In The Events

Once you reach player level 5, you’ll be allowed to access the Events tab, which allows you to earn a variety of items as rewards — these may be materials for infusions, Skill Books, training scrolls, and a lot more. Events come in Daily form, which require you to field a certain type of Legend (Attackers only, Tanks only, all Legends regardless of type, etc.) against a group of enemies in the usual battle format. These Daily Events are only available on specific days of the week, such as the Attackers-only Class Material Event, which takes place on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays as of the moment. (Dates may be subject to change!)

Special Events, on the other hand, offer better rewards, and change from time to time, unlike the daily Class Material and Skill Trial events, which are static. Likewise, there may be restrictions on the type of Legends you field, so make sure you have the right personnel ready for these events!

5. The Elemental System

This is something that we usually cover in beginner’s guides, but Legends Reborn somehow does not explain the element system anywhere in its tutorial stage, or via the usual method of clicking on certain features or menu items. At the rate you’ll likely be going when it comes to collecting and unlocking new heroes, you won’t have any choice but not to worry about this, but you will have a better chance of three-starring a level (or winning the level, for that matter), if your team has the elemental advantage.

To wit, the elemental hierarchy plays out this way — Magic (blue) beats War (red), War beats Nature (green), Nature beats Umbra (purple), Umbra beats Magic. This can be inferred by looking at the symbols whenever you buy a Radix Disk from the in-game shop, so refer to it if you’re trying to come up with the ideal lineup for a difficult level.

6. Don’t Forget Those Guild Quests

There are different types of quests which you can complete in Legends Reborn, but it’s easy to overlook the Guild Quests, which can be accessed by tapping on the Guild menu on the right side. Now these are quests that can be completed if you play the game normally, but it wouldn’t hurt at all if you view the quests (or tasks, as they’re called) so you know what to focus on. For example, you may earn one point for defeating one Champion/Legend, or three points for winning a Campaign Battle in chapter 5 or 6 of the game.

You can then use your Guild Points to purchase items in the Guild Store — these may include essence for Legends or infusion materials, but if you don’t see anything that interests you, we strongly recommend AGAINST paying gems to refresh the store immediately. That’s going to cost you 50 gems, and you’re better off saving those gems for Premium Radix Disk purchases!

As a bonus tip, reaching certain milestones in terms of Guild Points will reward you with coins and gems; that should give you another reason to be as active as possible when it comes to your guild and its quests/tasks.

7. Redeem Arena Points To Buy Stuff At The Arena Store

Likewise, you can also redeem Arena Points, which, to be honest, take quite a while to accumulate; the points that add up per hour increases as you move up from tier to tier and win more Arena battles. We recommend maxing out the collectible Arena Points (on the lower right corner of the Arena menu), meaning waiting until you reach 300, before you collect. Once you’ve got enough Arena Points, you can click on the Parcels tab on the right side of the Arena menu, and purchase essence, Skill Books, infusion materials, and more, with the available items improving as you move up from one tier to another!

8. Improve Your Legends’ Skills Further With Skill Books

We haven’t talked too much about Skill Books, which can be purchased in the Arena Store, or won in Arena Battles. But they are an important part of improving your Legends, even if you won’t use them until you reach equipment level 3. So how do you reach equipment level 3? Simple — rune infusions.

As we had explained in the tip about reliving battles for infusion materials, you may need to grind it out a bit before you’re able to reach equipment level 3, which you’ll see at the bottom of the six infusions; the highlighted number in yellow refers to your current equipment level. But once you’re at that level, you can then go to the Skills section of a given Legend’s screen, then improve their skills accordingly.

9. Choosing Your Borrowed Legends

Legends Reborn allows you to borrow Legends from your fellow Guild members, or two random Legends as suggested by the AI, as we had previously explained. But there’s more to choosing your Guild’s Legends as opposed to the AI’s, as suggested — by choosing Guild Legends, you get 36 worth of Radix currency (for purchasing more basic disks), as opposed to only 18 if you go with the AI’s suggestions. Chances are you’ll also end up with a better borrowed Legend, though this isn’t always the case; if you don’t like the Legends available to borrow for a given battle, you can always hit the back button and reopen the level, upon which a new set of four Legends would be available to choose. This won’t cost you anything, so feel free to use this workaround to re-roll your Legends options.

Then again, you may need to be patient while doing this. We’ve noticed that most of the time, the Guild Legends made available to choose from include Joan of Arc, who’s the first rare Legend the game unlocks for you, during the tutorial stage of the game. Since borrowing another Joan of Arc in this example would replace the one you currently have, you may want to re-roll like we had shown you above, unless one of your fellow guild members’ Joan of Arc is substantially more powerful than yours.

10. Save Your Tanks For The Second Waves And Beyond

This is something you may begin practicing once you reach the harder levels in Legends Reborn, but just to give you a backgrounder regarding this tip, this has something to do with the Conduit feature, where you can substitute one Legend for another during battle. As an additional piece of advice, you cannot insert a conduit to replace a Legend who’s already gotten killed, which makes the meat of this particular tip especially important.

Once you reach the third stage or so in Normal difficulty, you’ll encounter enemies who can take out some of your squishier Legends, especially Support characters like Zarathustra, with just one shot. To this end, you’ll want to protect those flimsier Legends by having a tank, such as Joan of Arc or Leonidas, as your conduit, and bringing them in during the second wave or so, when the enemies become more plentiful and tougher. Keep your support healer in there and make sure they can heal the rest of the party before they’re subbed out. And once you’ve got your tank in there, you can use their skills (directing damage toward them, thereby protecting the rest of your party), then bring back your healer a little later on (substituting your Legend with the lowest percentage of HP remaining), so they can restore some HP for everyone in the party.

11. Your Goal In The Arena Is To Move To The Middle

If you’re trying to level yourself up in the Arena, then you should definitely be going for the opponents ahead of you, and closer to the middle of the screen. You’ll likely have an easier go at things by fighting opponents slightly below you, or at the same part of the screen, but naturally, the game is more inclined to reward you if you choose tougher opponents. And, of course, end up defeating them, so you can move closer to the middle.

As a refresher to what we had told you about the Arena in the beginner’s guide, battles are turn-based like the ones in Campaign mode, but this time, you do not have any option for conduits, and you cannot borrow a Legend. It’s your team against that of the opponent, with a five-minute time limit. Be warned that stronger opponents may be able to get more moves in per turn as compared to your team, so you’ll really need to make sure your Legends are leveled up as much as possible, with as many possible infusions, and even upgraded skills if you’re already at that point in the game!