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Legends Reborn Beginner’s Guide: 12 Tips, Cheats & Strategies Every Player Should Remember to Win More Battles

Bandai Namco’s latest RPG is now available for iOS devices, and should be coming soon if you’re an Android phone or tablet owner. Legends Reborn allows you to summon some of the most famous and iconic heroes from history and mythology, including the likes of King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Beowulf, and many more, as you build a roster of Legends with their own skills, stats, strengths, and weaknesses. This is a turn-based RPG where you can complete the game’s campaign mode against AI enemies, or do battle against other human players in PvP mode, battling out in the Arena for materials and equipment.

Although the game is quite easy to learn, the fact that a gaming giant like Bandai Namco is behind this game means that it’s got quite a lot of depth to it, and a lot of mechanics that may seem foreign to players, especially newcomers to the turn-based RPG genre. That’s why we’re here, as we shall now be presenting to you a list of tips and tricks you should keep in mind if you’re a newcomer to this game, in our Legends Reborn strategy guide for beginner players.

1. Know The Basics Of The Game

Before anything else, let’s take a look at how to play Legends Reborn, specifically how each battle plays out. This is a turn-based RPG, which means you won’t have to always take action on the fly. But that also means there’s a lot of strategy involved — before we get to that, though, we shall talk about the basics of the average battle, without further ado.

Although you’ll only have one hero, or Legend, to work with at first, you will eventually be able to field up to six Legends, four active ones from your own roster, one borrowed (a common Legend if you’re not part of a guild, and most likely a rarer one if you’ve signed up to one), and another “Conduit,” or substitute Legend, also from your roster. You will then go through several turns as you battle against three waves of enemies, with each wave progressively tougher to defeat than the last. For campaign battles, you have no time limit to work with; you have all the time in the world to come up with a move, although the choices will be simple at first, with one basic skill and one special skill.

Basic skills can be used at any time, while special skills have a cool-down time of a specific number of turns. You can long-press on either one of those skills to see what they do; normally, special skills deal out a greater amount of damage on enemies, or allow your Legends to strike multiple enemies, but some skills, such as taunt-related skills for tank characters, direct an enemy’s attack toward the Legend using them, or provide buffs that benefit the entire team.

2. Follow The Daily Quests

This one should be pretty obvious in a game like this. Anytime you need guidance on what to do next, tap on the Daily Quests tab, and you’ll see a list of tasks which you can complete, mostly by playing the game like you normally would. For example, you may be asked to complete a certain number of campaign battles, level up a given number of Legends, buy so many packs from the in-game store, etc. These are all basic things that you can do while playing as normal, so make sure you check the Daily Quests tab so you can possibly focus on them and complete them faster!

3. Claim Your Bonus Energy In The Daily Quests Tab

Chances are that you will have a lot of chances to play Legends Reborn while in the early stages of the game. That’s because the game gives out free energy, which can be claimed simply by going to the Daily Quests tab. This bonus energy refreshes every six hours or so, and as long as you keep claiming it from Daily Quests, you’ll easily have a few hundreds of energy units after a few days of gameplay. Take note, however, that the energy costs to fight a battle in Hard difficulty is twice the cost in Normal difficulty — ultimately, you’ll have to replay those battles in Hard to complete some of the quests and earn better rewards, but that’s going to cost you 12 energy per attempt at a campaign battle!

4. Complete Campaign Battles To Earn More Scrolls

In order to train and level up your Legends, you will need Scrolls, and the best way to get them is by completing battles in Campaign mode. Winning battles will earn you anywhere between one to three stars, and if all your Legends are still alive at the end of the battle, you get all three stars. Losing a couple (in most cases) or less will get you two stars, while losing most of your party (but not everyone, of course) gets you a single star. More stars means more and better rewards, and if you aren’t able to get three stars the first time around, you’re always free to return to that battle and replay it, preferably once you’ve got a more powerful lineup at your disposal. Rewards for winning battles, as mentioned, may include, but are not limited to: Scrolls, materials to craft infusions for your Legends, experience points, coins, gems, and more. Simply click on any available level to see what rewards could await you if you win — this will come in handy in the very next tip we shall be discussing.

5. You Can Grind In This Game

Fortunately for those who enjoy replaying levels over and over again to earn more rewards, Legends Reborn allows you to grind it out. In fact, you may have to grind it out quite a bit and replay levels frequently if you’re trying to level up in the game and level up your Legends accordingly! That’s where viewing the possible rewards, as mentioned above, comes in — doing this will allow you to choose a previously completed level to replay if you’re looking for a certain item, which would be scrolls in most, but not all cases. Also, as a bonus tip, take note that you can only train your Legends and level them up to whatever your player level is at any given time! That means you can’t get a Legend up to level 12 if you’re still at level 10, for instance.

You can also Relive a battle, or replay it automatically without having to actively participate. This will again cost you six energy units for Normal and 12 for Hard, but with the additional cost of one Memory Stone on top of the energy.

6. Make Sure To Claim Your Daily Rewards

As is often the case with mobile games, Legends Reborn rewards those who regularly play the game, so be sure you’re logging into the game at least once per day, even for just a couple of minutes. This will allow you to redeem your daily login rewards, which might not seem much at first, but become substantially better once you reach certain milestones, such as logging in for a week, two weeks, three weeks, etc. Again, all it takes is a minute, or even less!

7. What Can You Spend Your Gems On?

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and we recommends saving them up for Disks, which can reward you with new Legends, or Essence, which corresponds to specific Legends and needs to be filled up in order to unlock the Legend in question. The basic Radix Disk is free up to five times a day, and while you can summon new Legends, you will, more often than not, get a crafting item for the infusions, a handful of coins, or a common, one-star Legend. As this is a free item, we recommend redeeming your Basic Radix Disks as often as possible within the day. But since we’re talking about gems here, we would recommend that you buy Dana’s Disk for 340 Gems once you’ve accumulated enough premium currency. This guarantees you one Legend summon, and more often than not, you won’t end up with a common, one- or two-star Legend, but rather a quality character that could truly help bolster your party.

Since Dana’s Disk is a one-time purchase, your best option going forward may be the Mega Radix Disk, if you’re patient enough to wait until you’ve got 1,290 gems, or the Premium Radix Disk. The difference between the two is that the Mega is essentially four Premium disks, but other than that, you’ll most likely end up with Essence, and not an actual Legend summon. It takes patience unlocking heroes in this game, so grin and bear it as you keep progressing forward in the game.

8. Don’t Forget To Infuse Your Legends

Aside from training your Legends, you will also need to infuse them with the materials you collect by winning battles. As we had hinted at earlier, these are crafting materials that make up an infusion recipe, and once you have those materials ready, you’ll see a plus sign in the Infusions section, letting you know that you can move forward with the process. Infusions benefit your Legends by permanently improving their stats, so make sure you’re not neglecting this, especially if you want to be competitive in the game’s Arena mode!

9. Fight In The Arena

Once you reach level 10 in Legends Reborn, Arena mode will become available to you, and this is where you can battle players from all over the world, with mechanics that are largely similar to what you get in campaign battles, but not without their share of differences. Arena battles are still turn-based, but instead of dealing with three waves of enemies, you’ll be up against other human players and their parties of Legends in a timed battle. That means you’ll need to choose your actions quickly, though once again, it shouldn’t take you long in most cases to decide whether to use a regular skill or a special one.

Arena battles, generally speaking, are more difficult than campaign battles. That’s because the game’s matchmaking system will normally pair you up against human players whose Legends are, at the very least, at the same level as yours, or with player levels equivalent to yours or greater.

10. Why Should You Join A Guild?

Yes, this is one of those standby, mainstay tips for games of this kind — if there’s a guild feature available, you should, by all means, join a guild and make sure it’s active. The obvious selling point of guilds is the opportunity to communicate with other players from around the world, share tips, and take full advantage of the game’s social element. But as far as gameplay is concerned, the best advantage of being part of a guild may be the ability to borrow their Legends when doing battle. If you’re not yet a guild member, the game will suggest common Legends of one-star rarity, and to be honest, they probably won’t do you much good. But if you join a guild with lots of experienced members, you’ll be able to borrow their Legends, who will typically be of comparable rarity to your best Legends, or even better! That should be a real game-changer, especially if you’re trying to complete a particularly difficult level.

11. Have A Balanced Party Ready For Battle

When talking about battle tips for Legends Reborn, the most important thing to keep in mind, including in the early goings when you don’t have too many Legends and elemental advantage isn’t that important, is to make sure you’ve got a balanced party. You’ll need an Attacker or two in the mix; someone who deals out a great deal of damage such as Lycros, if you’re able to unlock him early on. You’ll also need to have a Tank such as Joan of Arc or Vugrot to soak up the damage and unleash Taunts against the enemy, thereby redirecting enemy attacks toward them instead of the squishier members of your party. You also need to have a Healer handy, preferably as a conduit who comes in when one of your party members’ health is running low. Be careful, though; you’ll need to use their healing special skills sooner rather than later, as enemies typically target Healers because a) they are sorely lacking in hit points, and b) their skills are centered on helping teammates recover lost hit points.

12. When Should You Launch Special Skills?

In most cases, we recommend launching special skills during the early part of a battle; in a campaign battle, this would be when fighting the first wave of enemies. Take cool-down time into account here; if you need to wait five turns before launching the special skill again, like with Lycros’ Frenzy skill, you’re best using it against the first wave of enemies, so that it becomes available again against the third and final wave. But when it comes to Tanks and their Taunt skills, these are best used toward the end of a battle, as a successful Taunt would cause an enemy to attack that Tank instead of going after their teammates. Make good use of your Tanks’ high HP and don’t be afraid to let them soak up big damage! Vugrot, for instance, is mostly useless on offense, but his big, burly frame allows him to last the long haul, even against tough third-wave enemies.