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Villagers & Heroes Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

There are so many cookie cutter MMORPGs now that role-playing has started to lose its meaning. Villagers & Heroes brings back the old times when RPGs were not just about flashy battle animations and shiny armor. This Android-exclusive title from Mad Otter Games lets you experience being part of a village where you can have your own house with ranching and gardening options. It is not just about mindlessly grinding in monster mobs in order to get to the next level. There are several different professions for you to try, including fishing, mining, bug collecting, smithing, tailoring, cooking, and a lot more! You can craft thousands of different items then trade them with other players. Choose from one of eight fully customizable character builds that will let play according to your style. Don’t forget to check out our Villagers & Heroes cheats, tips and tricks before jumping into the Seven Realms!

1. Play On Multiple Devices

One of the best things about Villagers & Heroes is that you can easily access the same character on multiple platforms. You can check in on your crops on your phone. You can catch up with your guildmates using your tablet. Or you can even turn on your PC to get a better view while going on a bounty run. Install the game on multiple devices so you can log in anytime, anywhere.

2. Rebirth To Progress Faster

Unlike other games with rebirth mechanics where you need to wait until you are at max level, Villagers & Heroes allows you to reset as early as level 30. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this. Even if you rebirth at level 30, the boost you will receive in combat talents is more than enough to help you progress even further after the reset. You can rebirth a total of five times. This allows you to improve your character quickly and find different ways to customize. Rebirth often in order to reach level 90 faster.

3. New Players Are Always Welcome

The game is quite generous, and it often gives out redemption keys for free. One key that you can easily take advantage of when you start playing is the newbie welcome package. It gives you several items that will help you get started in the game. To redeem a key, just type /redeem into the chat box followed by the code. The key code for the newbie package is “newplayerwelcome”. Keep in mind that you can only claim this key once per account. The same goes for any other key you may find in the future.

4. Join A Village

A village is the equivalent of a guild in Villagers & Heroes. The only difference is, you get a house when you join a village. That means you will effectively be living with your guildmates. They will be your neighbors, and you will be building up the village together. You can have different specializations in terms of profession, so it will really look like you are part of one town. This is a unique feature of the game that really lets you immerse yourself in the role-playing experience.

Getting a house in a village is free. You just need to head into the yellow portal found in Summer’s Hollow. Choose the village you want to join, then go in to look for a house. A house gives you access to a free storage vault, the farming and ranching system, and a village chat that allows you to socialize with your neighbors!

5. Collect Zogs For Prizes

Zogs are egg-shaped tokens dropped by monsters in the game. You can collect them by killing any of the mobs. There are several types of zogs, and you will need to collect five of one kind in order to redeem a reward. Make sure to hold on to any zog you pick up because the rewards include crowns which is the premium currency of the game. If you are worried about inventory space, just dump all the zogs you pick up into your vault. Once you have five of one kind, you can take it out to redeem the reward.

6. Follow The Story

We cannot stress enough how great this game is when it comes to role-playing elements. In most games, players have to grit their teeth as they endure the starting tutorial. Things are different here. The game does start you off with a tutorial, but it branches out into a full-blown story arch that will have you hooked. It is a well fleshed-out story that is written by a real screenplay writer. You won’t even notice how many quests you have finished by simply following the story. The next thing you will know is that your bag is full because of all the rewards you’ve been getting.

7. Eat A Lot Of Pie

One of the game’s open secrets is the wonders a good pie can do. A hand-crafted pie can give you a 30% boost in experience gain. Other games would be selling that kind of boost for premium currency. In this game, however, you get to craft it yourself for free. You can even ask one of your nice neighbors if they can spare some pie. If you can’t find any handmade pies, you can always buy a commercial one from the NPC. That one will only give you a 5% exp boost, though.

8. Hunt Bounty Bosses

Bosses are stronger monsters that drop better rewards and give out more experience. In Villagers & Heroes, you will see hundreds of bosses scattered throughout the map. These are bounty bosses that you can locate using the local map or read about in the bounty journal. You can kill bounty bosses once per day in order to gain a lot of loot. In fact, you will often find large groups of players running around the map, hunting for bounties. You can join these players any time since you only need to hit a bounty boss once in order to qualify for rewards. This sharing system helps make the game’s community a collaborative one.

9. Don’t Forget Your Masteries

When you check out the Character tab, you will see an extensive list of stats that you can customize in order to create a unique character. Eight of these stats belong to a group called Masteries. These are elemental affinities that help influence your character’s ability to wield certain elements. The eight elements are Fire, Ice, Nature, Marksman, Shadow, Holy, Fury, and Lightning. Of course, it would not be possible to level up all eight, so you would normally pick one or two to focus on. The higher the stat is, the stronger your combat potential will be.

As an added bonus, Masteries also have an impact on the type of loot you gain in rewards. If your main stat is Fire, then the game will tend to reward you with fire-related gear. You can use this system to get the kind of rewards you want. You just need to adjust your gear and stats to favor a certain Mastery before you turn in your quest. This will help ensure that you get a specific reward that is suited to the Mastery you want.

10. Reach Out To Your Neighbors

If you haven’t noticed already, the game has gone out of its way to ensure that the mechanics it employs help promote camaraderie among players. From boss loot sharing to open villages, there will rarely be any reason for conflict in the game. It comes as no surprise that the community is full of helpful and friendly people. That is why you should not be afraid to ask questions in world chat or seek help from any of your neighbors. You will most likely find the help you need.

Are you ready to begin your adventure in Villagers & Heroes? Just remember all the tips and tricks listed above and you will have no problems!