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Tiny Dino World: Return Cheats, Tips & Hints to Lead Your Squad to Glory

Being a village chief during the Jurassic period can be tough. In Tiny Dino World: Return, you have to manage your village, tame dinosaurs, and conquer neighboring settlements. Available for iOS and Android devices, this base management game showcases deceptively cute pixel art that tricks players into underestimating how difficult this game can be. It requires careful planning and constant attention in order to continue progressing. If you want to truly succeed in building up your little village, you will need the help of our Tiny Dino World: Return ultimate strategy guide.

1. Focus On Completing The Missions

Tiny Dino World: Return helps you out in terms of knowing what to do next by giving you missions that are designed to ensure your base is up to date. Make sure you prioritize completing these missions as you will have a harder time progressing if you neglect updating your base regularly. You can check out your current missions by tapping on the box at the top left corner of your screen. Aside from keeping you on track, these missions will also reward you with resources that will be useful in building more structures and unlocking villager slots.

2. Pay Attention To Elements

There are three elemental affinities in the game that you need to take note of: Fire, Wood, and Water. As with most games, Fire is strong against Wood, Wood is strong against Water, and Water is strong against Fire. Keep this in mind when raiding or playing story mode. Using a dinosaur that has an elemental affinity that is strong against enemy towers will make it easy for you to decimate an opponent’s base.

Make sure you check out the enemy’s base before sending out your warriors. You can do this by taking advantage of the scouting feature. Scouting will show you the different elements that are placed in the defending towers. Use the information you gather in order to prepare the perfect lineup for attacking. On the flip side, make sure you always place an element in your defensive structures. An empty structure will be considered elementally neutral and will take increased damage from all affinities.

3. Upgrade Your Dinosaurs

The House of Chiefs is a structure where other players can boost your dinosaur. Just place a dinosaur that you want to upgrade and wait for other players to power it up. Once your dino gathers enough soul experience, its soul level will go up. Make sure you also take time to boost the House of Chiefs for your friends. You can do this up to 20 times in a day.

4. Choose High-Ranking Villagers

Once in a while, you will have the option to recruit new villagers. Dana will give you a lineup of prospects and you can check out each of them to see who you want to recruit. Try to recruit only the best option among the lineup because they are more efficient when assigned to your structures. Of course, if you are still starting out, you can’t be too picky because you will end up with empty structures. As mentioned before, empty structures are vulnerable so fill those up even if you have to recruit mediocre warriors.

You are now ready to lead your village of dinosaurs and warriors! Be sure to follow everything you learned from our Tiny Dino World: Return strategy guide and everything will be a breeze!