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Dungeon Chef Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Become the Ultimate Chef

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of how they look, however, it turns out they are all delicious! Dungeon Chef is a unique cooking game that lets you fight, and cook, monsters so you can serve them to your patrons. Complete customer orders so you can earn experience and coins. Upgrade your equipment and hunt down legendary monsters in order to create sumptuous dishes that are equally legendary. If you are having trouble mastering all the recipes, don’t worry! You can always rely on our Dungeon Chef tips and tricks in order to become the best in monster cooking!

1. Use Simple Dishes To Farm Experience

Customers give you different Orders that you can fulfill so that you can gain coins and experience. Check out what your customers want and look for the ones that take the shortest time to prepare. This will allow you to keep sending out dishes and quickly gather experience and coins. Pick dishes that only require one ingredient so you won’t spend too much time gathering materials. One example of such a dish is the Miconid Stock. It only needs Miconid Slice and will take 30 seconds to prepare. Another example is the Cockatrice Consomme which takes 40 seconds to cook and just needs Cockatrice Meat. Cooking these quick dishes will allow you to keep churning out Orders for a steady supply of experience and coins.

2. How To Get Secondary Ingredients

When you cook a main dish, you will need secondary ingredients on top of the main ingredient. You will have to replay completed dungeons in order to gather these second ingredients. If you want to know what ingredients are available in a completed dungeon, just tap the Enter button and look at the list of items above the Battle button. Keep in mind that just because an ingredient is listed doesn’t mean you will automatically get it after replaying the dungeon. Drop chances are random so you might need to replay a few times before you can gather the ingredients you need.

One example of a dish that requires secondary ingredients is the Steamed Spicy Cockatrice. The main ingredient is the Cockatrice Meat. The secondary ingredients needed are Lava Chili, Pepper, and Scallion. You will need to go into the Brimy Grassland or Misty Wilderness in order to gather these ingredients.

3. Aim For Three Stars

Getting three stars in a dungeon increases the chance of getting secondary ingredients from a slain monster. Since secondary ingredients are hard to come by, any improvement on its drop rate is already a huge advantage. Getting three stars in a dungeon is easy enough. You just need to make sure you kill off a monster before it inflicts too much damage on you. If your health is high enough by the end of a dungeon, you will most likely get a three-star rating.

Improve your chances of killing off monsters quickly by upgrading your equipment. Just go to the Market then pick the Blacksmith. Stronger equipment will allow you to kill the monster quicker while getting more meat at the same time. Defeat a monster quickly by rapidly tapping the attack button then using the Shield button to block enemy attacks.

4. Go Grocery Shopping

There will be times when you just want to cook stuff and not fight monsters in dungeons. This is especially true when the dishes you will be cooking require secondary ingredients. Since secondary ingredients are more difficult to gather, you could save a bit of time by buying them from the Grocery instead. Just go to Market then choose Grocery. Keep in mind that the rarer an ingredient is, the more expensive it will be. You need to have a lot of coins if you plan to buy a lot of ingredients.

You can get more coins from customers by preparing one-ingredient dishes then use what you earn in order to buy the rare ingredients. It will cost you a lot but at least you won’t have to grind dungeons for a long time.

5. Get Ingredients For Free

Have you seen that glowing fairy that hovers above customers? If you will notice, it sometimes changes its color. When it turns golden, that means you can tap on it in order to receive random ingredients for free. You can get a lot of random ingredients like potatoes, chilis, pepper, rice, garlic, and so on. You can also tap the fairy even if it doesn’t turn gold but you will get more ingredients if you wait.

A leprechaun will also visit your tavern once a day. Make sure you tap on him when he drops by. He will reward you with coins and other food items if you give him some attention. Take advantage of these two in order to gather a lot of ingredients for free.

6. Hold On To Your Crystals

The premium currency of this game is Crystals. You will be able to get free Crystals whenever you level up or complete an achievement. You can also get them by watching advertisements when you tap on the Wanted sign. Save these until you have enough to unlock another stove slot. The more stoves you have, the more dishes you can make. Needless to say, more dishes mean more money and experience. Make sure you pay attention to the type of stove you will be unlocking as some dishes require a specific type of stove to prepare. Just tap on the type of stove you want and it will show you the list of dishes you can prepare if you use it.

7. Unlock Alternate Costumes

Unlike most games where costumes are purely cosmetic, this game offers some benefits depending on the item you choose. For example, the Cool Kids costume costs 25 crystals but you will be able to get a 1% discount whenever you buy from the grocery. It may not seem much at first this costume will eventually pay for itself in terms of coins saved throughout the game.

Managing a tavern after conquering dungeons can be tiring but with the help of our Dungeon Chef tips and tricks, you will definitely succeed!