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Tiny Bubbles Cheats: 10 Tips & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

Tiny Bubbles is an exciting new puzzle game from Pine Street Codeworks with a unique twist. Instead of the usual tile-matching mechanics, you will be using physics to move bubbles around and fill them with colors. You can even break the edges of bubbles and mix colors in order to create the match you need. There are over 170 puzzles for you to complete, each one more difficult than the last. You can also try out three different game modes that provide varying levels of difficulty. The game takes pride in its flawlessly executed bubbles physics that adds to the charm of the game. It manages to provide a relaxing gaming experience without taking away the challenge. Once you are confident in your skills, you can try to complete over 35 achievements on top of the different puzzles. If you find yourself stuck in any of the levels, don’t worry. You can always rely on our collection of Tiny Bubbles tips, cheats and tricks for some help!

1. Plan Your Moves

At the top of your screen, you will see a series of colored droplets. This indicates the available colors and the order you will get them. Use this information to plan your moves ahead of time. You don’t need to make a match in every move. In fact, you can set up the placement of your colored bubbles in a way that you can trigger a series of matches. It takes a bit of practice to be able to plan several steps ahead, but you will learn that this will be the only way to keep progressing once you reach higher levels of difficulty.

2. Hold For Color Results

As the difficulty ramps up, you will have to start combining colors to create the matches you need. If you are familiar with how to combine different shades to get the color you need, this should not be much of a problem. If you are not sure about what color you will get, however, there is a way to find out without actually combining anything. Tap and hold on the bubble that you plan to combine colors in. Doing so will give you a preview of the resulting color. If it is the color you need, you can just proceed with a simple tap. If not, just lift your finger and the combination will not push through.

3. Rush Some Matches

Tiny Bubbles does not follow the usual puzzle game mechanic where you just make one move at a time. It is sometimes beneficial to rush your matches. In fact, some puzzles will only be solved if you manage to chain multiple matches quickly. To do this, you will need to tap on multiple bubbles in quick succession. You will have to analyze the layout of the bubbles first, plan your moves, then execute it quickly before the bubbles settle into place.

4. Fish Can Be Tricky

Some of the levels will have fish in them. These fish will regularly blow bubbles onto your puzzle. It can sometimes be useful since they might place the exact bubble you need to pull off a combo. Other times, they just add to your work. If you don’t want to take that risk, try to clear the puzzle as quickly as you can. This will minimize their chances of messing up your combos with their added bubbles.

5. Check Your Goal

Every level has its own set of goals. Make sure you keep an eye on the goals that pop up because they change regularly. It is not always about mindlessly matching colors. Some levels will require you to match certain colors before you can complete them. If you don’t pay attention, you will end up failing the level before you realize it.

6. Look At The Tiny Circles

When you look at the bottom of the screen, you will often see small circles with icons on them. These circles tell you the different mechanics that are applicable for that particular puzzle. For example, if you have Wilds Enabled, you will be able to create a multicolored droplet that can be matched with any color by matching five or more bubbles. You will also be able to get a hint from the same panel. Keep an eye on it to know the things you can do in that level.

7. Try The Different Modes

There are three modes available in Tiny Bubbles: Puzzles, Arcade, and Infinity. Puzzles mode follows the more traditional system where you need to complete everything within a given number of moves. Arcade mode, on the other hand, gives you a more fast-paced gameplay by giving you limited time to complete the puzzles. Infinity mode, as the name suggests, is for players who just want to keep on solving puzzles, one after the other. Try the different modes and see which one suits your play style.

8. Crabs Eat Stars

Some levels will have stars in them. Depending on the goal, you will have to either link them together, or free them from the bubbles. Unfortunately, these stages will also often have jelly crabs in them. Make sure the crabs don’t get to the stars no matter what. These nasty creatures will do everything they can to keep you from completing your goals!

9. Don’t Wait Too Long

There are some levels in Arcade mode where you have to reduce the size of the foam to a certain size. While it is advised that you think before you start tapping, don’t spend too much time planning your moves. The foam will continue to grow if you are not matching anything. If it grows beyond a certain size, sea urchins will come up and pop the bubbles. You will have to start over when that happens. That means all your efforts up to that point will be wasted.

10. Think Outside The Box

There are several ways for you to solve puzzles in Tiny Bubbles, and some of them will not always be obvious. For example, you can reuse a bubble while it is still in the process of disappearing. Some puzzles can only be solved by using this tactic. Another example is if you need to force a bubble to touch another. You can do this by quickly pumping it with droplets until it touches the bubble you want to pair it with. Remember, the game utilizes bubble physics. Think of ways you can use this to your advantage by imagining how bubbles behave in real life.

It is time to pop some bubbles in Tiny Bubbles! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be able to solve all the puzzles in no time!