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Goosebumps HorrorTown Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become a Terrifying Horror Master

Do you feel nothing in life excites you anymore? Are you bored of following the same old routine everyday? Get ready to be jump scared out of your sofa and fumbling for the controls in this scary new release from PIXOWL INC. Goosebumps HorrorTown is a fresh entry into the horror games genre and delivers a captivating gameplay in addition to scaring the wits out of you at every interval! Goosebumps Horror Town is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes store and is marked as coming soon for Android devices on the Google Play Store. You can enjoy days and days of gameplay and activities in a very reasonable package size of only 88 MB. Therefore you will not have to worry about storage space on your phone while playing the game and you will be able to enjoy it to the max. Some similar games in the city simulation category by other developers include Miracle City 2 and the SIM City series but none of them come as close to a perfectly scary storyline as Goosebumps HorrorTown. The developers also put in considerable effort to take feedback of players into account and roll out regular updates with new features and bug fixes.

As is natural with a horror title, the difficulty level is quite hard for beginners and it continues to increase as you progress through the game. The developers have devised a very clever and humorous tutorial to help you through the basics when you begin the game. This hooks you to the game but you will soon realize that not every detail has been mentioned in the tutorial and therefore you will have to rely upon some external guidance to ensure your continued survival in the scary town. This is where this guide comes in as the tips and tricks mentioned here will help you firmly stand your ground in the face of all kinds of horrors and become a terrifying architect of horror in Goosebumps HorrorTown!

1. Get Familiar With The Monsters

The most important tip to succeed in Goosebumps HorrorTown is to make yourself as familiar as possible with the different kinds of horrific creatures in the game. This is because when you start progressing to the higher stages, more and more unique creatures will start to unlock and become available for you to use in the town. When this moment arrives, you need to be prepared beforehand and ensure that you utilize the special abilities and skills of the monsters in the best possible manner. There are two main types of creatures in Goosebumps HorrorTown. The first type includes those whose sole purpose is to scare humans and create chaos in the town. The second type is unlocked much later in the game and is much more interesting as these factions can fight amongst each other creating the opportunity for a lot more horror and destruction around the town. If you are familiar with all the types of monsters you will be able to decide on which ones to use to create the ultimate recipe for disaster.

Ghastly Ghouls

The first kind of creatures that you will encounter in the game belong to the ethereal plane and are sure to haunt your dreams for quite some nights to come. The ghouls are ghosts of dead people that have come back to the human world to create destruction and cause pain to all living things. If that is not a scary enough description for these monstrous beings, the game will take you on a tour on how exactly to use them to scare humans out of their wits as they stroll along streets of your horror town at night. The Ghouls are most effective when used in pairs and the most optimum location to place them is on an empty plot of land or near a street intersection. This is because these are places where humans tend to generally get uncomfortable and they are much easier to scare when they are already on edge.

It is very important to focus upon how many ghouls you place in your town because too much of a scary thing can cause it to lose its effectiveness. If you place a lot of ghouls together, unsuspecting humans will get a huge scare when they see the first one but start to gain courage as they see the same kind of monsters are repeating again and again. An excellent combination of ghouls exist with banshees as they scream really loudly while humans see the ghastly ghouls and that is enough to scare even the bravest of men.

Terrifying Mummies

One of the earliest monsters you will be able to use originate from ancient sacred Egyptian roots yet are one of the most terrifying experiences for humans. As you play the game and place mummies around the town, you will notice that it takes a while of walking in front of humans before they realise that it is a mummy walking. This is not a glitch or bug in programming but it is a reality simulation placed by the developers. The point when humans actually get scared is when the mummies emit the low pitched growl that signals their evil intentions for all living things. Upon hearing this dreadful sound, the humans jump up waving their arms in the air and run wildly away from the mummies.

Mummies are extremely useful creatures in Goosebumps HorrorTown as they do not need to be placed in one spot and have the ability to move around. Their speed of movement is very slow compared to when humans start running but they are still very good at covering streets which are full of houses and therefore unavailable for ghouls or other stationary creatures. In addition some humans have the tendency to get a double scare as they go in one direction and when the mummy follows them they inadvertently turn back receiving a shock for the second time. This double scare opportunity should never be missed as it provides you with a scare score multiplier and a higher score should always be on your checklist.

Rotting Zombies

These are the third type of creatures within the game that have the sole purpose of scaring humans and causing as much anguish to them as possible. Rotten corpses of undead humans, the zombies have a slow movement rate but are extremely effective in groups of two or more. The best location to place and use the rotting Zombies is near graveyards and churches because humans already subconsciously think about the dead coming to life. Using the zombies in these locations exploits this fear to the maximum and gives you a much more effective reaction from the humans. In addition these locations are the places where it is hard to use other types of creatures like the ghouls and mummies so the zombies come to your rescue albeit in a very scary manner indeed.

Similar to the mummies, it takes some time for humans to identify and react to zombies because they look like normal humans in a shabby condition from far off. However it is their rotting and strong smell that causes the town inhabitants to suspect that something is wrong. This means that the zombies do not need to come too close to humans like the mummies do and their smell can reach around street corners as well. However you will not get a scare reaction from the people unless they visually see the zombie and match the extremely bad smell with the equally disgusting appearance of these creatures. Remember to use this fact to your advantage and place the zombies around corners so that they suddenly come into the vision of humans and create a much scarier effect on them.

Bloodthirsty Vampires

The most powerful creatures that have sinister agendas of their own are the famed vampires. Famous through the ages for influencing important events in human history, they play a major role in Goosebumps HorrorTown as well. The major difference that you will feel after placing these creatures in your town is your lack of control over their actions. Sometimes they do not attack or try to scare humans even if the opportunity presents itself and you need to understand that this is in their nature rather than simply getting frustrated over your inability to control them.

The best location to place the bloodthirsty Vampires in your horror town is near the city centre because this will allow them to cover the maximum area of effect and also keep them from meddling with the first type of creatures. Limiting the interaction of vampires with the creatures like ghouls, zombies and mummies is essential to your control over the town because vampires have the ability to influence other monsters. In addition they can also make them do their own bidding so your plans for destruction and chaos might get spoilt if you don’t take care while placing these clever monstrosities into the horror town.

2. Managing Events And Restaurants

Goosebumps HorrorTown is a unique game that combines the best of city simulation with a horrific mix of scary characters. While managing the city you will also have to organize periodic festivals and events which would help promote the terrifying image of your horror town. These events can be conducted at special abandoned or haunted sites and the number of humans and monsters attending them will determine the success of your planning as the architect of the horror town.

You will also have a popular restaurant in the town which will serve both humans and monsters. For humans you should degrade the quality of the food and serve them dishes such as roasted roaches and slime balls which you can unlock using the scare points and cash in the game. This will ensure that your disgusting reputation is always maintained in the horror town. In addition you can always kidnap some unsuspecting humans and serve them as a delicacy to the more important of your monster customers. It sounds horrific but that’s what the game is all about.

3. Using Scare Points and Upgrading Cleverly

Scare Points are your main currency in Goosebumps HorrorTown and it is very important to know when to use them and when to keep them safe for later use. This is because a really good scaring encounter with a human gets you only a few scare points and once you have scared a character it will be very difficult to scare him again. The best way to spend your scare points is to unlock the special creatures and keep them safe for when you reach the later stages. The game will tempt you into using the points for needless things like additional bonuses and chances to get score multipliers. However these are things which can only boost your score for a very short time and it is much better to invest in more permanent upgrades.

The best way to utilize your upgrades in Goosebumps HorrorTown is to wait for as long as possible before you are able to unlock the special skills of any of the creatures. For first time playing the game this will be when you unlock the jump scare upgrade for the rotting zombies. This upgrade will give your scare points a huge boost and you will immediately feel the difference when humans come face to face with zombies and their reactions. Another essential upgrade that you must keep your scare points saved for is the horror area upgrade.

Even though you are in control of the horror town but you initially have a very small area where you can place creatures so this upgrade is very important for increasing the area under your control. Therefore remember to always upgrade intelligently and develop the most sinister master plan for becoming a terrifying horror master in Goosebumps HorrorTown.