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The .io genre has always been about fierce competitions. It’s just that they have also often been about seemingly harmless things like balls and worms. takes the genre to the next level by bringing in a brutal combat system that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. Available on Android and iOS devices, Crescent Moon Games’ new mobile title is all about cracking the skulls of your enemies. The controls are pretty easy to pick up. Just use the joystick to move around, then throw your axe at unsuspecting enemies, hopefully beheading them in the process. There is a catch, though. You don’t have an unlimited number of axes in your pocket. In fact, when you throw your only axe, you will be defenseless until you pick up another one. That means you will have to scramble to find a new axe before other players notice! Survival is the only thing that matters in the arena. Make sure you are prepared by reading our compilation of cheats, tips and strategies before jumping in!

1. Practice Makes The Perfect Killing Machine

While this is probably one of the oldest advice there is, it still is very useful today. Practicing is the only way for you to master the game. The controls are easy to learn, but the aiming isn’t. When you are busy running around the arena, you will not have a lot of time to sit around while you adjust your aim. You will need to throw hundreds of axes in order for you to get used to timing your throws. Practicing a lot will also save you by letting you master when to dodge in order to avoid incoming axes.

2. Collect Some Axes

As we mentioned above, you cannot throw something you don’t have. You have to pick up an axe to be able to throw it. The best thing to do is to collect a few axes at the beginning of the level. This is the time when everyone else is still getting their bearings. Take that opportunity to pick up as many axes as you can. Once you are ready, you can make it rain axes with the hopes of smashing several skulls in a single round. After that, you can just dash to pick up all the axes you threw. Having a lot of axes to throw means your target will have a tougher time dodging. Hopefully, that will translate in to a lot of kills. The more kills you have, the more skills, items, and other rewards you will get.

3. How To Continue After Death

When you are having a particularly good streak, the last thing you want is for it to end. When that happens, you still have a chance to continue where you left off. The game will give you the option to either pay 200 gems or watch a video advertisement. Of course, you should always pick the video option since it is free. Keep in mind that this will only be offered when you die for the first time in your run. Dying a second time will end your run, but you will still be offered another advertisement in exchange for tripling your rewards.

4. Unlock New Characters, Here’s How

There are several characters available for you to unlock in You can get them in two ways. The first one is to simply complete the different tasks that are given to you. For example, you may need to get a total of 200 kills across multiple games. If you do not have the patience for such tasks, you can also opt for the quick way. You can unlock new characters by agreeing to pay gems. Keep in mind, though, that this option can be prohibitively expensive depending on what you want to unlock. For example, the Dark Knight character will require a whopping 30,000 gems to unlock. That’s pretty steep even for players who like grinding.

5. Try The Different Game Modes

Aside from the basic Arena mode, also offers Deathmatch, Battleground, and Dragon Hunter. Deathmatch mode will let you compete against real players from around the world.

Battleground is the same, only you will be playing in a battle royale arena where you need to kill every person in the level until you are the only one left. Dragon Hunter is a cooperative mode where you team up with other players in order to take down a raid boss. Try out each of these modes to find out which one suits your play style the most. Playing the different modes is also a good way to keep things from getting repetitive.

6. Short Range Is The Best

While killing someone with an axe from a great distance can be impressive, it can also be counterproductive. Remember, you are going to have to pick that axe up after you throw it. You may as well minimize the distance you have to cover before picking it up. Aside from that, you will also notice that the hit box for axes can be a little tricky. Throwing at short range will help ensure more successful hits. Keep in mind, though, that this is a double-edged approach. If it is easier for you to hit your opponents, the same will be true for them.

Approach with caution and be prepared to dodge at any moment. One cool trick you can use is to dodge roll towards them before slapping them with an axe. Since rolling towards your enemies can be an unexpected move, you can catch your target off guard and chop his head off before he can retaliate.

7. Pick Up Shields Too

Axes are not the only things you can pick up in this game. Make sure you start picking up shields as soon as you hit level 2. A shield will block a single frontal attack. While you won’t really plan to get hit at all, having that one layer of protection can be the difference between losing and winning. You will never know when a stray axe could catch you by surprise. It helps if you have a shield ready for when that happens.

Don’t forget that you will also be able to pick up back shields once you hit level 5. These shields protect you from one back attack before breaking. Try to have both shields at all times to ensure you are protected from any surprise attacks that may come your way. Of course, you should still try to avoid any attacks even if you have shields active. You want to save them as a last resort.

8. Coins Give You Experience

As you run around the Arena, you will often notice coins on the ground. You will also notice a few gems drop after someone gets killed. Since most people will be going after more kills, you can just wander around to pick up any of the coins and gems that get ignored during battle.

These will give you a lot of easy experience without having to worry about kills. Of course, make sure the rightful owner of those coins is not waiting to chop your head off while you are grabbing his loot. Stay alert and be quick when swiping those coins!

9. Go To The Yellow Dots

When in Battleground mode, you will often see yellow dots marked on the map. These are special areas that can give you an advantage if you secure them early. You will often find campfires, explosive barrels, swords, and other loot waiting in these spots. Try to go to one of the yellow dots as soon as you see them. Just be careful because enemies will also be going after these yellow dots. If you are quick enough, you can lie in wait in these spots and ambush anyone who tries to pick up the loot. You could also opt to just grab the loot for yourself, then run off to a safer area. You can expect the yellow dots to be heavily contested. If you would rather steer clear of the action to ensure your survival, just grab what you can from the yellow spots and run for it!

10. Wait For The Fireball

When playing in Dragon Hunter mode, you will be teamed up with computer-controlled players against a dragon. You are not any stronger in this mode, which means it still takes just one attack for you to die. What is worse is that you need to get close to the dragon in order to throw your axe. There is a trick to attacking the dragon, though. All you have to do is wait.

The dragon will attack the closest character. Wait until the dragon is close enough to you, then wait for it to throw a fireball your way. Don’t try to attack before the fireball because you will be left vulnerable. Once you see the fireball, quickly do a dodge roll to get out of the way. You can then quickly throw your axe to ensure it hits without worrying about retaliation. Do this repeatedly until you are able to take down the dragon. Do not get too aggressive and try to throw multiple axes in one go. This will most likely get you killed because the fireball has a tricky hit box that can damage you even if you feel like you are in the clear.

It is time to grab your weapons and charge into battle in! Winning won’t be easy, but if you follow our strategy guide, you will surely emerge victorious!