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The Tribez Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build a Prosperous Tribal Village

Yes, it’s another one of those building games that seem to be very popular with gamers these days, and actually have been quite popular for a while in other platforms. The Tribez is an Android and iOS title that is described as an adventure where you travel to a distant past full of secrets and mysteries as you explore a primitive world. The people of this world have been hidden for eons and still make use of Stone Age technology. You may also encounter flora and fauna of the Stone Age, not to mention dinosaurs, who were long extinct (in the real world) by the time that era started!

Still, it’s only a game if you come to think about it, and when it comes to playing this game, you’ll want to be as good at it as possible. That’s why we are now bringing to you a list of The Tribez tips, tricks and cheats to help your tribal village prosper.

1. Don’t Spend Any Crystals During The Tutorial

Crystals are The Tribez’s premium currency, and you should not, in any way, shape, or form, spend those crystals in the tutorial stage. While the game will tell you that you should spend crystals, spending them is actually optional. You can simply let tasks complete on their own, no need to use crystals to speed them up. Also, do not approve any offers to upgrade your warehouse or spend real money on crystals or coins – if you can level up without parting with your real-life cash (and you could), why spend that dough on in-game currency If you should use crystals, though, make sure you save them for important tasks.

2. Complete Quests To Gain More Experience

You can view your quests on the left side of your display, and check on them to see what you can do at the moment. If you complete a quest, that will not only earn you more experience points, but also more loot. Take note that one of your primary tasks would always have a quest included; this means you have all the chances in the world to start new quests after the old ones are completed.

3. Get More Money, Here’s How

There are a few buildings you’ll need to construct if you want to have more money in this game. These buildings – Trading Posts, Theaters, and Shaman Shops – need to be constructed and collected from, so be sure you’ve got all three if you’re looking to increase your funds in the game. In addition, pay close attention to what your workers want. Send them to their buildings to make them happy and earn more coins.

4. Increase Your Population

How can you increase your population in The Tribez? The answer here is to create as many huts as possible. If you’ve got more huts, that means more people heading to your village and becoming a part of your community. This also results in your happiness level increasing. Make a good number of huts for your villagers to live in and chances are they’ll be happy.

5. Save A Lot Of Food For Your Villagers

As your villagers will be involved in various activities that will help your village thrive, they’ll need to be working on a full stomach. Have enough food to support these activities, but make sure your villagers don’t bite off more than they can chew – don’t overwork them with too many tasks. Overworking them will force them to consume more food and put more pressure on you, so keep things realistic and don’t push your villagers too hard.

6. Check On Your Villagers’ Happiness Regularly

It’s important to regularly do happiness “health checks” on your villagers during the idle time where you’re not building structures or expanding your village. Check for those wish icons on your villagers’ heads – if you see a food icon, they’re hungry, and need to be dragged to the cafeteria. If you see cocktail glasses, they want to wet their whistles at the village bar. All you have to do is tap on their wish icon and they’ll go to the building that fulfills their wishes.

7. How To Get More Free Crystals (Take Note Of The Catch)

There is a way for you to get free crystals in The Tribez, but there is also a caveat, particularly for those who don’t feel the need to share their gaming activity on social media. Letting the game post on your behalf on Facebook and/or Twitter will get you at least 20 free crystals, but you’ll also have to deal with the game posting incessantly on your social media accounts. There is a workaround here, though, and that’s to access your Facebook or Twitter settings and disallow games from posting on your account. You’ll still get to keep your crystals even if you do this.

8. Watch Out For The Savages

If you see people who have a circle icon, plus three exclamation points on top of their heads, that means you’re dealing with savages. And these savages are out to wreak havoc on your village! Simply tap on the savages to fight them off and drive them away before they burn your huts and buildings.

9. Refrain From Building Structures Too Early

There are some quests that will require you to build certain structures. Take note of those structures and do not build them before you take on the quest! You wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to earn some easy experience points, right?

10. Spend Your Money Wisely

90 percent of the time, our tips don’t require you to use any real money on anything. But if you’ve got some cash to burn and don’t mind making an in-app purchase, you should spring for experience and construction building boosters. Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Speed, and Spirit of Wisdom all make for good purchases, so take these under consideration if you’re spending real money.


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