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Guardian Hunter Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks for Early Success

Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawl RPG comes to you from NHN Games, and it’s available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Your goal is to “hunt all the monsters in Bellia” and turn them into Guardians. The game also invites you to join the “super brawl” as a guardian hunter, and gives you the option of playing it “light or fast.”

As you can see above, and also in the game description, some of the English used in there is clunky, but the bottom line here is that you’ll be taming Guardians, or creatures that roam Bellia. And here are some Guardian Hunter tips and tricks to help you be the best in what you do as early on as possible.

1. Go For The Sneak Attack

There’s nothing honorable about attacking someone from behind in real life, but in this game, you get to deal out some extra damage if you attack an enemy when their back is turned. The Roll skill and others will help make this easier for you – attack once so your character is locked towards the enemy, and use the Roll skill to set up a back attack after you’re done rolling.

2. Keep On Rolling

The Roll skill isn’t just used for setting up sneak attacks; in fact, you’ll want to use it as frequently as possible when you’re in a tight situation. If you go for the roll, you can maneuver your way through enemies and find yourself more wiggle room. And the best thing about this skill is that you can use it as often as you please due to its quick cool down time.

3. Be In Constant Motion

Most of the time, your enemies will attack you by going up to you and taking aim. Then you’ve also got the Archer and Sorceress, who both use ranged attacks. This makes it important to be in motion most, if not all of the time. If you’re frequently on the move, that’ll reduce your chances of getting hit by an enemy.

4. Level Up Your First Rare Guardian

After you complete the tutorial, you’ll receive a rare Guardian, and once you finish the first few levels, you’ll get Mushrooms and other lower-level Guardians. As more Guardians means less space, leveling up your initial rare Guardian would allow you to maximize those skills; you can always sell surplus Guardians to earn the gold you’ll need to pull off an upgrade.

5. Train Your Character As Well

Enemy Guardians will become more and more difficult to deal with as you keep on playing the game. That means your hero should also be upgraded regularly – go to the training menu to level up your hero’s skills and stats. Skills, in particular, should be your main focus, as that speeds up the time in which you can destroy enemies.

6. Remember The Elemental Hierarchy

This is one of those many role playing games where there’s an elemental hierarchy. As such, you should know how it works and how you can take advantage of elemental weaknesses. Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, Water beats Fire. Light and Dark don’t beat out any of the above elements, but beat out each other.