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Guardian Hunter Tips & Tricks: How to Earn More Crystals for Free

We’ve already shared some Guardian Hunter tips and tricks for first-time players – that’s where you want to go if you want to eventually become the best guardian hunter out there, and get started on the right foot. But before we fill you in with more tips, let’s give you a backgrounder on the game. The title is from NHN, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices – your objective is to capture Guardians and convert them to your side.

It’s a role-playing game that involves a lot of the same elements as other mobile RPGs, and those elements include premium currency. We shall now tell you some ways in which you can earn more of those premium crystals in Guardian Hunter.

1. Complete All Objectives For Your Stage

Before starting each stage, you’ll notice a few objectives that you can complete, such as completing the stage within a specified time limit, or not taking any kind of damage. Complete these level objectives, because if you do, you’ll earn a crystal for free. Oftentimes, the missions aren’t essential, but then again, completing them is a great way to earn more crystals.

2. Play In Harder Difficulty

Guardian Hunter has three difficulty levels, each of which unlock each other. For example, you can complete a stage on Hard only when you accept Normal, and once you’ve beaten Hard, you can move on to an Elite version of the same stage. As each difficulty level has a set of goals distinct from the others, you’re looking at a maximum three crystals per stage.

3. Complete Continuation Quests

A look at the Quests screen shows Daily and Continuation variants, and the individual quests change each day even if you’re not able to complete them. Completing a Continuation quest, which is more akin to achievements, would gift you with some crystals.

4. Login At Least A Few Minutes A Day

If you’ll notice, Guardian Hunter has its own attendance calendar, it’ll tell you when you’ve logged in to the game. And as you keep logging in every day, you’ll be getting better and better rewards. Special events are also fantastic for those who want more crystals, as your participation will usually be rewarded with crystals.