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Final Fable Tips, Cheats & Strategies: 6 Killer Tricks You Need to Know

At the moment, IGG’s Final Fable is only available for Android devices, making it a rarity among mobile games. That said, we do apologize if you’re an Apple device owner, but if you own an Android phone or tablet, you’re in luck – this is a role-playing game that is actually inspired by fairy tales and fables! The game takes place in the world of Fantasia, where evil is taking over and fairy tales are “straying from their narrative.” The game comes with over 100 stages, allows you to collect fables as “special trading cards,” and in terms of mechanics, you can say that this is a turn-based RPG. So having given you the basics, let’s get to the meat of the matter and bring you the first part of our Final Fable tips, tricks and strategy guide.

1. Pay Attention To The Red Dot

One of the most basic things to learn about Final Fable is the red dot – you want to tap on this dot because it means there’s something that needs to be brought to your attention. This could relate to rewards, or could also mean a progress update for a certain mission or quest.

2. Follow The Quests

This is as easy and straightforward as it gets – when you’re in doubt about anything, the best thing to do is to follow the quests and complete them. That’s going to keep you on the right track as you follow the game’s storyline. And having said that, there are different types of quests for you to complete, some of which we’ll tell you about below.

3. What Type Of Quests Can You Complete?

The first is the Touch of Gold quest, which would require you to complete it five times a day for Team Lvl EXP – we suggest laying off this quest if you’re playing the free version, as it’ll cost you 50 gems. Buy and Win is also optional for F2P, while The Elitist should only be done if your hero is at Purple status or higher.

4. Keep In Mind That Team Lvl Is Very Important

In fact, you can say that Team Lvl (Level) is the most important thing you should pay attention to in Final Fable. If you keep leveling this up through quests and battles, you can make your heroes even stronger, increase their maximum stamina, and level them up in terms of Hero Lvl and Skill Lvl.

5. What Skills Should You Be Upgrading On Which Heroes?

This is a very good question, and while it all depends on your lineup, as a rule of thumb you should upgrade your main Heroes first. As for their skills, we recommend upgrading skills that could give your Heroes passive buffs or heal your entire team, AoE (Area of Effect) skills for more damage against enemies, and skills that can disable enemies, e.g. blind, stun, silence, etc.

6. Login Every Day For To Get More Rewards

Final Fable isn’t bashful about giving out rewards, and you can get some by logging in every day. This could give you a chance to get the free Hero of the Month, which could be very beneficial in the game for you. Just don’t forget to redeem your prizes by going to the in-game Mailbox – as an aside, you can also earn rewards for success in the Arena or in special events.

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