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Final Fable Guide, Tips & Hints to Evolve Your Heroes

We hope you’re ready for the second part of our Final Fable strategy guide for new players (if you’ve missed reading the first guide you can check right here), as we continue to talk you through a number of things you should remember when playing this game for the first time. But in case this is your first time reading this strategy guide, we should remind you that Final Fable offers a rather interesting take on RPGs. While you are playing in a fantasy in-game world (known as Fantasia), this universe is based on fairy tales and fables. But other than that, the mechanics are similar, if not exactly the same, as your average RPG. Having gotten that out of the way, let’s resume these tips and give you more strategies you can employ if you’re a new Final Fable player.

1. Combos Make A Great Team

Look at the Combos section under Heroes when trying to assemble a team; if you have two Heroes or more who have the same combo, then that could give your team some significant stat bonuses.

2. Evolve Your Main Heroes

At some point, you’ll want to evolve your Heroes to make them even stronger. It’s the stronger main Heroes you want to evolve to Purple level, while you can evolve the less powerful ones to Blue +1 or Blue +2. Outfitting them with high-end equipment will also make them stronger and help unlock more skills for them.

3. Keep On Farming

Looking for an easy way to get yourself more gear, as well as Summon Shards you can complete to get more Heroes? All you have to do is to keep on farming, or grinding – for those who aren’t familiar with gaming (especially RPG) jargon, this refers to repeating previously completed levels in order to gain more of something.

4. How To Spend Your Gems

As you may have figured, gems are the game’s premium currency. And when it comes to spending your gems, there are certain things you want to spend them on. These include Stamina Packs – we recommend buying at least one per day, with the number of packs depending on how many gems you have. As we said last time, you’ll need 50 gems to play the Midas Touch quest, so that’s something you may want to save for the paid version. Additionally, you can use them to buy the first Arcane Tome draw, as that’ll give you a good chance of adding a higher-level Hero.

5. About The PvP Arena

The PvP (Player vs Player) Arena will become available once you’ve reached Team Lvl 10. Fighting in the Arena would be a great way for you to earn other forms of currency, including coins, diamonds, and Honor Coins; the latter would be best used for buying Hero Soul Stones early in the game. When forming a team for the Arena, you want one that matches your style on both ends, and has a versatile blend of characters. But if this team ends up losing quite a lot, you may want to deliberately dog it, and keep losing fights to complete the “Keen Combatant” event, which should at least count for something.