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Puzzle & Glory Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: How to Succeed in the Game

Honestly speaking, we’re a bit surprised that SEGA’s Puzzle & Glory is an iOS exclusive as of this writing. As this game is one of a growing number of Match 3/RPG hybrids, we were thinking it may be available for Android devices due to the popularity of Match 3 games in general, but as of now, you can only play it if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad. While simple Match 3 strategies are “just the beginning,” as SEGA says in the App Store description, there’s more than just that. You can also take part in epic battles where gem swaps could be the difference between victory and defeat. Enemies can also play Match 3 combinations against you. And you can also collect heroes with their own roles on your team.

Indeed, this is not your standard, run-of-the-mill Match 3 game, and it’s not even your standard Match 3/RPG hybrid. And because of this complexity, we’ve come up with a list of Puzzle & Glory cheats, tips and strategies that could be key in helping all players, especially newer ones, understand the game.

1. Make The Most Out Of The Mimic Gem

How does the matching mechanic in Puzzle & Glory work? For starters, you have to remember that there are six colors, each corresponding to a certain gem, and the color strengths of both heroes and monsters. But there is also a seventh gem called the Mimic Gem. What it does is leverage the strongest color against the enemy you’re facing when you make a match with it. If you combine three Mimic Gems or more next to gems of that particular color, you can wreak total havoc, especially if you make combos of four or five gems of the same kind.

2. Your Heroes’ Formation Is Important

This should be common knowledge for anyone who plays a lot of RPGs, but just in case you’re an RPG newbie, we’ll stress it again as our second tip for Puzzle & Glory.

Regardless of what type of strategy you plan to employ, the formation of your heroes should be done in the right way. For the back row, you’ll want a Healer in there, someone who can provide support and heal your heroes in front. The middle row should contain your Firepower hero, your main meal ticket when it comes to dealing out damage. Then up in front you should have your Tank. This hero’s main role is to soak up damage with his/her increased health points; the Tank doesn’t have to do a lot of damage (they seldom do), just as long as their HP is far more than your other team members.

3. Bring The Right-Colored Team Along For An Adventure

While it’s great to have some heroes you can rely on for any adventure, that’s not always the case in this game. All monsters, as we explained above, have their own corresponding color strengths and weaknesses, so you should bring those heroes who have matching strength in the color of the adventure. They’ll be able to do 75 percent more damage on gem matches, and that’s a lot, especially when the Mimic Gems are played.

This philosophy also applies to PvP mode, where all heroes have color-based strengths and weaknesses you should be taking note of…and taking advantage of.

4. Stuck Somewhere? Use A Potion

If you’re fielding a team where your heroes are a bit far away from being leveled up fully, you’ll want to give them some valuable backup in the form of potions. Have them bring enough health and revive potions and you’ll be able to take on some very tough enemies and earn bigger rewards. And just as a reminder, take note of the number of skulls corresponding to enemies, as that tells you how tough they are to defeat.

5. Special Gems Remain Throughout All Battles In Adventures

Special Gems, meaning those that correspond to Armor, Blast, Combat, etc., will ideally remain on the board in each battle included in an adventure. These are essentially buffs, as they call them in RPG jargon, or items that could passively make your heroes stronger. Keep on accumulating these special gems so that you’ll earn more bonuses and become deadlier when fighting enemies.

6. How To Make The Most Out Of Countdown Gems

Likewise, Countdown Gems will also remain from battle to battle, and you can pull off a bit of a cheat with them. Try ending a battle with just a single turn remaining by using a Blast or Doom gem, and enter the next fight, which is where the Countdown Gem will instantly explode.

7. Protect Your Special Gems

Then again, you’ve got to protect those Special Gems. Rows and columns will disintegrate through the special combos you and your opponent pull off. That could put your Special Gems in jeopardy, but you can also protect them by means of the Fortify skill. Fortified gems won’t disappear from the board if they’re matched, but their fortification will be removed if they’re in the path of a horizontal or vertical line-clearing attack.

8. Join A Guild

Like other RPGs, Puzzle & Glory has the option for players to join guilds. Aside from the obvious social element here that makes these games more fun, the benefits of guilds are manifold. But to sum it up in a few quick words, guild members can work together to defeat especially difficult bosses that can’t be defeated by one player alone, while also earning better-quality rewards by ranking high.

9. Replay Completed Levels

Grinding, or the act of replaying certain levels, is an age-old RPG trick that allows you to get certain items or farm for more loot. In Puzzle & Glory, you can use this act of replaying levels repeatedly in order to face a mini-boss that you need to defeat for a certain item. And you can also grind to do as we told you above – farm for more items that may be of use to you.