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Land Sliders Tips & Strategies: A Guide to Dealing with Enemies

Although, most people associate Land Sliders with Crossy Road because of their similarities, this new iOS game by Prettygreat is ultimately a different kind of casual gaming experience. And it’s been quite the hit so far with Apple device owners, as we’ve delivered quite a few Land Sliders strategy guides so far, including one that explains how to get a high score and another one which contains some neat tricks about how to get unlimited coins in the game. This title, to remind you of what it’s about, involves sliding around multiple game environments, collecting items (or “Swag” as many call them), avoiding enemies, and staying clear of obstacles and other hazards.

For this particular strategy guide, we shall be taking a look at the different enemies you can encounter in Land Sliders. We shall be enumerating them one by one, in alphabetical order, as we offer some Land Sliders tips and tricks on how to deal with these animals (may they be real or fictional) in the game.

Black Bears

Black bears start chasing you once you’re within their vicinity. Compared to the brown bears, which we’ll discuss below, black bears are larger, but also faster. They also wake up faster. Black bears are as swift as most human-controlled characters, so you need to be very, very fast when trying to dodge them. Try to look for a higher level, or look for a way to trap them to their deaths before they kill you first.

Brown Bears

Brown bears aren’t harmful unless they’re awake, and they do wake up when they notice you’re somewhere around their area. And when they do awaken, they’ll chase after you, moving in your general path; if you go right, they’ll go right, if you go down, they’ll follow you down, and so on. The best way to avoid them is to run away until you’re far enough; once they’re no longer on your screen, that means they’ve given up and gone back to sleep.

Regardless if you’re dealing with a brown or a black bear, you can knock them into the water or off a cliff. This is best done when you slide onto a sleeping bear’s back, and if the bear is on the edge of a cliff or next to water.


Bulls traditionally stand their ground until you’re within close range of them. They would then build up some tempo and charge at you very quickly, in a straight line. However, you can avoid them easily unless they are right within a few millimeters of you (as you see them on-screen). It’s important to note that bulls keep on charging until they fall into the water or off a cliff, so if you see the opportunity, try to lure them to such a death. Also, bulls change direction a wee bit during their charge, but remain on a mostly straight path.

Cactus Turtles

Turtles, just as you may think, are slow movers who operate arbitrarily in a small part of the in-game map. And the operative word above is small – they’re quite rare in the game, and they rarely venture outside of their territory. While they don’t chase after you, they do serve as living spikes, as you may inadvertently slide into one of them. Be careful of cactus turtles, even if they’re not the kind to run after their prey.

Cloud Spiders

Cloud spiders release octagonal shapes from above – these shapes are actually acid patches that could kill you instantly. However, you can make use of cues to get away from the acid – a purple outline will show up, warning you of where the acid will land. That outline will fill up soon thereafter, which means you should not at all be in contact with that nasty purple stuff; escape the outline before the acid appears.

There are also two types of cloud spiders in Land Sliders. The green spiders drop acid near their immediate vicinity, while the purple spiders drop acid anywhere on the map. The purple spiders also happen to be faster than the green ones. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to hear of a way in which you can kill either variety of cloud spider.

Giant Ghosts

The only time you’ll encounter giant ghosts is if you try to loot their graves. Still, you should watch out for them because like the black bears we warned you about earlier, they combine size and speed. The giant ghosts, however, are larger, faster, and deadlier – they take up about a quarter of your screen and can chase you all around. They won’t give up chasing you, so if you choose to rob a grave, make sure you head to the exit ASAP, and don’t waste a single split-second of time.


The Pogosaurus is definitely not a real animal, but that doesn’t make it any safer to be around. They will chase you if you’re within their vicinity, and as their name suggests, they move around by bouncing, and not by walking or running. They can even bounce over cliffs and water. All those things allow them to cover a great distance.

As such, they are especially deadly, and when you consider they don’t give up chasing like bears do, you really, really would not want to be around one of them. So what weaknesses do the Pogosauruses have anyway? Well, they cannot jump over spikes and they can’t jump up a level either, so you’ll have to look for a higher level to be rid of them for the time being. It’s also a good idea to try sliding under a Pogosaurus as he jumps, though this may take some practice and is quite a dangerous move.

General Tips To Defeat All Enemies

Speaking on a general basis, you can use these monsters to kill other monsters. For examples, bears or Pogosauruses can be lured towards cactus turtles, thus leading to their instant death upon impact. Bulls kill all enemies in their path, while cloud spiders also kill any other enemy that the acid falls down on. However, enemies of the same kind are invulnerable against each other, while bears and Pogosauruses are invulnerable to each other in specific, mostly teaming up to chase you down, sort of using “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic to charge at you. Watch out for this. And as we mentioned several times in this article, it’s always great if you can trick an enemy into hitting the water or running off a cliff.