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The Office: Somehow We Manage Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete Each Episode Fast

With an abundance of nominations as well as several awards, The Office, which ran for 9 seasons from 2005 to 2013, has made a solid mark in the sitcom genre with its funny and sharp mockumentary style presentation set in a highly relatable workplace scenario. Not to be confused with the similarly-titled 1995 TV series that ran for 5 episodes, or the BBC series from which it was adapted from, what we are talking about is the series that stars Michael, Jim, Dwight, Pam, and the rest of the Dunder Miffin Scranton Branch’s colorful cast of employees.

the office somehow we manage tips

The Office: Somehow We Manage is the first and only mobile game based on the popular series from East Side Games Studio. Much like Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile and Archer: Danger Phone, The Office: Somehow We Manage is an idle clicker game that combines casual fun and excitement with fresh yet familiar storytelling of well-loved small screen personalities. If you loved the TV series, enjoy casual idle clicker games, or a fan of both, then The Office: Somehow We Manage is certainly a game worth diving into.

The Office: Somehow We Manage works much like conventional business sim games as you are tasked to manage the employees of the Dunder Miffin Paper Company. Instead of stages, progression is determined by episodes you complete and each episode comes with a set of tasks you need to accomplish. With the looming threat of downsizing across the firm that will likely impact anyone from the cast of characters, your objectives are largely aimed towards securing more leads and maximizing profits.

the office somehow we manage gameplay

Playing through the comical cut scenes is in itself a treat whether you have watched every episode of the series or not and there will be plenty of it in the initial episodes that serve as your main tutorial session. The basic gameplay mechanics, goals, and currencies are all covered in the tutorial and encompasses all you need to progress smoothly in the early part of the story.

As an idle clicker business sim game, there are neither losses nor game overs in The Office: Somehow We Manage. You should feel little to no pressure with every move and decision you make knowing that profits will continue reeling in regardless of what you do and how much time you spend on it.

the office somehow we manage pretzel day

By design, however, there are certainly more efficient ways to go about everything and if you are itching to play from one episode to the next, then our The Office: Somehow We Manage Beginner’s Guide has all the essential tips, tricks and strategies you need to know to propel fast-track your progression in the game!

1. Activate The Profit Multiplier

Whether you are raring to relive more comical scenes involving the workforce or simply itching to accomplish the different targets on your plate, it is very understandable that you would want to immediately proceed with getting more leads and generating as much cash as you can. Before proceeding with managing your crew, however, we recommend activating the Profit Multiplier first.

the office somehow we manage profit multiplier

The cash icon at the lower left side of your screen leads to the profit multiplier ad boost. You can activate it simply by clicking on the “add time!” button at the bottom of the window and each 15 to 30-second video ad you play keeps the boost active for 4 hours. Although we recommend you to progress your game afterwards, be sure to get back to this feature and extend the duration of the boost. You can stack this boost for a total of 12 hours and this remains active even if you are offline and away from the game.

Even with the full duration of 30 seconds for the random video ad that plays, doubling the cash you generate for 4 hours is very much well worth the effort. This will hold true most especially if you play actively and invest in getting leads for each of the characters. As a basic requirement, however, the characters must have their work automated for you to reap the most benefits from this ad boost when you are offline.

2. Adhere To The Objectives

The Office: Somehow We Manage actually makes it difficult, if not impossible, for you to ignore the current objectives in the episode. These are lodged at the top of your screen and if the textual objectives are not as attractive, your sights will surely be pulled into it when a reward pops up ready to be claimed. Doing the usual activities that you engage in will certainly lead to clearing most of the missions, but if clearing the episode is your priority, then you should pay attention to the targets at hand.

the office somehow we manage daddy issues

In the earlier episodes only one objective will be shown at a time but you can expect all 3 boxes to have missions on them simultaneously as you progress through your adventure. You will always start an episode with enough cash to start an employee’s desk and this will often serve as one of the first missions you will have. Collecting a certain number of cards, coffee, or cash are typical objectives as well just like increasing leads to a certain milestone.

the office somehow we manage collecting

In most cases, especially for beginner, it becomes fairly easy to get lost in the tasks involving the acquisition of more leads and increasing profits. While continuing to do may also likely lead to the accomplishment of some current objectives, it does not happen in every case, which is why it is important to make a habit out of taking note of the objectives.

the office somehow we manage summary

Clearing a certain number of objectives is required for you to proceed to the boss battle at the end of the episode. Beyond that, you would also want to clear objectives as soon as you can as the rewards you can obtain for doing so will tremendously help you progress through the episode. Once available, it is best to claim the rewards so that you can also see the next objectives to accomplish.

the office somehow we manage boss challenge

Although only a maximum of 3 missions can be seen simultaneously, it is possible that your actions and progress lead towards the fulfillment of some next-in-line missions. If they do, then the objective will appear already completed allowing you to nab the reward for it. Special packages that contain character cards and decor cards for your upgrade needs are a common reward for clearing objectives.

the office somehow we manage time

3. Empty Out Your Idle Income

The most basic strategy applied to every idle clicker business sim game applies most especially in The Office: Somehow We Manage. This centers around the idea that you should keep your idle income to a bare minimum for the most part of your adventure. In contrast with other game genres where you should be somewhat inclined to save up your currency for future needs, cash in idle games are meant to be spent since doing so actually leads to more gains.

the office somehow we manage desks

Cash in The Office: Somehow We Manage are your basic profits earned for selling paper and will continue to stream in as soon as someone starts working. Profits earned are in turn used to invest in more leads, with each new lead resulting in an increase in profits.

Each episode in The Office: Somehow We Manage basically equates to a work day in the office and at the end of the day, all the profits you generate will be taken by corporate, leaving you to start off fresh in the next episode with only enough cash to have the first employee working. Likewise, leads also reset at the start of each episode and the cash you earn exclusively from that episode will form part of your budget.

the office somehow we manage idle income

There certainly is some pleasure to experience while watching your idle cash grow from thousands to billions and beyond. However, every bit of cash you spend on leads, as well as work automation, leads to a faster return of the invested cash back into your profits. While you will continue earning profits even just after having one employee start working, the whole idea behind this strategy is to ensure that you are getting the most income with each second that passes.

the office somehow we manage automation

There are exceptions to this general strategy, though as there will be times when doing so without fail may prevent you from investing in options that currently cost more than the cash you have such as automation of a process or the cost of extra leads in the lower desks later on. If you are close to having enough cash for a relatively expensive investment, but a needed one at that, then you can always choose to hold off on spending. There are also definite scenarios that grant you huge sums of cash, like getting back on the game after a long break.

4. Push To Upgrade To A Milestone

Keeping your idle cash down to its bare minimum is just a basic strategy to keep in mind, which should not in any way get in the way of you strategizing around the actual spending of your cash. While every investment leads to an increase in hourly gains, which is always a plus, choosing how to prioritize across different investment options can lead to even higher profits.

There are set milestones attributable to the number of leads that each character has. Reaching these milestones does not just give the character’s profits a tremendous boost, but also earns you rewards like coffee or even cards for upgrades. Although initially, having 10 leads may be a milestone already, this can be different on each episode. Likewise, you can also expect the milestones to grow farther apart from 25 to 50 to 100 and so on.

the office somehow we manage investments

Because of the huge boosts that these milestones can bring into your profits, aiming towards reaching them with every investment you make offers you a huge advantage over simply expending your idle income without strategy. Between multiple options with each one being upgradable to reach the next milestone, you should follow yet another basic investment strategy that we consider for almost every idle clicker business sim game that we play, which is to invest in the cheapest option first.

Keeping all other factors equal, the rate of profit growth you can obtain should be much higher if you choose the cheaper option first as you will effectively be able to afford more lead increases with the same amount of cash invested. As costs of additional leads will also exponentially increase with each new one added, there will naturally come a time when leads for the next character will cost less.

the office somehow we manage milestones

A more expensive investment in The Office: Somehow We Manage, just like in any other idle clicker game, does not necessarily lead to more profits. Surely enough, desks in the office have higher costs attributable to them from top to bottom. While profits normally go higher as well down the line, however, there are different upgrades that can impact this as well. Upgrading characters as well as their respective decors will boost their profits exponentially while upgrading each desk can speed up processing time for profits as well.

5. Be Selective With Upgrades That Use Coffee

Cash and the premium currency, Scottcoins, are not the only resources to manage in The Office: Somehow We Manage. With cash preferably being consumed as soon as you earn it, an almost inverted approach or consideration should be made for the latter one. Coffee stands as the third currency in The Office: Somehow We Manage and just like in real life, coffee can be an even more valuable resource for office people over cash especially in specific scenarios.

the office somehow we manage coffee basket

While there are plenty of ways to earn coffee and that you will occasionally have an abundance of it, the numerous upgrade options that require coffee will always outnumber your supply of it. There are 2 sets of items you can upgrade in The Office: Somehow We Manage and both can be accessed via their respective icons at the bottom of the screen. Characters and decors fall within the collection category and can be accessed through the steel drawer icon while the other set is for upgrading desks.

the office somehow we manage characters

There are a total of 13 characters to unlock in The Office: Somehow We Manage. While most of them perform desk jobs, some characters like Michael and Pam have unique roles. Instead of higher earnings with each upgrade, Michael will actually give you more boss power, making each tap within the boss challenge have more impact on the meter that you need to fill up. As a secretary, upgrading Pam results in increased income for all desk employees and upgrade milestones also form part of the requirements to automate cash generation from some desk employees.

upgrading pam in the office somehow we manage

For the collection, you also need to obtain enough cards to upgrade specific characters and decors. Each character has 2 unique decors assigned to them and upgrading either the character or decor will yield more profits associated with the character. Taking characters and decors to a specific level may also form part of the requirements to automate sales.

the office somehow we manage wooden mallard

As far as the office desks are concerned, you need coffee as well as character desk cards to take them to the next level. Outright profits generated may not increase as a result of desk upgrades but processing time is tremendously improved instead. This ultimately leads to a higher profit over time as well, provided that you are grabbing cash as soon as they become available or characters all have automation activated.

the office somehow we manage character desks

While every upgrade is good considering their permanent positive effects on performance and income, there are precautions to take relative to consuming coffee that may otherwise provide more benefits invested into something else. Part of the usual objectives you can expect to appear within every episode requires you to upgrade a desk or a decor. If you happen to do this prior to the actual objective appearing, chances are that it will not be counted. There are missions as well that require you to consume a certain amount of coffee. Considering these scenarios, it is recommended to perform upgrades in line with these kinds of missions.

the office somehow we manage episode

Another important factor to consider is that there will only be 5 desks available in every episode. This means that some characters will not be available on some episodes much like the in the TV series. Upgrading outside the requirements of missions will undoubtedly be helpful especially for characters that are currently available in the episode you are playing. Given that you will not know which from among the current characters will still be on the next episode, every upgrade on any character, decor, or even desk comes with its own risk.

If any, we consider Michael and Pam as sure bets given that upgrades on them will carry over every episode. Relatively, investing in Michael for boss challenges also necessitate some actual tapping skills from your end. Even if you feel that your speed in tapping still requires some improvement, upgrades on Michael will still have a huge effect on filling up that bar, potentially earning you more Scottcoins after every episode.

the office somehow we manage michael

Regardless of which 5 characters will be manning desks on succeeding episodes, the profit boost that Pam provides will cut across each of them so you should definitely put her among your priorities.

6. Partake In Special Events

Most especially in the early episodes of The Office: Somehow We Manage, you will likely find yourself busy increasing leads for higher profits as you take on objectives one after another. It will take on a little while before you actually feel a gap of time between accomplishing objectives within an episode. These instances leave you with some idle time to actually just sit still and wait for income to continue pouring in, especially if all your characters are on auto mode already.

Once you reach episode 6, you will finally gain access to The Office: Somehow We Manage’s special events. These events are only available for a limited period of time, offering special rewards for the most dedicated players. While for the most part, special events very much resemble the usual episodes and objectives you take on, it is separate and distinct from the main game mode.

the office somehow we manage pretzels

Although a different special event may be available every few days or so, these special events have something in common. There will be a unique resource that replaces coffee, like pretzels in the Pretzel Day Special Event. There are milestones to complete in place of the missions but they work out basically the same.

Characters, decors, and desks all start out at level 1 and upgrades on them do not carry over to your main campaign just like pretzels and cash. Only Scottcoins are considered across both the main episodes and the special event episodes so be sure to be very careful on spending them when in a special event.

the office somehow we manage milestones completed

As special events are comparable to being on another reality, it will have its own income multiplier ad boost. This means that to progress twice as fast in the special events, you would also want to play about a trio of 15 to 30-second ads to have your income doubled for 12 hours. Typical rewards earned from completing missions will also include cards needed to upgrade characters and you may also apply our recommended strategies as far as setting upgrade prioritizations and pretzel investments are concerned.

While your goals in special events are much like the ones you have in the main episodes, each milestone you reach in it actually comes with rewards you need for your main campaign. Coffee, as well as special packages that contain cards form part of the usual rewards. Although very challenging, accomplishing all milestones within the period provided for the special event is certainly worth the effort as Scottcoins are the final rewards.

the office somehow we manage event

7. Push To Automate All Desks Before Logging Out

The Office: Somehow We Manage is designed in such a way that progression can proceed much faster the more time you actually spend on the game. Being able to continue earning cash while you are offline and away from the game is still a very helpful feature especially if you have set up everything properly before leaving the game. Additionally, The Office: Somehow We Manage does not impose any limits as to the number of hours you will continue to earn offline earnings.

To earn profits while offline, though, you need to have desks automated and to keep offline earnings at par with your earnings while playing, you will want to automate all 5 desks in the episode. Automating all 5 desks can be a challenge early in the episode and sometimes even throughout the episode when specific needs are beyond your reach. In any case, you should make it a habit to push for more automated desks before leaving the game.

automating everything in the office somehow we manage

If you are close to clearing an episode, or even ready for the boss fight, but may not have enough free time to automate desks on the next episode, we recommend staying on the current episode especially if there are still some objectives you can clear. There will often be more missions available in each episode than what you need to clear to engage in the boss battle.

You can work your way towards completing some of these missions even if you go offline. Before going offline, make it a habit as well to extend the profit multiplier ad boost to its maximum duration or at least close to it since the 2x earnings boost applies while you are offline.

the office somehow we manage coffee bonus

Short but frequent visits to the game can also bridge the gap between offline and online earnings especially if made adherent to the schedule of freebies you can obtain from the game. There is a coffee basket you can claim from the store once every 4 hours. The coffee machine in the pantry also gives 15 free coffee every few minutes although you will need to play a short video ad to claim it each time.

With automation set up for each desk, visiting the game for these bonuses in tandem with expending earned cash on leads will yield you even more profits on your next visit. Be sure to consider moving forward with the boss challenge and taking on the next episode if you are certain that you have enough time to set everything up on the new episode before logging out.

the office somehow we manage time's up

That about sums up all we have for you on our The Office: Somehow We Manage Beginner’s Guide. Nothing should prevent you from clearing each available episode if you adhere to the tips and strategies we discussed. If you want to share your own strategies or your experience with the game, do not hesitate to post in the comments!


Thursday 10th of August 2023

When playing the special events, your desks max out. But the leads still come in. Should you still click on them (as it costs money and your maxed out)? I can't figure out if it's to my benefit to let them pile up and ignore them or if I should still use them up!


Sunday 16th of July 2023

In events, which is better: upgrading to multiply earnings or to multiply speed?


Monday 11th of July 2022

What does the headphone icon mean on pam and mose?


Friday 16th of December 2022

@Rose, It means they don't have an effect on their own desk (because they don't have one). Generally they affect the whole team.