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The Human Age (iOS) Guide: 8 Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Build Your Empire

All the mobile games about monsters, aliens, goats, and other creatures tend to make players forget just how fascinating humans can be. Noodlecake Studios’ brand new mobile game called The Human Age successfully reminds players of this by taking them on a journey through the ages of human history. This unique puzzle game for Android and iOS devices lets you guide humanity from the age of wild cavemen until they evolve into gifted scholars. The game utilizes a tile-matching puzzle system that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. You will have to use this to gather resources for expanding your territory. Eventually, you will be able to recreate some of the popular wonders of the world, as well as meet remarkable characters from each age in history. Don’t forget to check out our collection of The Human Age tips and tricks for some great pointers on how to build your human empire!

1. Anticipate The Incoming Pieces

The game helps you plan your next moves if you know where to look. It shows you what the upcoming pieces are so make sure you check them first before you make a move. Anticipate how the new pieces will affect your gameplay and use that knowledge to setup better matches. Since you are playing through the ages, it is always a good idea to have a long-term plan in mind for every move you make.

2. Block The Useless Pieces

Once you get used to checking the incoming pieces, you can start thinking about how they will help you. If you find that the next incoming piece isn’t really useful, you can actually block it by moving an existing piece into its place. Keep in mind that you will only be able to cancel the appearance of the new piece if there is more than one square left. The new piece will still appear if there is only one square left but it will materialize in the empty square.

3. How To Move Multiple Characters

One trick that can be useful is being able to move two or more characters at once. Just tap on the character that is farthest from the direction you want, then swipe towards the where you want everyone to go. Any character in the path of your swipe will be dragged along in the same direction. This is an easy way to clear the board more quickly and it will come in handy in later stages.

4. Keep The Board Clean

Try to keep the board clean as much as possible. New characters will keep coming in and you will eventually have trouble finding a match if you have a whole bunch of odd characters left behind. Keeping the board with only a few characters will help make sure you have plenty of space for matching incoming ones.

5. Create More Space

The number of moves you can make is decided by the number of empty boxes you have on the board. No matter how efficient you are at combining the blocks, you will soon run out of space as the new pieces will keep coming in. The game ends when all the empty squares are filled with blocks. If you want to extend you streak a bit longer, you can do this by creating a little more space. Just exit the board and build another structure. When you return, you will find all the pieces you left are still in place but you will have more room because of the structure you built. You can keep doing this for as long as you have structures to build, extending your streak more as you do so.

6. Get Some Help

If you end up in a tight spot, there are a couple of options you can use before you run out of space. The first option is to watch an advertisement so that you can remove an unwanted character on the board for free. This is useful because it will often happen that you have a match available but one new piece popped up before you can combine the existing pieces. The second option you have is to spend in-game resources to make a specific character spawn where you want on the board. It will cost you a lot of resources but you can think of it as a last resort that will keep a good streak from ending.

7. Aim For Combos

The Human Age rewards you with additional resources and moves for creating combos. A combo is achieved when you match four or more blocks at once, or when you trigger a chain of merges. Try to make combos as often as you can in order to boost your score and build structures more quickly. When you see the incoming pieces, try to set up your existing pieces so that a combo will be triggered as soon as the new pieces come in.

8. Check Your Structures

Most of your time in the game will be spent looking at the board and solving puzzles. In fact, you will immediately be sent a new board as soon as you end a game. You won’t even be taken back to town unless you choose to go back to there. That is why you should always keep a mental note to check back on your town from time to time. You need to make sure that you build any new structures available, and collect resources from all your existing structures. There is a cap on the resources you can carry so checking back regularly to manage those resources will help make sure you get the most out of production. Make it a habit to check back on your town while playing so that if there are new structures available, you can build it right away and make the new space it creates immediately available to your current game.

Guiding humanity through the ages is a huge task, but it’s also a whole lot of fun! Just remember everything you learned from our The Human Age tips and tricks, and you’ll do just fine!